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Thorne Macy, Ridge,Stephanie Eric, Fashion. Compared to today’s mess on air!


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  • Thorne Macy, Ridge,Stephanie Eric, Fashion. Compared to today’s mess on air!

    Caroline Ridge I miss so much too...
    Steffy ( before liam ruin her)
    Phoebe, Rick Sally Taylor etc.”

    you gotta ? at it all when recalling Bold in its
    ( that rock star Bruce Springsteen call it, “Glory Days”)

    Bell really need to fix this mess... SMDH

    Bold was way better years ago. Not this hot mess on today lol

    Horrible today. Yet funny .
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    I liked Thorne and Macy when JT played Thorne . After that I wanted Macy with someone else by then Thorne was always hurting Macy. But yes that was the a much better era for B&B.


    • GuidingLite
      GuidingLite commented
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      In my opinion - the absolute best pairing Macy ever had was Deacon....he was kind to her, he understood her alcoholism because he himself was/is an alcoholic....I thought they were really good for each other.....Deacon was a much nicer man when with Macy....

      I thought it was ridiculous to kill her off a second time....and ever since Sally 2.0 showed up in town, I've wanted to see Macy again....with Sally 2.0 revealing that Original Recipe Sally told the Forresters Macy was dead, but she has actually been in a coma all this time - and O.R. Sally didn't want her hurt by Thorne any more......

    • AnnMagda
      AnnMagda commented
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      ITA that Macy's second death was so pointless. She had only just returned from the dead less than a year earlier. And don't even get me started on how badly it was written - you know you have failed as a writer when what should have been the emotional death of a beloved major character turns into viewers (at least this viewer) scratching their heads wondering if they missed the episode where the character actually died. I get that they wanted to keep it open ended (or maybe TPTB just had an "oops, the actress left already and we forgot to write her out before her last day on the set" moment?), but how hard would it have been to have one last scene with Sally about to take Macy off life support, and keeping the ending just slightly ambiguous? I was hoping we'd see her again with the Spectra 2.0 storyline too, but it doesn't seem we will.

      I still think there were so many missed opportunities with Macy. They should have brought her back when Aly was around and seeing the floating saint Darla head.

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    For some of us, oh yes I too miss the good old days!
    I miss Stephanie and Brooke’s battles. I miss the
    fashion. First it was months of Hope, now it’s the
    comedy show with these four fools - Sally , Flo,
    Wyatt, and the “doc”.


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      1990 to 1998 were the best years of the show. These were the real classic years.


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        I know, I had a bad feeling they would do this....and here we are

        Kinda like when they promise us a "retro episode" at Christmas time and its actually the Christmas episode from LAST YEAR!
        Big deal, we don't want to see the recent past!!! The writing is equally as bad as the present!!

        We want to see OLD episodes when this show was itself, not a cartoon.
        When the late great Bill Bell wrote. Anything from 87 to 2000.....the REAL BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL!!!


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          Are they afraid to air episodes before this era? Is there proof that a market is really into this semi-reboot cast in terms of the Triangle from Hell plus Wyatt, Flo, and Sally with Bridge? I get that TK's Ridge is a completely different human being than what Ridge used to be but it is ok to acknowledge different eras of them. There is a reason why Bridge and Tridge USED to be popular. Bill has essentially replaced Nick as Brooke's alternate man but the difference is that Bill is too in love with himself for me to really get into Brill. I loved Brick when they were together and they were better than Bridge.

          BB needs to take this suspension from production as a blessing shred the scripts and have the first scene back be Thorne being waken up in the basement by Darla and Aly after he fell asleep and they are on their way to go and celebrate Steffy and Phoebe's birthday with Thomas who has fallen for Darla's long lost niece played by Courtney Hope. Hope is said to be off in South America working with charity. Rick returns to town with a woman he met named Maya Avant but Amber also has returned to town. Taylor is with Ridge. Felicia and Ridge are co-running Forrester while Eric is widowed but happy. Brooke is single for the first time in a hot second and Nick has returned to town along with Jackie who offers Darla's niece a position at her design house. Ridge then returns after an absence with his new but old wife Taylor... Notice I didn't mention a singular Spencer... However, Karen is free to make a visit every once in a blue moon as the lone surviving twin of Caroline and they never had a brother.


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            I would rather they start with the introduction of Liam Spencer, who imo under Scott Clifton’s amazing talent and looks, saved this show from cancellation when we lost SF and RM.


            • ILoveBizzie
              ILoveBizzie commented
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              I know he came on earlier than their departures but I think he is the reason the show was able to survive after the original cast started slipping away. Liam took us into the next generation in a way no other character Bell tried for a new generation was able to.

              Bell owes the success of the show currently to Scott Clifton’s Liam, I believe.

              As for why the others left, I think it was because they were retiring from full time acting, not because of Liam getting more screen time than them.

              Liam got a lot of screen time because he was so popular with the viewers.
              Last edited by ILoveBizzie; April 26, 2020, 12:08 AM.

            • Quintessential
              Quintessential commented
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              I couldn't disagree more. I think the character of Liam eliciting the demoralizing, degradation of the characters of Steffy and Hope fighting for a waffler with absolutely nothing to offer them except heartache all these years is why the show has lost millions of viewers.

              Liam is nothing like Ridge. Ridge bought both Taylor and Brooke their big beautiful mansions. Ridge was talented and rich. He didn't cheat on his women the way Liam cheated on Steffy every single time they were married. Yes no doubt Ridge was a Playboy who had sex with his father's wife, Brooke, on the floor of the lab. But when Ridge was married to Taylor he usually lost her to supposed death. He had three children with Taylor and none with Brooke until RJ was born. Liam has two children, one with Steffy one with Hope born months apart, the child he has with Hope being conceived during his marriage to Steffy. He's a homeless bum living in his mother-in-law's dank, dinky cabin who sleeps on his ex-wife's couch every time he has a fight with his live in girlfriend.

              Nope Bell's writing of Liam Spencer, taking women back 30 years, is one reason for the loss of millions of viewers in my opinion.

            • ILoveBizzie
              ILoveBizzie commented
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              I think Liam is a better person in every way than Ridge. Liam is humble, gentle, kind, chivalrous, warm, caring and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.

              Ridge on the other hand is conceited, vengeful, self-centered and doesn’t mind hurting anyone, in my opinion he actually got enjoyment out of breaking Brooke’s heart time and again.

              Liam never enjoyed it when anyone got hurt because of him.

              And I blame Hope and Steffy for whatever pain they have gotten because of Liam because they are the ones who won’t move on from him.

              As for Liam’s keeping the show on the air, I believe he does because he is the most talked about character besides Brooke. His character is also always tops in viewer favorite polls.

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            I miss my girls Sheila Carter and Mary Warwick
            Last edited by SheilaFan32; April 26, 2020, 10:23 AM.


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              This show is a ridiculous shadow of what it once was - the writing is unimaginative, uninspiring, and unwatchable (in my opinion)....it's just triangle after triangle after triangle....and they are all tired and played out.....I don't care about any of them, really.....not one of them makes me want to tune in - they just don't write anything that compels me to watch the show.

              I want the show to be about rival fashion designers again - because it isn't, now.....I want to see the Forresters tested by a threat of their business collapsing and see them come together as a family....I want a manipulative, conniving character who isn't a cartoon....Quinn is not that, to me.....she's more of a cartoon....and is an actual threat to the Forresters - to their business...not a Sheila kind of threat.....they botched Sheila's most recent stint in L.A. very badly....

              They really need to look at the current cast and make some changes.....so many pointless characters on screen right now...Shauna, Flogan, Donna, Zoe, Pam...all of them are pointless....three of them rarely used....and not driving any story themselves.....

              They need an actual, viable 'threat' to the Forresters and their business on the show.....


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