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Live Thread ~~ 4/21/2020


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  • Live Thread ~~ 4/21/2020

    Hey to everyone who's here today

    Happy Tuesday! Hope everybody is feeling well and safe

    So far I'm not being pre-empted today.

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    Hi Rita, hey everyone!

    I missed being here yesterday! I'm glad I made it today! I'm happy you're not preempted today Rita!!


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      lovely rita
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      Hi Sweaver!

      Missed you yesterday but glad you're back here today!!!

      I'm thrilled I'm not pre-empted again today. It's a treat to see it live!

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    Hi Rita Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

    I hope everyone is staying safe and Healthy. Hope today is going to be a good show


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    Sally doesn't want to admit she's been lying to Flo. But Flo caught her dead to rights.

    Flo says it's all just a giant, disgusting lie.


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      Katie is shocked that Wyatt is asking Sally to leave. Wyatt argues that she's going to have to leave eventually and now is the perfect time, while she can still decide where she might want to go. Katie correctly deduces that this was not his idea but Flo's.

      Meanwhile, Flo is telling Sally she knows she's fine and that they've been worrying about her for nothing because it's all been one "gigantic, disgusting lie."


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        Katie can't believe Wyatt asked Sally to leave his house. Wyatt says it wasn't an easy decision. It's a perfect time for her to move to a facility to help her. Quinn says Wyatt wouldn't throw her out. Katie wonders if it was his idea, or Flo's?

        Flo touches Sally's face...make up. She says it was just an act. She asks if this was all for sympathy? It was just a giant disgusting lie.


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          Katie says to Wyatt why do you suddenly want Sally to move out? Wyatt doesn't think it's going to last (her feeling okay). Katie asks if it's too much

          for him. Wyatt says he's made a promise and he's going to k eep it. He hates the idea of losing her.


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            Flo tells Sally that she's just afraid what Wyatt will say when he finds out.


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              Wyatt says he just wants Sally to get the kind of care shes going to need. Wyatt hates the idea of losing Sally.


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                Did Sally say Flo taunted her with a rubber snake? I thought it was an extension cord?


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                Katie says Wyatt and Flo have been extremely understanding, so she's confused as to why Wyatt is asking her to go now. She asks if Sally's gotten worse, and Wyatt says no, that's not it. Quinn says if it's too much for Wyatt to deal with having to care for someone who's dying, because the task is overwhelming him, there's no shame in that, either. But Wyatt says,no, he wants to be there for Sally, but he also has to be realistic about the fact that he will lose her.

                Sally still trying to convince Flo she really is dying. Flo asks her what she thinks Wyatt's going to do when he finds out she's been lying.

                Wyatt remembers Sally saying she'll fight if she can have him back. Katie still correctly deducing Flo is behind the request that Sally leave; Quinn defends Flo. She says Katie really couldn't expect Sally to live with Wyatt forever. Katie also points out that if Wyatt does this before Sally's ready to leave the Beach House because that's what Flo wants, it will rip the rug right out from under her.

                Back at the Beach House, Flo is telling Sally she's a horrible person while Sally continues to stick to her story, claiming it was just adrenalin that allowed her to react so quickly to the fake snake and tells Flo she's terrible for taking advantage of a sick person's extreme phobia.


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                  Wyatt knows Flo and Sally's history is not the best. Sally has reasons to resent Flo but she's over it. Katie wants to know if Sally will resent Flo
                  wanting her to leave the beach house.

                  Wyatt says there's no competition or conflict. Flo has gone above and beyond for Sally. Katie looks puzzled.

                  Sally chooses not to get treatment, she tells Flo. Flo is willing to bet her relationship with Wyatt on it. Is sally willing to do that? Sally thinks

                  Flo is jealous that Wally is getting closer. Sally asks if Flo thinks Sally is not dying fast enough.

                  Flo grabs the walker from Sally. Flo says just tell me the truth that you're not dying.


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                    Sally doesn't want to talk about her diagnosis. Flo says Wyatt will be horrified when he finds out Sally is faking.


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                      Wyatt says that Flo and Sally's relationship hasn't been the best. Quinn says, "Even Brooke and I have gotten along better." Katie says, "Really?" Quinn replies, "Well, not recently."

                      Katie asks if Wyatt doesn't think Sally is going to resent Flo for wanting her out of the Beach House. Wyatt says, no, Flo has been great about everything, and Sally appreciates it.

                      Flo asks if Sally's willing to bet her relationship with Wyatt on her story being true because Flo's willing to make that bet herself. Sally says Flo's just jealous of all the time she's been spending with Wyatt and asks her if she's just not dying fast enough to suit her. Flo says Sally's not dying at all, tells her to have a little dignity, and pushes the walker out of the way, saying Sally doesn't need it. Then she tells Sally she has only one way to get out of this mess and that's to tell Flo the truth right now.


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                        Wyatt says Sally's disease is going to progress. He told her he's going to be strong for her. He said he can't keep her with him. She will need more help than he can provide.

                        Flo wants Sally to confess. Sally says I'm in pain and the accusations hurt. Sally is not admitting anything. She was just terrified of the snake.

                        Sally says she's wearing makeup because she's sick. Flo says Wyatt is so worried about Sally. Flo thought maybe Sally would open up about her
                        disease with living in Wyatt's home. But she never would tell them.

                        Flo says if you love Wyatt why would she make up this giant lie?

                        Flo asks is this Sally's plan? She tells Sally she went to see Dr. Pelleton. Sally says the truth will come out eventually and it's best if it comes from Sally.


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