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CBS sets themed week of B&B classic episodes next week (4/27)


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  • SPOILER! CBS sets themed week of B&B classic episodes next week (4/27)

    BREAKING: CBS will air a full week of classic episodes of Y&R and B&B during the week of April 27, 2020. They'll be dedicated to legendary characters and epic travels, the network announced today (4/20).

    They will air episodes themed "Escape to Monte Carlo" filmed on location in the Mediterranean paradise.

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    Source: SON

    So it looks like they will air episodes from 2016 when Steffy and Wyatt were married, Liam trying to expose Quinn and get Steffy back and Quinn and Eric having a secret affair. Guess they ran out of episodes.

    As part of the themed week, two documentary-style “making of” episodes filmed on location in Monaco will air Monday, April 27 and Tuesday, April 28. These two “Becoming Bold and Beautiful” episodes have never been seen before on CBS, and feature rare, behind-the-scenes footage of cast and crew (including head writer and executive producer Bradley P. Bell)as they shot throughout the enchanting mountainside country.

    Also, as an early kickoff to the theme week, on Friday, April 24, “B&B” will air the Monte Carlo-themed episode in which Forrester Creations and Spectra Fashions face off for a fashion showdown benefitting charity.

    TV Line has confirmed that the last new episode airs this Thursday. It's reruns from then on:

    Let’s get the not-so-great news out of the way first: The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful will air their last original, pre COVID-19 shutdown episodes
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      Thanks for the information. I was really hoping that there would be more new episodes.


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        According to this article, the Monte Carlo themed episodes date range is from 2013-2017. I’m guessing they will show MC reruns in this order.


        • Ella Munroe
          Ella Munroe commented
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          Well, according to the CBS press release:

          All the episodes were filmed on location and star Darin Brooks (Wyatt Spencer), Scott Clifton (Liam Spencer), Don Diamont (Bill Spencer), Courtney Hope (Sally Spectra), Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan), John McCook (Eric Forrester), Rena Sofer (Quinn Fuller) and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Forrester).

          Kim Matula isn't mentioned but we'll have to wait and see if the Hott wedding will be aired.

        • Sharkswin
          Sharkswin commented
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          ^^got it. The CBS press release wasn’t on the original post.

      • #5
        I keep hoping for real classics.....Stephanie, Sheila, Sally, Tridge, Beric, Spectra vs, Forrester.


        • creation
          creation commented
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          I agree, those are what I call classics.

        • Chatty Cakes
          Chatty Cakes commented
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          Me too, I don’t consider anything with Liam or Wyatt a classic.

        • Autumn
          Autumn commented
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          I would like to see episodes from BEFORE I started watching which would be sometime before 2008. ☹

      • #6
        give us a treat : air the OLD OLD episodes !!! no more steffy, liam, wyatt, hope episodes. Give us Sally Sr, how about Macy and Thorne singing ? How about the really far back episodes where the family discovers there is a sister named Angela ? give us some interesting episodes !!!


        • #7
          This is really the best they can do? The transition from the Y&R re-runs to the B&B ones is like going from a three-course meal to being fed table scraps.

          If Y&R is doing a tribute week to Katherine Chancellor, why can't B&B do the same for Stephanie Forrester?


          • Batgary
            Batgary commented
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            You beat me to the suggestion. My only addition would be include the wonderful Darlene Conley's OG Sally Spectra..

          • BrAk5742
            BrAk5742 commented
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            Stephanie Forrester deserves a MONTH! It would be great if they did a week though, and as Batgary said, for Sally, too.

            How about Macy and to other characters that have passed away on-screen (not a week each)?

        • #8
          If they show the really old episodes then viewers will see how good the show USED to be.


          • #9
            I just wrote in another thread that I would love it if they would just start re-airing the show from the beginning. That would be awesome!


            • lilyboom
              lilyboom commented
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              I'll definitely drink to this idea!!!!!

          • #10
            As long as the episodes are Hope free, I don't care what they air.


            • #11
              Those are not even REMOTELY "classics" -come on!!

              Give us some old school STEPHANIE. The ORIGINAL Sally. 3 -5 Years ago is not classic at all, even if the episodes are great.

              How about when Sheila shoots Taylor and Brooke?

              I will never forget Massimo's face when he got the call and told Sheila in jail:

              "No one in the WORLD can help you now. Taylor Forrester is DEAD."

              REAL drama. REAL villains. REAL competition and intrigue! They are just gonna show us old videos of triangles that are STILL going on???


              • #12
                It's amusing that they refuse to go back further than the last decade.


                • fracabell
                  fracabell commented
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                  well they can't very well play episodes of when brooke wasn't the only thing ridge cared about, and they can't play anything when ridge loved taylor.

              • #13
                Hopefully they go further back the week after.


                • #14
                  Instead of showing random "classic" episodes from not that long ago, they should start from episode one and go from there. Just start from the beginning and run it until they have new episodes ready to show, that would let new viewers see where it all began and how good it was, and it would let long time viewers remember and enjoy the characters and stories from long ago.


                  • jodyb22
                    jodyb22 commented
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                    Oh man, would I enjoy that. Early Ridge and Brooke and Caroline. That was good stuff!

                • #15
                  How's THIS for an unpopular opinion: O-YUCK!!! Looks like I'll be tuning out until they get back to new stuff. Makes me sad to see episodes in soaps where the actors have died (Y&R) or that I didn't like the first go-around (B&B Monte Carlo or any of its Europe escapades). As far as B&B Europe stuff, those episodes bored me silly when they were new. Yuck. I'll just watch something more interesting like coronavirus updates. Yuck-o-pooey to those, too.


                  • Reesiecup
                    Reesiecup commented
                    Editing a comment
                    I'm with you MarineMom. I will also be tuning out until they start showing new episodes. Not at all interested in watching old episodes I have already seen.

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