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Promo for the week of April 20th (Bill's mistake )


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  • Chabby lover
    Contract Poster
    • Jun 2018
    • 2507

    SPOILER! Promo for the week of April 20th (Bill's mistake )

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  • Xyla
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Mar 2012
    • 17119

    I wish Katie would stop crying and tell Bill it isn't up to him to decide that he's not going to let her go. It's her decision whether she wants to be involved with him anymore or not--he doesn't get to "let her go" because she's not his possession but an independent human being whom he cannot own. And I wish Ridge would tell Brooke the same thing when she goes on about how she's going to make sure they get through this. It's not up to either of them. They can apologize and swear they'll never do it again, but that's as much as they can do. It's up to Katie and Ridge, the injured parties, to decide whether to believe them and take another chance with them rather than it being up to them to decide whether or not to "let go."


    • Teaday13
      Teaday13 commented
      Editing a comment
      was just thinking that ' Katie crying again ' . she has shed enough tears. she needs someone that won't make her cry so often
  • chandon1
    Contract Poster
    • Aug 2019
    • 2854

    Katie should make Bill put his $$$ where his mouth is......make him pony up a HUGE chunk of Spencer stock with some sort of "cheating" clause 4 her 2 get the majority of that stock if he cheats.

    Since Spencer & controlling "Spencer" is his REAL LOVE that just "might" cough! cough!(maybe with fingers crossed)keep him in line(maybe)


    • Sopranojenn
      Contract Poster
      • Aug 2011
      • 2558

      Oh blah blah blah....what year is this? We've seen this exact thing play out AT LEAST three full circles now with Brooke and Bill apologizing, it was a mistake , I'm committed to.., never happen again.....

      How many times do they have to do this? Aren't they sick to death of the exact same scenes????

      What could Bill OR Brooke do to possibly "prove" to Katie that he is this time...no really...FOR REAL this time... committed to their "family"??

      Enough already, just toss him, Katie!!
      Last edited by Sopranojenn; April 17, 2020, 06:46 PM.


      • NuttyAboutSoaps
        NuttyAboutSoaps commented
        Editing a comment
        Sadly, we saw the same thing for TEN YEARS with Steffy, Liam, and Hope. How many rounds of THAT merry-go-round were we subjected to?

        This is simply the new dead horse they've decided to beat.
    • LancyPassion
      Aspiring soap scribe
      • Feb 2008
      • 14265

      The only way I’ll believe Bill is if Brooke wanted him back and he rejects her. Other than that, Batie is as dead as a doorknob.


      • Xyla
        Xyla commented
        Editing a comment
        Actually, he did that once, when he and Ridge were both rejecting her, so she hit the bottle. It didn't stick, however, so I don't know why Katie would think it would now.

      • LancyPassion
        LancyPassion commented
        Editing a comment
        Oh yeah but he was mad at Brooke for leaving him. I want to see him reject her when they are on good terms not out of spite.

      • B-Hold
        B-Hold commented
        Editing a comment
        Well Bill is pursuing Katie not Brooke. And previously Bill did reject Brooke for Katie. Eventually most men reject Brooke for someone else.
    • Birthday_Girl
      Recurring Poster
      • Mar 2020
      • 397

      Ugh, I hope this isn't the beginning of Katie falling for Bill's excuses for a third time. Brooke and Bill have torn down Katie's self-esteem to nothing. She needs to rebuild her self confidence and believe she deserves better than Bill. It's like Katie is stuck being the little sister with acne who can't get a boyfriend.


      • PeaceOut
        Contract Poster
        • Dec 2011
        • 3087

        Im actually still shocked they are still trying to write for Batie. Even DD does not really believe in it.
        And imo Katie should not ever marry him again.


        • CanadianGirl_06
          Aspiring soap scribe
          • Apr 2005
          • 10641

          This feels like deja-vu.


          • marquest
            Board Regular
            • Jul 2014
            • 580

            Same story different day. 3 men to pass around between all the women. This is a man's soap. It is a man's dream of a world he would love.


            • Camille78
              Camille78 commented
              Editing a comment
              We've got Ridge, Bill, Liam, Wyatt, Eric, and Thomas, I guess, and we don't see Thomas now and rarely see Eric. So many of these people are related, so many of the men are out for many of the women. I wish instead of Flo, they'd give us a new, hot man.
          • B-Hold
            Day Player
            • Nov 2012
            • 8751

            Originally posted by Chabby lover View Post
            A) Brooke isn't the be all - end all for Bill. It's Katie.
            B) Katie is right in not trusting either Brooke or Bill.
            C) Bill needs to leave Katie alone.
            D) Donna needs to shut up and support Katie.


            • voice of reason
              Day Player
              • Aug 2014
              • 229

              Here it comes Katie will forgive Bill and Brooke once again. Very entertaining Bell. We've seen this how many times?? I'm just flabbergasted Bell hasn't picked up that viewers are weary of the sister betraying the sister


              • SheilaFan32
                Senior Board Member
                • Oct 2017
                • 2158

                Originally posted by voice of reason View Post
                Here it comes Katie will forgive Bill and Brooke once again. Very entertaining Bell. We've seen this how many times?? I'm just flabbergasted Bell hasn't picked up that viewers are weary of the sister betraying the sister
                I agree. I think this will happen. Katie will probably forgive and forget
                Last edited by SheilaFan32; April 18, 2020, 03:19 PM.


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