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Why is Shauna pretending to be a victim?


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  • #16
    Originally posted by B&B blonde View Post
    Shaunna is definitely not a victim. I still remember her and Quinn acting all giddy about Ridge kissing her and how both she and quinn will have rich husbands.
    Oh yeah! I forgot about that!
    Tgst was before Brooke knew about the kiss, before Brooke came over. So Quinn had no excuse to support breaking up a marriage!


    • #17
      As for me - they can get rid of Shauna the sooner the better. She really serves no purpose.


      • creation
        creation commented
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        I feel the same way about Brooke and every other Logan on the show.

      • CouchCruisin'
        CouchCruisin' commented
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        I feel the way you do gigigirl and at this point, I believe Shauna is Ridge's distraction.

    • #18
      Shana nor her criminal daughter are innocent of anything. Shana has been making out with a married man every since she found out who the handsome rich man was. I have a word for her and it is not innocent or victim. And her daughter bought her way back into the fold with a body part after selling Hope's baby. I will never like either one of them and I wish they were both back in Vegas to stay.


      • CouchCruisin'
        CouchCruisin' commented
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        Co-signing this post! ... ...

      • Camille78
        Camille78 commented
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        I am, too.

    • #19
      Shauna isn't acting like or pretending to be a victim in any way. On the show I'm watching, Shauna is well aware of Bridge's history. She left Vegas to get away from Ridge and her feelings for him. He chose to join her in Vegas. She repeatedly stated that she doesn't want to be used and get her heart broken. On their last phone call, Shauna made it clear to Ridge that she was saying goodbye. If Ridge pursues her, then that is on him. If Ridge returns to Brooke, then that is on him. The death or rebirth of Bridge is on Rigde and Brooke's shoulders only (and always has been).

      Shauna has said her goodbyes -- for now. She isn't pretending to be a victim because she isn't one.
      Last edited by Birthday_Girl; April 17, 2020, 07:01 PM. Reason: typos


      • LancyPassion
        LancyPassion commented
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        Exactly. I was confused how she was acting like a victim. If anything she was being realistic about the situation.

    • #20
      Shauna calls Ridge to check on him. If she were trying to move on - call Quinn. Why call Ridge?
      She tells Ridge she loves him. He says nothing. It’s like someone in high school. She is a grown woman.
      Why tell him that?
      “You’re a beautiful man.” Really? He’s been drunk twice while with you. So much so ge passed out. He is kissing on you while married AND telling you he loves his wife. What good man does that?
      It’s only a matter of time before he says he loves her and I will throw up!
      The reason why Bill’s feelings for Brooke are understandable are Katie set them up, she went all around the helping him look for Katie and keeping Will, and he knows she let go of him as soon as Katie came back. It took a year to build that story. Ridge left Brooke. Stephanie died and Katie rolled out.
      Shauna and Ridge act like high schoolers with Ridge being the rich handsome spoiled guy and Shauna the girl who couldn’t get a date with the rich guy.
      If they are comparing this to Brooke and Ridge first meeting - miss me with that. Brooke didn’t chase Ridge and she put him in his place.
      But maybe this is what they are attempting with a slight change because they are old - Brooke is Stephanie coming in between Ridge and a nice, fun person.
      IDK - but that’s why I’m just reading boards.?
      Last edited by FaithWorks; April 17, 2020, 10:40 PM.


      • #21
        I don't think she's pretending to be a victim at all. She is truly in love with ol grumpy. She has even made Ridge kind of likeable here lately. I know one thing: Shauna is sure a refreshing change from harpy Brooke and entitled Hope. I haven't been looking forward to the show as much as I have the last several weeks. Yes Quinn and Shauna may be after rich men, but Brooke is in no position to judge Shauna I don't think. Brooke, hopefully, will learn that she's not God's gift to men like she thinks she is.


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