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  • sally feels guilty

    So Sally feels guilty for being happy when Hope is so miserable. What? It’s not like they are friends or that Hope treated Sally kindly. It’s just plain stupid and overkill. I know Sally and Wyatt don’t have a story but why don’t they get out of bed and go to work for a change? These two are just such a waste. Sally could be using this time to develop some designs and make something of herself at F C. Instead she’s in bed with Wyatt and popcorn.

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    Right?? It's like no one is allowed to dislike poor sad Hope.
    Where were these characters written as feeling guilty for being happy a month and a half after Steffys miscarriage?
    This is why I hate this damn character so much. Bell has to write every single character sooo in love with her, it's nauseating.


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      They are trying so hard to make Hope liked it's ridiculous. I'm not a Hope fan and every person feeling the need to talk about her isn't making me endearing to her if we are being honest it's doing the exact opposite.

      I mean since Hope is suffering a loss is her prior behavior suppose to be forgiven? Are we suppose to forget how rude and undermining Hope treated Sally? How she wouldn't let sally design because she didn't trust her, she wouldn't even allow Sally to "prove herself" and her commitment to FC. Hope never gave Sally a chance to prove she was an asset to FC. I mean Hope got upset that Steffy wanted to give Sally a chance, because all Hope wanted her to do is intern busy work. I mean Hope didn't even feel like Sally had any right to work there I mean this coming from the women that has her job because of who her mother is. So yeah hope is suffering a "loss" but that doesn't mean that her nasty behavior should be ignored. I mean Hope took it extremely personal with Sally by going to Waytt and questioning and even suggesting that he shouldn't trust or be in a relationship with Sally.

      So in sorry the writers are going to miss me by trying to make Sally feel guilty for anything with Hope. Sally can feel empathy because she is human but I'm offended that the writers would feel like Sally should feel anything guilt as far as Hope is concern. Hope treated Sally like crap, and that doesn't get erased. Hope has never even apologized and yet Sally was made to have to think enough of Hope to visit her and bring her a gift. I'm sorry but Sally deserves happiness and shouldn't be made to feel guilty for a woman that had such a low opinion of her.

      All this hope propping is just making me dislike the character more. There are semblance of tolerating her but then I have to hear people that she has mistreated defend her just because she is dealing with a loss.
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      • Reva+BudFan
        Reva+BudFan commented
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        Exactly. AN is knocking the ball out of the park more often than not but the constant Hope insertion in every topic and scene is making me not feel an ounce of sympathy despite how good the actress is doing with what she’s been given. If they allowed other SLs not centered around Hope, I could appreciate her more.

      • Restless soap
        Restless soap commented
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        not to mention, how now Sally is going to be designing for HFTF like her designs were not rejected before. I guess with Thorne again leaving, Hope has no choice to accept Sally's design. But it will be a bit refreshing if they would have her acknowleged her treatment of Sally and sincerely apologise to her instead of sweeping under the rag like it never happened.

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      These bed scenes are getting really old with Sally and Wyatt. Please give them something else to do besides talking about Hope and being in bed all the time. At least they can kiss good though, something very lacking with other couples on this show.


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        I totally rolled my eyes when I heard that. Yep, when I’m in bed with my husband, I’m thinking of how bad I feel for my boss who was a total (w)itch to me. Of course everyone has to have poor Hope on the front of their thoughts in Loganville.


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          Sally has nothing to feel guilty about. Is she and everyone else supposed to stop living because Hope is grieving? Sorry, but the world continues to turn and don't care about anyone's tragedy. TIIC constant propping and coddling of Hope really needs to stop. It was nice that Sally offered Hope her condolences, despite how crappy Hope had treated her. But the idiots in charge should have left it at that. Continuing to have Sally and other characters who Hope has treated like crap feel bad for her won't make her more sympathetic to viewers, who already have issues with the charscter. It's overkill and needs to stop.


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            This writing is awful. I understand having compassion and feeling bad, but why act like Hope and Sally are best friends?

            Why is Wyatt taking Hope's side over Steffy's? I understand him standing up for Liam. Hope doesn't want to talk to him. She avoids him like the plague. She treated him awfully during their marriage.

            Sally and Wyatt have been visiting Steffy's house ever since they got together. She's given them jobs. She speaks to them regularly and talks to them. They are friends. They don't like Hope, I see Wyatt protecting Liam, but Hope is overkill.


            • CattiPatti
              CattiPatti commented
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              "They don't like Hope, I see Wyatt protecting Liam, but Hope is overkill."

              No, they apparently love Hope (ironically) and that is why some of us viewers are so annoyed with the writing! There are two characters on this show (Liam and Hope) who can do no wrong and are worshiped no matter how they treat people!

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            This whole Hope losing Beth story line is to do damage control on how Hope was acting last year. People forgot how nasty she was because she lost Beth now, not realizing that is exactly why she lost Beth to begin with. Steffy, Sally and Wyatt were annoyed at Hope, but they still treat her with kiddy gloves now because of the loss. Sally has nothing to feel guilty about but trying to whitewash Hope is more important


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              Sally is wasting her time with a loser like Wyatt. If it's a roll in the hay she wants, do it off screen with the jerk Wyatt. What a waste of limited, valuable screen time.


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                I'm so sick of everyone feeling sooo bad about Hope - considering how horrible she's treated them!!

                Sally literally had someone who made it his goal in life to destroy her life! And she's still standing and she still enjoys her life and is grateful for having a great guy like Wyatt and she's grateful to Eric & Steffy for giving her a job she loves.

                The show would be 100x more interesting if people (other than Taylor & Brooke) stopped forgetting what a$$holes other characters have been to them! Instead of Taylor whining about Brooke stealing Ridge why not let her chew Ridge out for stealing her grandson?? Just a few weeks ago, Hope & Brooke were in Steffy's face constantly insulting her & being rude and now Steffy's acting like Mother Tersea all forgiving & turning the other cheek.

                Sure what happened to Hope sucked but it also sucked how she insulted Sally, refused to give her a chance and then after all the crap Bill pulled on Sally (and surely Hope knows about the nonsense with Caroline & Thomas) she had the nerve to act like Sally took advantage of poor Thomas & chased after him to NY!!


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                  What's particularly stupid about all this is that Bell has made it clear that Beth isn't actually dead and that Hope will one day get her back--and yes, she'll miss the first portion of her daughter's life and all that but any parent who'd actually lost a child would be quick to jump at the chance to have that child back regardless of how much time they'd missed together. So her loss isn't permanent. It's just meant to last long enough in order to drum up sympathy for Hope, which makes it that much harder not to see that that's exactly what Bell's doing. Piling every character up on her side just exacerbates that. His writing always lacks balance in every conceivable way--pacing, screen time, character development etc.--but he's really outdone himself this time. It's the only plot line he has, every character talks about it endlessly, it's dismally depressing at a time of the year when the weather in much of the country is depressing enough etc. I have today off and could watch, but I looked at what's listed by my cable company as being on today, and I have no interest--zero, none, nada--in doing so. The movies on TCM are looking much more interesting these days, as TCM is in the middle of their 31 Days of Oscar celebration.


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                    Originally posted by Katbert View Post
                    So Sally feels guilty for being happy when Hope is so miserable. What? It’s not like they are friends or that Hope treated Sally kindly. It’s just plain stupid and overkill. I know Sally and Wyatt don’t have a story but why don’t they get out of bed and go to work for a change? These two are just such a waste. Sally could be using this time to develop some designs and make something of herself at F C. Instead she’s in bed with Wyatt and popcorn.
                    This is why Bold nauseates me.
                    Hope and her mother can treat anyone anyway they please,but when they are the ones suffering,everyone has to be all sympathetic and go out of their way to prop them.
                    I'd love for anyone,just one person out of the ones who were present in 2013 to point out that Steffy owes Hope and Liam zilch,after the horrible things Hope was spitting right after Steffy lost Aspen,right out of the hospital room.
                    if Bell is trying to garner sympathy for her,it's not working for me.
                    And the frustrating part is,we know how Logan obsessed Brad is,so no matter what she does,she will get what she wants.


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                      Posters often wonder why Hope is criticized so much. The current obsession with Hope's grief is validating the comments that the character is propped incessantly.

                      We have Steffy and Taylor doling out concern with no thoughts of Hope's wanting to exile Taylor just six weeks ago. We have Wyatt and Sally visiting, making attempts, albeit inappropriate, to distract and comfort Hope, feeling guilt for that, and now feeling guilt over their own happiness. Sally is even looking to design for HFTF when Hope was the one who brutally told her that she would never allow her to design. We have Ridge and Brooke sharing their concerns. We have Ridge and Eric reallocating funding for HFTF to give Hope a diversion. We have Emma, Wyatt, Sallie and Katie comforting her at work after her meltdown. We actually watched Katie, Donna, and Brooke work on jigsaw puzzles as therapy to distract Hope. We were even subjected to a group commiseration ceremony involving Maya, Quinn, Eric and Pam speaking about poor Hope and how they can reach out to her in a way that doesn't involve baking.

                      No other character has warranted this much attention and concern. If Bell believes that this is a way to make up for Hope's actions and behavior since her return, I think it's a major misstep on his part. For many, including myself, it's just highlighting the way that Hope's negative traits and behaviors are ignored and her imagined positive attributes are praised.

                      I understand Hope's grief and believe that she is allowed to mourn her loss. I don't understand the need to make that the primary focus of all characters for nearly six weeks.

                      I'm just waiting now for Bill to suggest taking Hope mountain climbing to help her move one. He's about the only character who hasn't chimed in yet.
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                      • CrescentRose88
                        CrescentRose88 commented
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                        exactly... Nobody even knew what was going on with Steffy and Liam until first Ridge, then Sally, then Brooke, and lastly opened their big mouths. Steffy and Liam certainly didn't want anyone to know.

                        Sally didn't feel that bad, she and Hope were talking about who was next in line for Liam while he had a baby on the way...

                      • Reva+BudFan
                        Reva+BudFan commented
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                        Very well said post redheadteacher!! These are my thoughts exactly.

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                      Well, Wally does look nice in bed together and are both very attractive, but with that being said, the bedroom scenes are becoming a little redundant! I am ready to see these two do something different already! Please! The excessive Hope coddling is just a bit ridiculous as well! I do not like this new "doormat" Sally and prefer for her to be fiesty and fiery!
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                        We are now supposed to accept that Sally and Hope are friends. Everything that happened before is forgotten. They ruined Sally as a character by having her lose Spectra and go to work for Forrester. Sally should be running Spectra and be rivals with Hope and Steffy. The show now is nothing but the baby switch storyline. Any character that isn't directly involved takes a back seat.


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