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When Reese Told Flo About The Switch


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  • When Reese Told Flo About The Switch

    Flo: Babe, I'm already in it too deep as it is. If you don't start telling me the truth, then I'm out. I can pack up right now and head back to vegas.

    Reese: No! No, no, no. No, no. Florence, look... baby, I -- I need you.

    Flo: Okay. Well then you better start telling me the truth, now.

    Reese: Right. Um... [ Sighs ] I was due to start my shift at catalina. I barely made it. The winds were fierce.

    [ Wind howling ] Power kept cutting in and out. The trees were down, and they were blocking the main road. The, uh -- the rest of the shift was stuck on the other side of the island. I was the only one at the clinic. Until the two patients came in, I was there alone. That's when I got the phone call. The threatened my daughter.

    Flo: Who?

    Reese: They wanted their damn money, and I told them that I would pay them. Every day, I wonder if they're not gonna do something terrible to my daughter.

    Flo: To -- to zoe?

    Reese: I put her in danger.

    Flo: Okay, so, what -- what happened that night? At -- at the clinic?

    Reese: There, uh... there was a young mother. In labor. She was alone. And I did everything that I could. But the baby was stillborn.

    Reese: I'm so sorry. The baby was -- was already gone. There was nothing I could do.

    [ Wind howling ] Do you have someone to pick you up?

    Flo: So, her baby died?

    Reese: Yes. Yes. I-I did everything that I could. But... [ Sighs ] Because there was no staff, there were no papers. No official documents. So after the mother left...

    Flo: What? What happened after she left?

    Reese: You don't want to know.

    Flo: Yes, I do. Reese, what does that night have to do with the baby sleeping in that room?

    Reese: I was used to having the best care around me -- nurses, orderlies, high-tech medical equipment, the best hospitals in london. I had none of that. I was on an island. No support whatsoever. I'd already lost one baby that night.

    Flo: What about the second patient, reese? You said that there were two.

    Reese: You -- you have to believe me. I -- I hate what I did. This is not me.

    Flo: What are you talking about?

    Reese: The other patient, she was in active labor, too.

    [ Sighs ] The -- the power went out, and she just kept pushing and pushing. And her blood pressure dropped, and she lost consciousness.

    Flo: Okay, and -- and -- and then what?

    Reese: I -- I was thinking about my daughter! They -- they threatened to hurt her, and I didn't know if they would hurt her or worse. I-I just didn't know!

    Flo: What about the baby, reese? The baby?!

    Reese: The mother was unconscious when I delivered the baby. I -- [ Sighs ] I cleaned off the child, and I checked her vitals.

    Flo: A-a girl? It was a girl?

    Reese: Yes. A little girl. And as I stared down at this beautiful little child...

    [ Baby fussing ] ...It hit me. Taylor and her daughter.

    Taylor: Steffy told me that she -- she wants to adopt.

    Reese: Adoption is a marvelous way to build a family. But steffy should know that it's very complicated, and -- and, uh, very expensive. Upwards of $50,000.

    Taylor: Oh, heh, money isn't a concern at all. I would spend ten times that amount if it meant kelly getting the sister that steffy wants for her.

    Reese: I made a decision.

    Taylor: [Echoing] Ten times that amount. It was the worst decision of my life, but it was a solution. It -- it was to help me get the money that I needed to protect my daughter. So I put that beautiful baby up for adoption. I swear, it was for my daughter. When the father arrived, that's when I told my first lie.

    [ Wind howling ] The husband was devastated. When, uh -- when the wife woke up, he told her the terrible news. Um... she cried for her child, and... I got the baby that was stillborn from earlier that night, and I put it in her arms.

    [ Wind howling ]

    Flo: Oh, my god. You switched the babies?

    [ Gasps ] What is the name of the mother of the baby in there?

    Reese: Wh-what does it matter?

    Flo: Tell me her name!

    Reese: Hope. Her name is hope.

    Flo: Does hope know that her baby is still alive?

    Reese: No, she doesn'T. Hope will never know that her child [Echoing] Is alive.

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    The way Flo folded like a cheap suit it's safe to Reese was a moron. Add something else to the list that Reese should be condemned for starting with the baby theft.

    I have a hard time feeling any empathy towards Flo. She had no hesitation about helping Reese sell a stolen child. Even if there does or doesn't end being a twist that this isn't Hopes child, I hope when the truth comes out about Flo and her role, not only should she get jail time but she should be ostracized by all the characters on the show. It's hard to even feel anything sympathetic towards her because she was a willing participant in this whole thing. Instead of doing something that resolves around having common sense like calling the police if Zoe was in that much danger.

    One thing I did learn was that it makes me wonder what kind of shady background Flo has. She must have one if Reese felt comfortable calling her up and flying her in to play along with a laundry list of crimes. He didn't even have any doubt that she wouldn't play the part and apparently she didn't.
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      I agree with you MozSweetPea and if Zoe falls into Reese and Flo's trap of silence, she also deserves a place in jail along with her father and Flo. Zoe will not stand a chance in 'ell against both the Forestors and the Logans if she doesn't come forward immediately. She can kiss her cozy modeling job goodbye.


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        Wow Flo did fold fast. I guess that 50,000 wasn't enough to shut her up. But Zoe would make me talk she's like the Gestapo.


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          Exactly bandwagon if Zoe keeps the secret she needs to go to jail and be Flos cellars.

          People say Taylor should be jailed but I don't feel that way Taylor was stupid yes but she had no idea she was being made an accomplice to a crime. If Zoe keeps the secret she is no better than Reese or Flo. I get the need to want to protect her dad but what Reese did was the ultimate violation of the Hippocratic oath he took.


          • bandwagon
            bandwagon commented
            Editing a comment
            I am a Taylor hater, but from what I have seen on screen concerning the adoption I agree with you. Taylor's crime (in this situation) is just being unbelievably stupid and at this moment I do not think she deserves to go to jail. I do have a problem with the fact the she did buy a baby, but that is nowhere near as bad as some of the other things she has done that is also illegal and gotten away with. I can overlook the buying part if Taylor helps Steffy come to terms and convinces her so return Beth. However, if Taylor finds out and then lies and covers this up, she will deserve a place beside Zoe. Flo, and Reese. When this subject comes up I have been consistent with my answer.

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