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Should i do a TWIRL now for you,Zoe? #ROFL FLO crack me up sometimes..."


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  • Should i do a TWIRL now for you,Zoe? #ROFL FLO crack me up sometimes..."

    So, should i do a twirl now for you, ZOE... ha ha. LOL

    She said, This crazy barging in my apt. is true. ZOE acting nuts.

    Flo just cracks me up @ times and i love it! LOL



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    Kind of like Flo, I think she has regrets for the role she played in the baby kidnapping. Zoe is right though, it is her Dads apartment not Flo’s. I hope when Zoe finds out what Reese did, she does the right thing and tells the truth to Hope and Liam. They need their baby back!


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      just cos its her dads apartment gives her zero rights to barge in, her dad left the place to Flo and didnt give Zoe care taker rights


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        Florence is awsome. Glad she is a Regular


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          I hate Flo with a vengeance. She is pond scum, and boring pond scum to boot. I hope Zoe kicks her worthless behind all the way to federal prison. I don't know when I've hated a soap character more. Reese at least wanted to save his daughter's life by doing the evil switching, worthless Flo was just greedy. I don't see a think likable about her. Not one thing. She's insipid and boring at best.
          Last edited by Camille78; February 12th, 2019, 12:30 AM.


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            Camille78 we dont agree on much but I feel the same about Flo.

            Flo better have as that same energy when she has to don that orange jumpsuit. If I had my way she'd be twirling and connecting with my fist for stealing Hopes baby for $50k


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