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    The new Thomas -

    Matthew Atkinson, Y&R alum debuts on March 14th

  • #2
    Ooh I loved him on Y&R! Great news, thanks!


    • #3
      He is ex-Austin from Y&R....


      • #4
        He's definitely eye candy!


        • #5
          He’s cute! If Hope can’t have Liam, I’ll take Thomas for her!


          • AAC82
            AAC82 commented
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            I was just thinking he would look fabulous with AN's Hope! But i would really like to see her and Liam stick it out

          • ILoveBizzie
            ILoveBizzie commented
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            Me too, but I’ll take Thomas for her if we can’t have Lope!

        • #6
          I checked him out. He's cute and looks very familiar; but I don't know where I've seen him before.

          Maybe I'll like Thomas this time around.


          • #7
            He is a really good actor.


            • #8
              He is cute. I'm wondering if they would consider pairing him with Maya. Only if they don't bring Caroline back with him. Since the writers don't want to really address Raya breaking up.We have seen Thomas and Sally together a few times I wouldn't mind seeing something new.

              They could also turn Donna into a cougar and chase after him. They had both Katie and Brooke hook up with a younger man, why not Donna too.


              • Lakergirl 04
                Lakergirl 04 commented
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                Maya might as well be written out. They aren't wasting Thomas on her!

            • #9
              Betting he dumped Caroline again and will be sniffing after Sally in no time. I can't believe writers destroyed Caridge for the great *love* story that is Carmas.


              • PeaceOut
                PeaceOut commented
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                The writing for Thomas has been pretty bad when PF took over. Time for another rewrite now that a new actor is back i guess.
                It would prove Ridge's point though if he indeed goes after Sally again.

              • Drew87
                Drew87 commented
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                Don't make me think about it

              • sunicorn
                sunicorn commented
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                What point referring to Ridge?

            • #10
              this could work..Austin and abby's affair was horrendous, but they did have I dont care much for summer..

              i just hope that bell hasnt brought thomas back so he can get on his knees and beg just like taylor did
              Last edited by BnbYnr90; February 11th, 2019, 12:06 PM.


              • catc20
                catc20 commented
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                Summer is as awful as her mother. I only liked her when she called her mother out on her past

              • BnbYnr90
                BnbYnr90 commented
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                yes she always has been a witch..and I forgot what she and fen did..just remembered I remember why I never liked her even when she was an abbot..

              • kitty711
                kitty711 commented
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                I wasn't really watching Y&R when he was on

            • #11
              Oh I’m loving the recast! Looks like a Ridge/Taylor child


              • VeeJay226
                VeeJay226 commented
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                See, that was the very first thing that came to my mind, LOL. Like, oh boy, it's a Ridge look-alike. I'm excited to see what they do.

            • #12
              I did not like his character on Y&R, but I think he will make a great Thomas.


              • #13
                Wow, in some shots he looks like Adam Gregory, but in others he looks like Peirce Fode.

                Perfect Thomas recast.


                • #14
                  Not getting excited. Especially if the idea is to have him chasing after Sally Jr or Hope when both want someone else. I thought they’d cast a little bit older.


                  • Ella Munroe
                    Ella Munroe commented
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                    Sally loved Thomas before she got with Wyatt. Thomas supported her even after she stole from Forrester. I can see them getting back together. As for Hope, I don't know. They may or may not work. Wyatt, unfortunately, will always be treated as a consolation prize by this show.

                • #15
                  Nice! He was definitely attractive when on Y&R... I know Summer will never be on Y&R but it would be great if she bumped into him thinking she saw a ghost!

                  Too bad that this actor isn't for Steffy because they would've looked dynamite together!


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