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  • donna and mya

    CLEARLY we need somethiing new
    rick is gone for now
    nothinig is going on with donna
    donna is capable of doing things that the fans do not like
    maya has a lot of potential to do a lot of things
    maya was in a relationship with a female previously prior to her being in the storyline

    why not have donna and maya? they arent related. it doesnt involve liam brooke or taylor

    i like both actresses and i dont want them to go through the same men on the show - theres not a lot of places for them to go

    why not?

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    Donna is supposed to be in a storyline with Quinn and Eric. But that storyline is on the backburner because of the baby switch storyline. But I think it will be brought back up again once the baby switch storyline wraps up. I can't figure out why Donna is not sharing scenes with Justin Barber. And mentioning her son Marcus. Maya needs a love interest on this show. She need something to do other than being a prop for Zoe, her cousin Alexander, and Emma.


    • VixensVamp
      VixensVamp commented
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      I highly doubt Donna and Justin will interact with each other, unless it's about their son. (I don't know if one or both are in touch with him.)

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