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I think the baby storyline will end in a death


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    Originally posted by Chabby lover View Post
    I can see that happening. I just don't see Kelly dying but that could be the twist that happens or something else happens and it turns out that this baby is not Beth. Maybe Reese thinks she is beth but when he was not looking the other girl the one that lost her baby showed up and stole the real Beth we just don't know. We also don't know how many babies were born on the island that day. the other mom could have stole the real beth thinking she was her child because she looked like her to her. Then switched the baby with another baby that was in the hospital and that is the baby that he gave to Steffy for adoption.
    Are you serious? Do you really believe that? Come on, the baby is Beth. I thought once Reese revealed the truth we would move on from these kinds of theories. I know, you have your opinion and have every right to state it but I mean that premise is so far fetched.


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      Originally posted by Reva+BudFan View Post
      I think the whole “affect families for years to come” is being blown out of proportion.
      I think Bell always advises his SL's in a blown out way.

      Please tell me what the jaw-dropping twists, harrowing stunts or major cliffhangers of the Australian episodes supposedly have been?

      I quote Bell Bradley in Jan 2017: "This will be an epic celebration for our fans around the world. We are preparing to film the most glamorous location shoot in soap opera history. Collaborating with Qantas, Network Ten and CBS, viewers will witness romance, high style, jaw-dropping twists, harrowing stunts and major cliffhangers"

      I remember the zipline wedding, Ridge kissing Quinn a last time (for the x-th time) and being seen - the Bridge wedding being cancelled, Steffy pushed Sally into the ocean.

      My jaw never dropped, but my eyes did - after reading the live thread I realized that I wasn't missing anything and skipped the next days.

      Reading Bell promoting the Australia SL, I expected stunts and cliffhangers like the helicopter incident in Dubai, not one character just being pushed into the water or Bridge deleting a wedding for the x-time because Ridge kissed Quinn for the x-th time. (Watching him kissing Quinn in LA and on the plane I never expected Bridge to get married in Australia (never thought the show would do 2 wedding episodes after each other in the same abroad location).


      • Reva+BudFan
        Reva+BudFan commented
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        Lol-exactly. I mean wasn’t Steffy being ziplined to her wedding a harrowing stunt?! Anything to try and drum up viewers I guess.

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      I do not want a sl with either baby dying.We have been through enough fictional grief with Hope to last a lifetime.Enough is enough.


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        If I got my way, the person dying would be Hope... I don't see the point of killing Phoebeth after "saving" her from a death in Catalina and Hope is boring... killing her off would free Steffy and allow her do more than be a permanent prop for boring characters.


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          Originally posted by FancyGirl View Post
          A death? Actually, I'm hoping more and more either Zoe or Flo will be killed off. They are both despicable. They are both going to keep the secret from Liam and Hope, and nothing will ever redeem them as far as I'm concerned.

          FEW things FANCY and G-morning

          1.)Liam and Hope are Bell pets for a very long time, heck BELL publicly lauded these two, repeatedly,
          and said how they and HOPE is so "integral" to all bold future storylines, when kim matula was on. Now Annika.

          2.)Bell, as i always said would never kill off a core legendary woman character's grand-child AFTER she lost one already and that was kim'matula version of hope's first baby. He never, when it comes to his hope character do that, nor to liam.

          3.)I am not sure though ZOE will live, as some 1 might kill her so she can't tell the big secret, who knows, but either way? TWT(time will tell) and long as BETH AVALON SPENCER is alive and healthy, and well i am happy.Just want this wrapped up asap.


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            Thank you all for your responses. I can appreciate when I'm wrong. This story hasn't been it for me. I have found myself disconnected from it and ready for it to be over months ago. I have to entertain myself so that I will keep tuning in. I love Steffy and Taylor they are so of the only reasons I still watch this show that and a sighting from Bill, Quinn and Eric.

            Even with some of my favorites I can find myself just tuning out because I'm not enjoying it. When I come on this board and I get all these different ideas from viewers even if we disagree at least giving me different ways to look at the show makes me want to give it another chance.

            Even beyond the obvious and predictable way this is playing out, some of you have made me want to stick it out a little longer. The board and all of you with your different opinions is what makes me still keep holding on to B&B. Bell and his statement will probably leave me disappointed once again but oh well. I can't say I won't complain about the predictable stories any more. I enjoy everyone's point of view even if they differ from my own. I will keep my theories and ideas going because I like to see everyone's point of view or opinions.

            Have a great weekend you all!


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              Right because no soap character has ever had twins wait Taylor did, and I could name characters on other soaps that did, so guess what more than one baby is used. Also, why do we think Kelly is always sleeping or off screen because it is costly to have two babies on set at the same time, but someone else pointed out nothing is going to happen to either of these baby's, first got to keep Liam waffling and second TIIC want to keep that rivalry going into the next generation. Third, there would be a whole lot of ticked off viewers if one of those baby's such as Kelly died, so no don't see that happening.


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                I agree this storyline should end in a death,,,Reese's. A Dr. takes an oath to do no harm. He has harmed Hope, Liam and baby Beth to a degree that he could not hurt them more. The hurt he has caused cannot be remedied. Hope has already missed out on so much of her child's first days. Letting her believe her baby died, he deserves every punishment that can be hurled at him. What a selfish monster.


                • Camille78
                  Camille78 commented
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                  Reese and Flo need to go, but ptison would probably hurt Flo more.

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                loganfan1234 commented
                Today, 12:28 PM
                Let's see, the had TWINS, Steffy and Phoebe, who were still young when Thomas was born. We had Aly and Hope who were babies then kids at the same time. And these babies will be born and shown for a bit and disappear as all of them do. Lizzie and Douglas were close too. They WERE shown for a while and then disappeared.
                RedheadTeacher commented
                Today, 05:10 PM
                Thomas is older than the twins. Lizzie and Douglas were only front and center as long as their story lines played out and then disappeared. Steffy and Hope are more major characters than Rick/Maya and Caroline/Thomas, so having their babies disappear seems unlikely. I am not wishing Hope's baby to die, but I can see the OP's rationale that something more dramatic than the baby switch reveal could play out.
                Yes, Thomas was born on screen on January 1998, a year before the twins were born on screen in 1999.
                They used twins to play little Thomas on screen in 1999, but both twins only are credited for 36 episodes from Spring 1998-Winter 1999.

                In 1999, we also had Amber giving birth to her stillborn baby and then taking Becky's baby and pretending that that boy was Rick's son.

                They had several babies, very little kids that year:
                little Thomas (played by twins), the Tridge twins and Little Eric on screen in 1999 and all were supposed to be the children of major characters, Little Eric being a main SL that year with Amber replacing her dead baby with Becky's.

                Aly was born on screen in the same year as R.J. has been born (2004). Hope was still a little girl then too.

                But regardless if the children are from major characters, they only use them for the SL and some episodes and then they are not seen again until needed.

                Bell loves to SORASe the children, but even the child of a major character like Thomas had months with no child actor being hired to play Thomas (eg. no child actor and Thomas being missing from screen from the middle of Oct 2001 until the middle of Jan. 2002 (and in 2002 a new and older boy playing Thomas).

                Hope has been the daughter of a major/core character - but her episode count wasn't that great either and we often only had people talking about the children, their needs, taking them to bed.... and not them being shown so much.
                Brooke has been shown at the office talking about Hope, meeting Bridget and Stephanie and talking about naming Hope, but Hope wasn't

                The babies have been the important SL for last year and the start of this year - but I doubt that Bell would continue that when he is done with his SL. They will be treated like the others have been treated and will be at the attic until ended for story purpose.

                I remember when I read through old transcripts and the Tridge children weren't featured in every SL, until they were supposed to add drama. Suddenly many happy scenes with Tridge and their kids during the SL with Morgan conning Ridge into having sex with her and fathering her child.
                Bell suddenly gave the children much airtime - the Tridge family even being interviewed and a picture taken for a magazine as them being the perfect little family - while Ridge still had not confessed to Taylor (about having had sex with Morgan thinking Taylor wanted him to do it, and fathering a child).

                But at other times the children are just to be written to be with the nanny, playing somewhere, at preschool, later at boarding school, then studying abroad.... .


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                  Ah, the latest “Lope can’t share a child” option.

                  Let’s see:

                  She was a cyst
                  The doctor made a mistake saying Hope was pregnant
                  Hope was lying
                  Hope was pregnant when she came back from Italy
                  Hope would miscarry
                  The baby would die at birth
                  The baby wasn’t really Beth but the other woman’s baby
                  Hope slept with someone off camera. Everyone from Wyatt to Thomas. Why not add Ridge or Bill?

                  Now, it’s the baby will die from SIDS.

                  Hmm, how about we go Passions and say Hope was impregnated by Satan? That would affect everyone for years to come! Beth is the anti-Christ! What will everyone do?

                  They may as well go there since to so many, Lope sharing a child is scarier than the anti-Christ....


                  • ILoveBizzie
                    ILoveBizzie commented
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                    Bell said that it would impact characters for years and we don’t know that it won’t.

                    It’s just so many theories all to keep Hope and Liam from sharing this child. What is the big deal if they have a baby together? Steffy has one with him too. Lope sharing a child doesn’t make a Steam reunion impossible if that’s what everyone is so worried about.

                    Yep Loganfan, I have never seen so many theories.

                  • RedheadTeacher
                    RedheadTeacher commented
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                    No different than all the speculation that Steffy proceeded with the adoption because she wants Liam back....which has never been shown.

                    I have no issue with Hope having a child with Liam. My issue is that there was absolutely no suspense or imagination woven throughout the story line. I can't criticize posters who tried to add some.

                  • ILoveBizzie
                    ILoveBizzie commented
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                    I guess I’m just getting burned out seeing so many attempts by fans to eliminate a Lope child. Lope fans waited nearly ten years for any payoff whatsoever regarding this couple and it’s like we’re not allowed to have any by the wishes of some people. Steffy fans have had payoff for their investment in Steam, why don’t Hope fans deserve a little of the same?

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                  Originally posted by MozSweetPea View Post
                  Now I'm starting to wonder if one of the little girls wont make it. As far as I can remember they don't usually have two babies on a show at the same time. They would need at least four children to play the role for two kids. I also think it's a little more difficult with babies which is why most soaps don't usually have more than one at a time. I can't help but think one of the little girls won't make it.
                  They have not put the little kids in the same scene before, but they had different little babies featured during the same year on B&B..

                  LOL. Maybe Bell likes it to have some babies born closely after another.

                  * Baby Douglas (born March) and Baby Lizzy (born May) have been born in the same year - 2016, only two months apart from each other.

                  * baby Alexandria (January) and baby R.J. (June) have both been born in 2004
                  -> Felicia's son was born the year after, 2005.

                  * Becky's baby (Little Eric/D) that Amber took and pretended it was Eric's son, was born in the same year as the Tridge twins - 1999, only a year after Thomas had been born on screen.


                  • loganfan1234
                    loganfan1234 commented
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                    Thank you! I knew there were definitely multiple babies on the show at the same time. Alexandria and Hope were also youngsters together on the show (remember, EVIL Hope, at the age of all of 4 years old, with so much malice told Aly that Taylor was responsible for killing her mom, Darla).

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                  Maybe Hope will die and Steam will raise both babies.


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                    BB would never kill off a precious Logan woman.


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                      Some times I feel like viewers get so bent out of shape when any suggestion about one of their favorites. I get the same way don't get me wrong but at the end of the day it's a show. It's not real life, stuff happens to characters on the reel world it's just what happens. Having an opinion about wanting to see something different or even offering a difference of opinion shouldn't create any problems. I mean we are all entitled to it, we all get invested in various storylines and various characters.

                      I specifically offered a suggestion based on what's going on with other soaps. I enjoy storylines that's interested, that's dramatic and so forth. Even with me not liking Brooke or Hope, I have given credit to both characters when I feel it's warranted, so it goes beyond just not liking two characters.

                      This story was touted as being a life changing for all the families on the show, so in sorry to EXPECT the writers to follow through with that. They shouldn't say something and the storyline falls short and expect fans not to question it. I also didn't just say hopes child would be the one to die. I specifically included Kelly in it as well. No time did I say Hope should die so Steffy could raise her child.

                      I personally have no use for Hope continuously being written as this good girl who sees life in black and white or good versus bad. That being said I did welcome Hope losing her child. I never thought hope was ready to be a mom but I felt like the character of Hope needed better material. I said before that JMW has been able to show some acting chops as Steffy she has gotten material to be able to do that. Before this baby switch the character of Hope has been written the same way that she has since she was aged, I'm ready to see a different side to Hope IMHO.

                      I never said there haven't been multiple babies on soaps but even with all of your examples there haven't been a consistent with multiple babies. They all end up with leaving or so forth. Now since both Steffy and Hope are front burner it wasn't like one of them would move away with their child so I thought that one of the kids dying would being more material and storyline. Again I'm going by bells " this will impact the families on the show for years", given I could have expected too much from him. I have been let down before so it wouldn't be anything new. I have never once any of my post suggested Hope should die so that Steffy could raise her child or reunite Steam. I have said Liam picked Hope so he needs to stay with her and away from Steffy in a romantic way.

                      I have also said if they wanted to give Lope a child somewhere in the future I wouldn't have been against it. What I was against was two baby stories back to back that monopolized the show for it to end with a happy ending. I felt like ending it with a happy ending was a scapegoat and lazy writing. As viewers we have been stuck with only one storyline being front burner and yes it would feel like a lot of time has been wasted for no reason. Again I also stated that GH is doing a similar storyline with SIDS over there.

                      I can understand that we can all be protective of out favorites but all I ask is an open mind. Steffy is my favorite and I played around with the idea of her losing Kelly. I just want more to this storyline than just a predictable and happy ending, would I be sad if Steffy was the one who ended up losing again, absolutely. Sometimes our favorites can't always end up on top in every storyline.


                      • ILoveBizzie
                        ILoveBizzie commented
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                        It’s not that I think there’s truth in the suggestions, just that I don’t understand why some are so determined that Beth can’t be Lope’s child. I just don’t understand it. I could if you didn’t have Kelly, but you do, so why aren’t Lope fans allowed a Lope child? It seems mean-spirited to me. Imo.

                      • MozSweetPea
                        MozSweetPea commented
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                        ILoveBizzie, while I get that. I guess my thing is why does Lope need a child right this minute? The writers just make it seem like every time Steffy gets something Hope needs to get it or every time Hope gets something Steffy needs it. Honestly I'm a little beat up with the back and forth, it reminds me of it for that all the time. I don't think there would have been anything wrong with Lope getting married and maybe in another year getting pregnant. It just felt like because Steffy had a baby Hope needed one. I would have much rather have seen Lope working on their relationship and growing a stronger bond before kids come into play. To me when they do t It for that with Steffy and Hope fans it just seems to cheapen it. Even when Steffy wanted a line because Hope had one, it wasn't so both women could succeed it was to once again pit them against each other. I'm sorry but having two women who love the same man having two kids under the age of 1 just seems like they keep wanting to pitting then against each other.

                        I feel like both of these women and their relationship should be able to stand on its own. Going back and giving each of the same thing seems so junior high and petty. There was no reason to give Lope a child right now they could have just enjoyed being married and newlyweds but the writers didn't want that they wanted to keep finding a reason to have these women compete for the same man's attention and love.

                        No offense but even you said why can't Lope have a child Steffy has one. That's exactly why they keep writing this tit for that because they want the fan bases to keep competing.

                      • ILoveBizzie
                        ILoveBizzie commented
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                        What I meant was that I can understand if there was no Kelly, Steffy/Steam fans not wanting a Lope child, but since Steam does have one, I don’t see the need to remove the Lope one. If they hadn’t made Hope pregnant we (Lope fans) wouldn’t have wanted it but they did, so then we wanted Lope to have their child.

                        Most Hope/Lope fans didn’t want a pregnancy when Liam was going back to Steffy, and wanted her to get a new love (but not Wyatt or Detective Sanchez, a new character).

                        But when Hope was pregnant of course we wanted her to have it since she was happy. And when Liam was happy too instead of mad as predicted, we wanted them to share the baby. We were okay with Hope being a single mom, sharing custody, but when the show made Liam seem interested in being her husband, it was easy to support it.

                        The thing is, Lope has been a romance for many years, before Steam was, so their having a baby together isn’t a “new” thing, if that makes sense. A legal wedding and a child were a long time coming for this couple, this triangle has stretched out nearly 10 years.

                        I’m all for the competition ending but with Liam being so desirable, the only way it can happen is if the show gives Hope or Steffy a new love that is hotter, sexier, more exciting, more interesting and more charismatic or at least equal in those ways, to Liam.

                        And that’s going to be a huge feat for the show.

                        Until they do that, or if they even can, naturally we’re all going to want the show’s King with our Queen.
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