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I think the baby storyline will end in a death


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  • I think the baby storyline will end in a death

    This storyline makes zero sense about the baby. This secret is becoming harder to cover up, there are too many people suspicious about it. The writers have already revealed that this is suppose to be Hopes child. They have already had both Liam and Hope hold this child.

    Now I'm starting to wonder if one of the little girls wont make it. As far as I can remember they don't usually have two babies on a show at the same time. They would need at least four children to play the role for two kids. I also think it's a little more difficult with babies which is why most soaps don't usually have more than one at a time. I can't help but think one of the little girls won't make it.

    There isn't any reason to drag out this story. The viewers already see what's going on and predicted which way it will go. The reason why I think one of the kids won't make it is because Bell claimed that this would impact all the families for years. I can't see this baby switch storyline lasting that long. I can see a child's death still having that affect for a long time to come.

    I can see either of these children dying causing significant grief for the families on the show. So I'm not going to say it will be Hopes child just because I don't like her. I could see her child's death impacting the Logans, Spencers and the Forresters and Avants because they are intertwined through marriage.

    I can see Kelly affecting the Forresters and Spencers. For me I think it would be harder on the Forresters be cause they had already lost Phoebe in the accident. I don't know if Taylor, Ridge or Steffy could recover from that.

    I would never think a baby needs to pass in Real life. I just can't help but think that this will happen on the show. I'm not sure which child it will be. I would think Hope would be more viable because she had ready lost her child and then have her find out that her baby was alive only to lose her again. It could very well be Steffy who loses Kelly. I just don't think the story will end with the reveal.

    I think one of the precious little ones will die from SIDS. I keep thinking that it will be Hopes child because it wouldn't make much sense for it to be Kelly. Steffy has known who Kelly is and she has been there for Kelly her whole life. I'm thinking the truth is revealed to Hope and the child ends up passing from SIDS before she finds out.

    I think it would be a new way to set a feud up between Taylor and Brooke than just it being about Ridge. Brooke could blame Taylor for the way the adoption happen. Hope could blame Steffy because she felt like she was robbed once again because of Steffy. She could blame Liam for not realizing that was their daughter. Not feeling a connection to the child the same way she could. Now I'm not saying Steffy can't lose Kelly, but just going by the way Bell hyped it up I can't see how losing Kelly would be more impractical than a mother losing a child before it was revealed she was the mother.

    Again this is just going on GH similar to this and Hope for the storyline that is going on over there. If you watch GH then you know the biological mother believes the child she gave up for adoption is still alive and she feels a connection to the child only her biological child died from SIDS.

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    I can see that happening. I just don't see Kelly dying but that could be the twist that happens or something else happens and it turns out that this baby is not Beth. Maybe Reese thinks she is beth but when he was not looking the other girl the one that lost her baby showed up and stole the real Beth we just don't know. We also don't know how many babies were born on the island that day. the other mom could have stole the real beth thinking she was her child because she looked like her to her. Then switched the baby with another baby that was in the hospital and that is the baby that he gave to Steffy for adoption.


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      The way the story is set up, how is the baby switch going to affect all th families for years to come, as we had heard in the beginning of the baby switch story? It just does not compute to me.
      So there has to be some twist coming up during sweeps. Right now it's very predictable. Even Hope getting obsessed with little Phoebeth. So something has to happen, either that Reese
      lied about the name of the mother to Flo and the circumstances of the baby's birth or one of the babies dies. I would speculate that Reese is not that stupid to give Flo all the real info. He does
      not love her and is leaving her holding the bag. Somehow i would think he has to lie to protect himself if the truth comes out.

      And Zoe finding out, only makes the reveal less likely. She has to be conflicted to tell the truth or protect her Dad.


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        There have been many times babies/children were on the show at the same time. Beth isn't going to die, and Steffy will have to give her back to her rightful parents. Steffy will have her baby, Hope will have hers.


        • loganfan1234
          loganfan1234 commented
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          Let's see, the had TWINS, Steffy and Phoebe, who were still young when Thomas was born. We had Aly and Hope who were babies then kids at the same time. And these babies will be born and shown for a bit and disappear as all of them do. Lizzie and Douglas were close too. They WERE shown for a while and then disappeared. Really nothing at all unusual and nothing to indicate that Hope's baby will die like it seems is so badly wanted.

        • RedheadTeacher
          RedheadTeacher commented
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          Thomas is older than the twins. Lizzie and Douglas were only front and center as long as their story lines played out and then disappeared. Steffy and Hope are more major characters than Rick/Maya and Caroline/Thomas, so having their babies disappear seems unlikely. I am not wishing Hope's baby to die, but I can see the OP's rationale that something more dramatic than the baby switch reveal could play out.

        • loganfan1234
          loganfan1234 commented
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          Thomas wasn't that much older than the twins. About a year and a half. So he was a toddler when they were born. Still, with twins, that is TWO babies and a toddler at the same time. I don't see any rationale that a baby will die.

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        I can see some sort of medical problem requiring a donor that might reveal the girls are a match!


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          @ chubby lover I thought about that too, I just don't know where it won't be revealed to be Hopes child be cause the DNA doesn't match.

          @ lovely rita I thought that too, I didn't think Reese would be stupid enough to tell Flo all the real details. I assumed the only reason to tell Flo Hopes name is if knows that this baby switch didn't happen the way he said

          soapy4life, I don't think it will be a medical emergency unless one of the kids die. To have it be revealed and that they were able to save the other won't impact all the family on the show for years.


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            So Reese isn't just a monster he's also an idiot and doesn't know the baby isn't Hopes? That makes no sense. Why would he say the baby was Hope's if it isn't. He is implicating himself in a crime for no reason at all then. Perhaps having to give the baby back causes a feud between Steffy and Hope that now never ends. All I know is that Hope deserves her baby back and Steffy already has a child so she will be fine.


            • boldie
              boldie commented
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              Some just cannot accept that baby Beth is alive, its mindblowing. We've been told and shown that Reece stole Hope's baby to sell to Taylor so he can pay off his gambling debts and keep his own daughter safe.
              Who knows how the rift between Steffy and Hope is ignited I just hope it's not some stupid reason for a feud. Hope would have no reason to hate Steffy is Steffy didn't know she had Hope's Baby. Something must happen where someone finds out and says nothing.

            • Reva+BudFan
              Reva+BudFan commented
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              For this viewer it has zero to do with Hope getting her baby in a happy ending type. I personally would find it more entertaining for all the characters involved if they took the route of baby not being Beth but Hope is convinced, and having Phoebe still be a match somehow for a health crises for Kelly, and Hope is determined to prove she’s Beth. I can see that being dragged out. Maybe Beth is alive somewhere else. maybe not. But there’s more potential for long term SL going that route. This SL falls flat because it’s too predictable and no twists.

              Bell promised to have it affect all the families for years and by that I believe he means yet another generation of blonde (this time Kelly) vs brunette (now played by Beth) fighting over the same guy. Yay, more great writing ahead.

            • asoapaddiction
              asoapaddiction commented
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              reva hi.

              bell will make hope's baby be as she was blonde wit' cute lil girls watch and liam is more sandy dark brown blondish hair.
              but it will be a blonde watch and see, this is typical for bell to do, and he will SORAS later on this yr., kelly with steffy pretty dark hair.
              I know 1 thing the actual RIFT as i think JJ said, is goin to b where someone will learn about it, i.e., feasibly my steff, and NOT say 1 word, not right away."
              or ... ever... TWT.(time will tell)but this seem more probable, than improbable."


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            The only reason I can come up with for the baby not to be Hope's is if the other mother had some significant issues that Reese wouldn't want to be revealed.

            So far, this SL hasn't been all that surprising or groundbreaking, so some kind of twist, such as a death, might deliver the punch that Bell promising.


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              I'm not even suggesting the baby isn't Hope. I'm saying that by the time it's revealed that the baby may have died from SIDS.

              They have gone over and beyond to make this hopes child so ok. But that can't be the end of this story. Just making it hopes baby won't impact the family on the show for years as bell has stated. They can't drag the storyline out because too many people are suspicious of the adoption. So that's why I think there has to be more to this otherwise there is no reason to drag this storyline out. It would have just been a pointless storyline for no reasons.

              While I get some people want this story to go one way because they have a favorite. I just don't criticize for others having a theory or even idea.
              Majority of the time the ideas and theories about the stories end up being better than what's playing out on the show. I like to see what other people think because I can't see this storyline just wrapping up with a nice pretty bow regardless if you are a Steffy or Hope fan. The show has dedicated months to basically this one story I'm expecting some payoff then this predictable stuff that's going on so I'm expecting a twist. If it turns out it's Hopes child fine but there needs to be some twist to keep this story going because at this rate this story should be over by the end of the month but its being said this story will be going on for longer therefore it has to be something else going on or that will happen.


              • boldie
                boldie commented
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                Reading your post I realised we all putting too much truth based on a cryptic statement Bell made a few months ago. He may have thought to drag it out for years to come but maybe after seeing the overwhelming negative response from his storyline he changed his mind? Because the majority of viewers on both side of the fence hate this storyline. Both fan bases know that while one is happy the other is suffering so the wheel will eventually turn toward Steffy suffering. The writers love pitting fanbases against each other with stupid plot point writing instead of writing for the characters. That said will he really kill off a baby?

              • MissJovy
                MissJovy commented
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                It doesn't need to drag on. It needs to end this month.

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              They don't have the little ones on that much, generally. RJ was missing on screen for years, Will, was missing for over a year on screen. Once Hope gets Beth back, I think we won't see that much of the babies. I remember one Christmas episode, Eric or Brooke mentioned the children were outside playing. Right, instead of eating dinner with the family. Which would have been RJ and Allie outside playing.


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                I personally think this will affect them for years to come just as it is because of the love triangle and now with children. Just look at how its affected Taylot and Brooke. The other time I recall the show having two little babies was Steffy and Phoebe. I'd like to see maybe a birthmark reveal. Maybe Beth/Phoebe and Kelly have the same birthmarks. Then they'd feel a bit more like twins.


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                  A death? Actually, I'm hoping more and more either Zoe or Flo will be killed off. They are both despicable. They are both going to keep the secret from Liam and Hope, and nothing will ever redeem them as far as I'm concerned.


                  • Camille78
                    Camille78 commented
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                    I think absolutely Zoe will keep the truth to herself. She won't want to send her dad to prison. I think Reese trusted Flo with the truth because she was making herself his accomplice in crime. however since she hadn't signed anything yet, I think Reese was stupid not to lie.

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                  I think someone will die, but not one of the babies. Maybe Zoe or Reese, if he isn't back in London, or, hopefully, Flo. I hate her. She has absolutely no moral compass or intelligence. Or Zoe will learn the truth, have an accident and be in a coma for months.


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                    I don't think either Kelly or Phoebeth will die. Bell wants his third generation Brooke/Taylor feud too much.


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                      I think the whole “affect families for years to come” is being blown out of proportion. I can’t think of a single event that hurts Steffy to have any affect on both Logan’s and Avants. None have ever been shown to care abouy Steffy’s feelings or well-being, so why start now?

                      Having Beth die affected all the families, the Avants to a smaller point. Having Beth turn out to be alive and the never ending triangle to continue for years only affects three families.

                      If it did turn out Phoebe wasn’t Beth, that still affects three families. More, IMO, potential SLs here with Hope turning dark and twisted, Liam torn, Steffy In the middle.

                      All that to say Bell’s spoilers/story hype is always way more interesting and full of possible twists while the actual writing is predictable and mundane.


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