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Taylor does not think it is a "good time" for hope to be over there seeing the baby."


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    Originally posted by Mimicita View Post
    Taylor is so totally transparent. It's ok for Liam to come over constantly, but she wants Hope to stay away.
    Liam has another child and he finds comfort in her- those were Liam's words not Taylor.


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      Originally posted by Blandina87 View Post
      Taylor was actually being sincere and thoughtful of Hope she has lost a child before Phoebe who died because of Rick, Brooke's son and Hope's half brother he was intentionally responsible for it. She of all people understands what it means to lose a child. Maybe Taylor thinks it will be hard for Hope to see a baby since she recently lost hers geez. I forgot Steffy is phony , Taylor is fake and pretending to be considerate of Hope's grief and Ridge is fake and is suspicious for showing concern .
      It wasnt Ricks fault Phoebe died. SHE grabbed the wheel while he was driving causing the accident. She was upset because she found out her mother TAYLOR was dating her old boyfriend.


      • mahsa
        mahsa commented
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        Sasha1993 Phoebe was upset because Steffy told her that Rick had kissed Steffy...

        Taylor and Rick was long over and done with before that even happened..

        Phoebe was upset because she found out that Rick was just using her, Taylor and Steffy to get back at her father..

        All Rivk had to do was listen to Phoebe BEFORE he even left the parking lot at FC.. He chose not to because he just had to go to his mother's rehearsal dinner eventhough he clearly did not want to go..

      • loganfan1234
        loganfan1234 commented
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        Rick was not responsible for Phoebe dying. Even the police confirmed that.

      • SheilaFan32
        SheilaFan32 commented
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        Blandina. I agree with you. It was all Rick's fault.

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      Originally posted by Sasha1993 View Post

      It wasnt Ricks fault Phoebe died. SHE grabbed the wheel while he was driving causing the accident. She was upset because she found out her mother TAYLOR was dating her old boyfriend.
      Well I do partly blame Rick as he should have had Phoebe put her seat belt on as he made sure he put his on before he started his car and drove off. And knowing how upset Phoebe was Rick should have known not to drive with her like that. No sane person would have.


      • Mimicita
        Mimicita commented
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        Phoebe jumped in the car and started slapping on him. He was trying to pull over and she shoved her foot down on top of his on the gas.

        BLUE EYED GIRL commented
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        Nope not what happened at all. If that did happen then Rick should have never started that car knowing she was that upset.

      • B&B blonde
        B&B blonde commented
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        if I remember correctly rick was about to pull out and Phoebe jumped in the car and grabbed the steering wheel and was pushing on the pedals after they were already going down the road. Rick tried to get her to stop she didn't they crashed she died. She caused her own death . cant we ever hold the characters responsible for their own actions?

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      Originally posted by BlueGalexy View Post
      Gotta be honest OP, after Hope and Brooke spent the last several weeks of 2018 trying to use Taylor's fictitious "danger to children" ()

      as a way to drive a wedge between Liam, Steffy, and their daughter, this latest development seems perfectly fitting from where I sit.

      Perhaps Taylor is simply borrowing a page from the old Logan playbook...
      i respectfully disagree but, hi.

      I hear ya and good evening again blue... i just read this and lol about LOGAN"playbook" LOL i hear ya, but i really believe that hope would not put the child at any type of staid risk(serious)risk that is,

      and or even a modicum of it...But, after all tay has done i.e., shot a man un-armed, that still give rise to just how mentally unstable imo tay (still is) and has lashed out basically verbally attacking hope!(while pregnant at the time)



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        This story line should be that Steffy is Phobe real mom, Hope was desperate to have a child by Liam that she had herself artificial inseminate with Steffy egg after her 1st miscarriage for Liam, that why the girl resembles so much it’s Steffy and Liam second daughter together. Let hope child with Wyatt come home, hope kept the child away because she didn’t want Quin around it, now that the child is older. He should be apart of Wyatt life and hope.she can have her own child in her life to love.


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          Can't Wait until Taylor learns that Phoebe is really Beth.


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