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SOC spoilers for week of Jan 21, 2019


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  • SPOILER! SOC spoilers for week of Jan 21, 2019

    A sneak peek at what will happen on The Bold and the Beautiful during the week of January 21, 2019.

    Questions? Comments? Please email me .

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    It's not linking to an article


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      I see you've removed my Scoop thread and replaced it with the link. Benji and I have posted the link for years and got little or no reply to it. I finally learned why. A lot of posters can't go to the site or don't want to because of ads which freeze their PCs and devices. I've experienced it myself.. can't read through the article and gave up.
      I learned to quickly copy and paste it and post just the spoilers from it. I don't change anything or add or subtract except info on other shows, ads, and old spoilers.
      If my doing that is against the rules or no longer needed, I will comply with that, but would appreciate a heads up on it.
      Thanx. Jadey


      • aileen123
        aileen123 commented
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        Thank you Jadey. I look forward to your spoilers. I appreciate you dedication!!!

      • lizincinti
        lizincinti commented
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        The content on the front pages is typed up by a team of writers that the owner of the site employs. The front pages pay for the servers that host these forums. Copying and pasting the content (which the owner prohibits) not only violates copyright laws, but it pulls traffic away from the front pages.

        We want posters to discuss what's going to happen, but we also want them to visit the front pages. If there are tech issues, we have a team that addresses those things and they would want to know if things are not working properly for some.

        You can summarize what's going to happen, but please don't c/p the spoilers. Clicking on the photo or the first line that begins with B&B Scoops should take you directly to the spoilers.

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      ty op for the update on this week's spoilers


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        I cannot find the spoilers either. Is it because it is in a Sticky thread?


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          Originally posted by aileen123 View Post
          Thank you Jadey. I look forward to your spoilers. I appreciate you dedication!!!
          Yw, Aileen. My pleasure.


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            lizincinti Ya, I was thinking about it and came to the conclusion it must have to do with the copyrite. Thanx for your reply.


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              i'm sorry, but i'm not going to risk my laptop by visiting the home page ever again.


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