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I think some are hoping like heck that there is no baby swtich storyline!


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    Originally posted by B&B blonde View Post
    I don't want Beth to be dead

    and I don't want Steffy adopting her either.

    It would make me want to throw up seeing

    Steffy and taylor oohing and ahhing over Hopes baby
    Even though that's exactly what is happening. . .



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      I started reading this thread and was wondering what was happening since it has been already determined that the baby is Beth! Then I finally looked at the date of some of the comments! Kind of funny to go read all of the posts bashing Hope fans for knowing where the story was headed.


      • boldie
        boldie commented
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        Lol don't be so quick to celebrate because there are still some that are adamant there's a twist coming and that Phoebe is NOT Beth. I have to LOL at Why it is so hard to accept Hope and Liam share a bond and the bond is a child Beth. And that this whole storyline is not about Hope suffering (even tho we have watched it going into week 6 now) but what will happen to Steffy after the reveal and giving the baby back. It's not like Steffy will endure the same pain as Hope. SMH can I FF to the reveal already so I can gloat being the petty Betty I am

      • loganfan1234
        loganfan1234 commented
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        True! Even though Reese would have had more reason to lie to Flo about it being the other gal's baby...

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      There really are no winners in this story line. Of course I want hope and Liam to get their baby back, it is theirs. I don't want steffy to get hurt either. I don't understand why some fans are saying staffy will lose once again and hope will get what she wants. I see it as both women losing. Hope has carried that baby for 9 months and steffy has had that baby for 2 weeks so yes, she did get attached to the baby, but Hope has had that baby to think about every single day and every hour while she has known she was pregnant, that is a huge loss. I do hope that perhaps in a way, this will bring them together so that steffy can also play a role in beth's life.


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        See...the whole Baby kidnap and switch story could have happened WITHOUT ever involving Steffy and Taylor.
        But the way it is written Steffy and Taylor will get all the blame (don't deny it) while Hope will be propped and win again.
        Because that's exactly what it is.
        So please don't tell me that Steffy fans don't have reason about being sour that Bell is throwing Steffy once again under the bus.


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          ^^^Very true. This SL is as much about Steffy and Taylor as it is about Hope, and while some believe that Taylor should know that Reese is an obsessive gambler trying to pay off is debt to a loan shark, she's as much of a victim as Hope.

          I still struggle with the lack of subtlety in this story line. Yes, an 80 degree day in Michigan in February is a stretch, but we actually had a 60 degree difference in temperatures here in Chicago in a matter of two days. I am still shocked that the clues were so transparent and Bell had Reese reveal his scheme to Flo, an obvious weak link, before leaving town.

          It's not a matter of denying Liam's bond with Hope; it's about wanting more out of a significant plot. The funny thing is that many posters were sure that Steffy and BIll would end up together, and there was as much denial about Kelly's paternity test because viewers didn't want Kelly to be Liam's.....and we know how that ended up. Bell really did set us up for thinking that Steffy was marrying Bill, and the surprise resolution to that SL was a huge hit. I hoped he was going for that kind of shock, but he went the easy route.


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