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Let's look at how Taylor spoke to Hope, and how Brooke spoke to Steffy


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  • Let's look at how Taylor spoke to Hope, and how Brooke spoke to Steffy

    Taylor is being called crazy by the way she talked to Hope, and that shows she can lose it again and that she should be in a facility . But to me, she was no worse than Brooke was when she talked to Steffy. Here is what was said:

    Steffy - You don't care at all! And now you're having your own wedding!! This is a disgrace!!
    Brooke - The DISGRACE here is a wife who sleeps with her father in law!!! How dare you pass judgement on Hope??? You know, I had to listen to this holier than thou attitude from your mother. And I STUPIDLY put up with it for years!!! And there's no way I'm going to let Hope put up with it from YOU!!! (bites out..) I WON'T!!!
    Steffy - You want to compare me and my Mom? Go ahead. I'll take it as a compliment. I hope I have half the strength she does when it comes to fighting for what's right.
    Brooke - How can you pretend what you did to Liam was RIGHT???
    Steffy - I made one horrible mistake. Show some human decency, a little compassion for my daughter. Liam might have filed the anullment papers, but we're still a family. You don't need to push this 'instant wedding' on him. That's all I'm asking.
    Brooke - Why should Hope and Liam wait? (loudly) You interfered in their lives for way too long! And you talk about TRAPPING?? Hope was stuck in a gondola while she watched you manipulate a marriage to LIAM!!
    Steffy (loudly)- Oh, and now you're helping her manipulate him!
    Brooke - They are finally back where they're SUPPOSED to be.
    Steffy - You can't feel right about doing this, Hope. I'm carrying Liam's baby. You're a lot of things, but you're definitley not a home-wrecker.
    Brooke - Wow! You sound more and more like your mother every single day! She used to blame me for hurting her children, but it wasn't true then, and its not true now. SHE was the one interfearing. And, obviously, because Ridge and I found our way back to each other ! And so will Hope and Liam. So just get it in your brain. Just accept it and move on, Steffy!!! Because Hope and Liam are going to be married. They will. There is no way... (shaking her finger at her)... NO WAY.... I'm going to let you STOP THEM!!!

    Hope is in the CEO office alone, Taylor walks in.
    Hope - Taylor!! You scared me!!
    Taylor - Haven't you taken enough from my daughter?
    You're taking her office now, too?
    Hope - I'm surprised to see you. I didn't even know
    you were in LA.
    Taylor - Oh, I'm going to be here, spending time with
    Kelly and Steffy.
    Hope - Well, I don't blame you. You have a beautiful
    Taylor - Yes, and that's why I'm here. I'm hoping
    that you're going to be supportive of Liam and his
    relationship with his first-born daughter, even after
    your baby is born.
    Hope - Oh, of course! I have always encouraged Liam
    to spend time with Kelly, and I promise you that will
    not change.
    Taylor - Good! I'm glad to hear you say that. She
    really is a very beautiful sweet little angel, and
    thank goodness she doesn't know.
    Hope - Doesn't know what?
    Taylor - How she and her mother were robbed of their
    family.Hope - Oh. Well, I'm sorry that you see it that way,
    Taylor, but if we're being honest here, Steffy broke
    Liam's trust when she slept with her own father in
    Taylor - Oh, that was all Bill. If he'd have stayed
    away from her, you know that Steffy and Liam would
    still be together, and they would be raising their
    daughter in their home.
    Hope (clears her throat) - I don't mean to be rude,
    Taylor, but I'm actually in the middle of work, and
    Steffys not here...
    Taylor - I know she's not here. I was just there
    visiting her with my granddaughter. And it really is
    very sad...that innocent little girl being raised
    there alone, with her mother. And all she has is a
    photo on the wall of her parents, so in love, and
    their family stolen from them! And here you are,
    Liam's new wife, carrying his baby, but it isn't
    real! Its only because of Bill and his lies, and his
    Hope-(coldly) I think its best that you leave.


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    Taylor - You know that its true. Liam was going back
    to Steffy, I saw it myself. He sent her flowers, he
    sent her cards telling her that he was coming back to
    her and their little girl, and they were going to
    raise her there in that house. And then Bill
    interfered again! (her voice starts getting shaky) He
    POISONED their relationship.... (louder) He destroyed
    their marriage! Just. Like. Your Mother. Brooke
    deprived my children of their family. (louder) And
    YOU'RE doing the same thing to my daughter, and my
    granddaughter, and I'm not going to let you get away
    with it!!
    Hope - Taylor, I am truly sorry that you feel that
    way, but its not how it is!
    Taylor - Really!? Hope, you're going to deny it. That
    you're not living the life that was meant for Steffy?
    You're pregnant. You're married to Liam....
    Hope - And clearly that is hard for you to accept.
    But Steffy has, and I wish you could too.
    Taylor - Steffy didn't have any choice but accept
    it, just as I had to accept 'certain things' that
    your mother did to me and my family for many years...
    not that I didn't push back. But Brooke was
    relentless,(using her finger for emphasis, but not in
    Hope's face) and in many ways, so are you!
    Hope - Again. I am sorry that you feel that way....
    Taylor (breaks in) - Liam and Steffy would still be
    married and sharing a home together raising their
    daughter if you hadn't come back from Europe! And I
    have to wonder if that wasn't some sort of agenda on
    your part. But one thing is for certain, you took
    full advantage of Bill's interference in their
    marriage. You used it .... to win Liam for yourself.
    Didn't you, Hope?
    Hope - Taylor, you said you came here hoping to hear
    me say I support Liam spending time with Steffy and
    Kelly, and will continue to do so after my baby is
    born. And I assured you that I already do. And I
    always will. But for you to suggest that Liam and I
    are only together because of his father's
    interference, thats....!!
    Taylor - Bill injected himself into that marriage. He
    STALKED Steffy,and when she was at her most
    vulnerable, he took advantage of her. And that turned
    out to be advantageous for YOU. Surely, you see that
    Hope - What I see is that Steffy and Liam made a
    beautiful little girl together, and Kelly will always
    connect them. And that is something that I will
    always respect and I will NEVER interfere with. But
    the reality is ... Steffy hasn't always played fair
    in the past. So if you expect me to apologise for
    what I have with Liam, or to imply that I somehow
    engineered our life together, I will NOT.!! Because
    that is not how it happened!! Steffy. Made. Her.
    Choice. And she accepted accountability for that, and
    if you can't accept that.... I'm sorry! But that is
    the truth, Taylor! If you want to hear it or not!
    Taylor - No, Hope. I don't accept it. Because it
    defies what I know. You were just waiting for Steffy
    and Liam's marriage to fall apart. Yes, you were
    standing in the wings, waiting oh so innocently to
    pick up the pieces.... if the 'worst came to be'.
    Hope - If you are saying that I was there for Liam
    when he needed a friend, then...
    Taylor (breaks in) - Only you weren't just a friend!
    Your marriage with him had fallen apart and you'd
    never gotten over him, even being a continent away
    didn't change that!

    Hope - So you think I should have stayed in Europe.
    Taylor - No, I think you did exactly what your mother
    would have done. (getting excited and louder) What
    your mother did to me COUNTLESS times in my marriage
    to RIDGE.(quieter) YES!! You just did what was
    natural. You were thinking only of yourself .. your
    own needs, your own desires.
    Hope - That isn't true.
    Taylor - Oh boy, that apple doesn't fall far from the
    tree. (chuckles) You Logan women, defending the
    Hope (angry voice) - Are you accusing me of....
    Taylor - Did I accuse you of anything? No I didn't.
    What I did is I SAID what I've SEEN, and what I've
    experienced, as a pattern. A pattern of LIES. That
    LED to my marriage being destroyed, to Ridge by
    BROOKE! And now my DAUGHTER'S marriage being
    destroyed with Liam, by YOU!!

    Hope - (bites out) - Taylor! I did NOT break up
    Steffy and Liam's marriage. BILL went over to Steffy
    that night....
    Taylor (breaks in) - THANK YOU! (Liam is now
    listening at the door) We all know what Bill did. But
    you can't just put this all on Bill. You made
    yourself AVAILABLE to Liam, didn't you? You took a
    page out of your mother's playbook and (fake gasp)
    (loudly) 'Oh no'!(mocking tone) 'How did THAT
    happen'??? (walks toward her)(loudly) I'm so SICK of
    you FAKE Logans TAKING and taking from my family.
    I've had to put up with it for YEARS! (louder)And NOW
    you're doing the SAME THING to Steffy!! (up close to
    her) TAKING the family my GRANDDAUGHTER deserves HER
    father!! HOW DO YOU LIVE with yourself????
    Liam breaks in. 'THAT'S ENOUGH'!!!!


    • #3
      here is another

      Brooke walks in the CEO office - slams the door.
      Brooke (loudly, forcefully; at times shouting)(Steffy
      finds it hard to get a word in)
      Brooke - HOW did I know you'd do something like
      this??? Playing on your Father's sympathies!!!Yes you
      were!!! You were in here trying to get him to change
      his mind!!! I don't CARE if you're co - CEO, I don't
      CARE how many SHARES you own... shares that you got
      because of some TWISTED involvement with your baby's
      grandfather!!! Shares and titles DON'T give you the
      right to manipulate your OWN FATHER!!!! I am SICK of
      it Steffy!!!! I am sick and tired of the way you
      treat My Daughter!!!! The way you interfere with
      their happiness ANY CHANCE YOU GET!!! Well, that's
      it!! Its not going to happen again do you hear
      me????!!! NEVER. AGAIN.!!!!
      Brooke - You think because you're so used to doing it
      you can UNDERMINE Hope again.
      Steffy - I have every right to fight for my line.
      Brooke - That is just an excuse that you use! To
      manipulate!!! (louder) To interfere in Hope's life!!!
      Once again!!! You just brought it into the board
      room, that's all! Well, I am not going to let you
      steal my daughter's FUTURE!!!
      Steffy - Excuse me! I GAVE her this future!
      Brooke (shouts) STOP IT!!! Please. Just accept it and
      live with it. And STOP lashing out at HOPE!!!!
      Because Liam chose HER instead of you!!!!
      Brooke - You don't even fight fair!! You're using
      your influence with your father to make him feel
      SORRY for you.
      Steffy - I'm co-CEO, and if there's an issue, I'm
      going to weigh in.
      Brooke. - Go ahead. Hide behind your business persona
      all you want. But you and I both know what this is
      about.You are JEALOUS!!! You're jealous of the life
      that Liam and Hope share. (shouts) A LIFE THAT YOU
      STOLE from them (her finger in Steffy's face) HOW
      many times I can't remember!!!!
      Ridge walks in - calm down! I can hear you guys down
      the hall!!! (Steffy hasn't been loud tho)


      • Restless soap
        Restless soap commented
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        nice, i hope this will help enlighten those that say Taylor is one or unhinged because of the way she spoke to Hope. To me, both mothers are crazy and Brooke is even crazier.

      • eveveenc
        eveveenc commented
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        This talk from Brooke made me decide that she is unhinged when it comes to her hatred of Steffy. That was just cruel and over the top.

      • ABeth
        ABeth commented
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        I despise Brooke. She just makes me sick. She is such a huge hypocrite. I still think Steffy should have fired both Brooke and Hope after this little rant. Brooke doesn’t get to disrespect her boss in this manner, and Steffy should have fired Hope when she caught her getting it on with Steffy’s fiancé on a FC office desk.
        Last edited by ABeth; February 8th, 2019, 08:54 PM.

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      Thank you Baby Bumblebee.

      The way Brooke talks to Steffy and the way Taylor talks to Hope, shows a stark contrast between Brooke and Taylor. Taylor knows from experience from dealing with Brooke all these years and what she has done to her own family and to other women on how Brooke operates. She told Hope some hard truth for which Hope does not accept any responsibility or want to believe is true. Brooke is very much projecting Taylor onto Steffy. When she talks to Steffy or more like confront Steffy. Everything she said to Steffy is with venom and hatred. She is so appalled by Steffy ONS with Bill, but yet is not appalled with her yearlong affair with her oldest daughter’s husband, how she slept with her youngest daughter's boyfriend at her graduation party, or how she gaslighted her sister with her sister’s husband and then married him, only to divorced him. She also has a revisionist history when it comes to her relationship with Ridge. It was Brooke constantly interfering in Tridge relationship and not the other way around. Brooke has a long history i interfering people relationships, such as Caroline and Ridge, Bridget and Deacon, Bridget and Nick, Ashley and Ridge, Katie and Bill, Stephanie and Eric, Taylor and Nick, and Macy and Thorne. Taylor does not, if she got with Thorne, Ridge, Nick, and/or Eric for instance they were single and not involved with anyone. She certainly did not used manipulations, schemes and dressed up in sexy lingerie to get these men like Brooke did and then in most cases took pleasure in hurting the other women and even was shown gloating over it.


      • ABeth
        ABeth commented
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        Yeah, Brooke really is disgusting. I absolutely can’t stand her.

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      Both Brooke and Taylor are awful. It's ridiculous how they each ambush and attack each other's daughter. They need to completely butt out of their daughters' lives. Don't defend, don't attack, just stop interfering completely.


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        I'm not sure what point is being made here. It's not just about the content of the conversation, it is the delivery. Both Brooke and Taylor are projecting their own issues onto their daughters, but delivery played a part as well. But sometimes, it's not even worth it.


        • laracroftonline
          laracroftonline commented
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          brooke screamed at steffy in her office multiple times when steffy was pregnant.

        • bandwagon
          bandwagon commented
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          viennagirl you nailed it. If Taylor was the one, Tridge would still be together. The truth is Taylor would have never been able to keep Ridge as long as she did if not for the lies and manipulations of the Taytots and Stephanie.

        • Ella Munroe
          Ella Munroe commented
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          bandwagon - If Bill Bell was still with us, Tridge would still be together. He always wrote Brooke as the scheming interloper working against Caroline and Taylor. It is Bill Bell who kept Tridge together all those years. Things changed when Brad Bell took over. He is a Logan fanatic and favors them at every turn. That's the gospel truth.

      • #7
        Let's take a look at the CONTENT of those speeches.

        When Taylor rants at Hope - she completely absolves Steffy of any culpability and wrongly blames Hope, Brooke and Bill for the breakup of Steffy's marriage. She is speaking FALSEHOODS.

        When Brooke admonishes Steffy - she is speaking the truth, and nothing but the truth. So the truth hurts - but it doesn't stop it being true or worthy of admonition.

        And then there's the TONE of those speeches.

        When Taylor rants - you can see her losing her mind. We already know she is a violent, vicious, MURDEROUS criminal. You feel worried for the safety of Hope and Brooke.

        When Brooke admonishes - there is no such threat of impending murder.


        • Ella Munroe
          Ella Munroe commented
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          Hope is an interloper who destroyed a marriage. She knows she's a homewrecher and that's why she's so insecure. Liam already FORGAVE Steffy and was going to marry her again. Hope can't even handle a simple look between Steffy and Liam. She had a meltdown over it. Can't wait for Lope to self-destruct with Brooke's help.

        • loganfan1234
          loganfan1234 commented
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          Hope isn't an interloper and she didn't destroy any marriage. Hope hasn't had any meltdowns over any looks between Leffy. She simply asked a question to get an honest answer. And look at that - Liam again chose Hope. He had a perfect opportunity to go back to Steffy, and Steffy let him know she would have been happy with that a, but he wanted Hope.

        • B-Hold
          B-Hold commented
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          Ella Munroe - You mailed. Hope instead of "supporting" Liam when repeatedly told her that he loved his wife and was working on forgiving her, Hope trashed Liam;s wife, threw herself at him even though she knew he was expecting a child with his wife. Hope inserting herself with a lei of "supporting the marriage" just to breaking up the marriage.

      • #8
        No one is allowed to confront the fragile pregnant Hope, Brooke won't stand for it. Yet she had no problem berating and running her nasty mouth to Steffy hen she was pregnant. Brooke is a straight up hypocrite. I have been saying it all along, Brooke can dish it, but she can't take it


        • B-Hold
          B-Hold commented
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          Yes, thank you vikis3! The Logans seem to be exempted for being criticized for their actions.

      • #9
        Both were wrong, one was out of line and one was ranting and raving. Brooke is an idiot and taylor is dangerous.
        the dialog above does not tell the tone of either conversation. for me as I watched I never felt that Brooke would physically harm Steffy but when Taylor was going on and on I was fearful for Hope in that Taylor seemed like she was going to get physical with Hope.
        Last edited by B&B blonde; December 4th, 2018, 12:52 PM.


        • bandwagon
          bandwagon commented
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          I agree with you Blonde, What Taylor did even scared Liam and he was concerned for Hope's safety.... I also believe both Brooke and Taylor were out of line and need to take a seat in the back of the room.

      • #10
        I think Taylor's shooting Bill makes her rant at Hope a little more unhinged, but I found it to be damn close to Brooke's attack on Steffy. She was right in Steffy's face with finger flailing and was practically spitting her words. I think Taylor's attack on Hope, she maintained a better distance and had she not shot Bill, I wouldn't have seen her as a threat to Hope.


        • B-Hold
          B-Hold commented
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          I think Brooke scr-wing numerous in laws makes HER unhinged to attack Steffy for a one time mistake vs Brooke's 30 years.

      • #11
        Um, both women are dead wrong for yelling at one another daughters for their own faults and their own screwed up past. Hope and Steffy should stay a far away from their crazy mothers who twists their past so many times.


        • #12
          Taylor - No, Hope. I don't accept it. Because it
          defies what I know. You were just waiting for Steffy
          and Liam's marriage to fall apart. Yes, you were
          standing in the wings, waiting oh so innocently to
          pick up the pieces.... if the 'worst came to be'.

          well at least Hope waited... the same could not be said for Steffy.


          • MsFlame
            MsFlame commented
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            Hope didn't sleep with Liam before that, because Loan didn't want her. She made herself available, but Liam wanted his wife - until Bill hooked up that lie. Only then did Liam touch her.

          • Ella Munroe
            Ella Munroe commented
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            Lakergirl 04 - Steffy has green eyes.

          • CrescentRose88
            CrescentRose88 commented
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            she didn't really she kissed Liam multiple times and asked him to choose her over Steffy... That's why she and Brooke asked him to move into the cabin, so he could see what a happy life with "their family" would look like...

        • #13
          All I see is two bitter old hags who have no business screaming at pregnant women. However only one these women shot someone in the back and left them to die.

          Taylor attacks on Hope are more dangerous considering the little grip she has on her sanity.


          • soapy4life
            soapy4life commented
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            Agree. One may be morally corrupt but that's not a crime. Driving under the influence, lying about an accident, shooting someone in the back makes them more dangerous in my eyes!

        • #14
          Originally posted by WoodsyLadyM View Post
          Both Brooke and Taylor are awful. It's ridiculous how they each ambush and attack each other's daughter. They need to completely butt out of their daughters' lives. Don't defend, don't attack, just stop interfering completely.
          I agree with you... and I'm tired of the whole thing.


          • #15
            I’m not about to read any of that OP! Sorry but it is tooo long.

            Both Brooke and Taylor were out of line when confronting Hope and Steffy.

            Taylor just has the added bonus of being supposedly under a doctors care? We haven’t seen any evidence of this, just Taylor’s word.

            Taylor did have to be stopped by Liam and walked out. Taylor wasn’t going to stop until Hope agreed with her, which wasn’t going to happen.

            Broooke and Taylor make the mistake of thinking that their opinions matter.


            • sundein44
              sundein44 commented
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              I agree way too long.

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