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How would you end BnB?


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    loved reading all these suggestions,,,
    My take:
    Bill and Steffy get together and raise their daughter
    After eric dies Quinn and Ridge get together
    Hope and Liam live happpily ever after
    Wyatt and Sally stay togther
    Brooke and Nick get back together and raise their child


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      I wouldn’t mind Ridge and Quinn and Taylor and Whip as an alternate possibility.

      I have no idea about Brooke. Nick was really her only good match until she was interested in him while he was with Bridget.


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        Giant earthquake and they all end up in the Pacific Ocean.


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          Steffy has moved on and is enjoying being a single mother she is fierce her and Liam are co-parenting even though they share a few kisses here and there but Steffy pushes Liam away. At this time Liam has reconnected with his father he has forgiven Bill. Bill has retired and has left the company to Liam and Wyatt but Justin is still there being their advisor. Liam tries winning Steffy back he has even slept over Steffy's house helping her with baby Kelly and at this time Liam asks his father for help in getting Steffy back he is serious this time and doesn't want to hurt Steffy or Kelly. He promises Ridge and Bill he will never leave nor hurt Steffy and Kelly. Ridge and Bill have come to an understanding and decide to get the kids back together. Taylor has gotten the help that she needs for once her and Brooke realize they realized they wasted so much time fighting over Ridge and not getting to know each other and try to be friends and be good role models for their daughters. Hope has left town she is in Milan the pain of losing her child was to bearable for her to stay in LA but she and Steffy reconnected and working on their relationship and are now acting like step sisters. Six months later Eric passes away and leaves FC to Ridge and Thorne and Felicia and Kristen as acting CEO's so they are not left out. He left something for Kelly a dress for Kelly when she gets married to wear it. Everyone shows up for the funeral Donna and Justin are together and are married. I don't want Ridge and Taylor, Ridge has hurt Taylor too much. Taylor and Nick end up together and Taylor raises Jack, Bridget finds love. Rick and Maya are in England raising Lizzie they come back for the funeral, Quinn leaves town after the funeral goes to Greece where she becomes even more successful with her jewelry designs. Wyatt and Sally at the end of B&B are getting married and having a baby. Bill and Katie are back together and raising Will they are just dating and taking things slow even though Bill wants to get married but Katie still hasn't forgiven or forgotten how Bill has hurt her in the past. Bill apologizes he proposes again and she accepts Will is happy. Steffy finally forgives Liam and lets the past go they both forgive each other they get married at the Cliff house just them two with Kelly presence with her teenage boyfriend named Kyle. We see flashbacks of all the years of the show. At the end we see Ridge and Brooke at the beach. RJ is in the college and calls his parents.


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            Liam/Hope - 2 hypocrites: preferrably dead together
            Ridge - alone or with Quinn after Eric dies.
            Steffy - single mom or with someone new.
            Katie - don't care for her and Thorne, but they can do whatever
            Wyatt - don't mind him with Sally, but he needs to settle down.
            Raya - *crickets*
            Queric - just delightfull where they are now. Needs to stay that way.
            Bill - single, but a better father to his sons


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              AT THE END of the day i dont wantBB to end


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                Steffy and Bill together raising their daughter, Kelly and they have another child down the line.

                Liam and Hope married and raising their children.

                Wyatt falling in love with a woman not tied to his father or brother.

                Caroline and Ridge starting over again.


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                  Originally posted by xoregonian View Post
                  Giant earthquake and they all end up in the Pacific Ocean.
                  And we have a winner!!!!!


                  • jaychrisryan
                    jaychrisryan commented
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                    And I will second that!!!!

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                  Liam realizes that Steffy changed the paternity results and the baby is neither his or his fathers.
                  liam reunites with his true love Hope
                  brooke finally realizes that ridge is not worth it and dumps him and he runs off with Quinn who makes his life miserable but he like his daughter will be a doormat because he loves Quinn so much
                  Katie reunites with Wyatt and they take over spencer publications because bill went crazy and is in an asylum fir the criminally insane.


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                    Leave it open ended so everyone can be happy.


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                      Brad Bell gets shot and it turns out that Susan Flannery came back to end the misery that he created.


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                        I'd bring Hope's first love back and her and Oliver raise the Lope-baby while co-parenting with Steffy and her new man since Liam went up in smokes in a car crash some months ago... Lope-baby and Kelly are siblings and the two couples sharing custody gives both Hope and Steffy a break...

                        Bill has jumped off of Sky when he realized that Steffy would never be with him even after Liam died...

                        Ridge walks out on Brooke and discovered that his name is the only one on the deed so he throws her out and sells the house, buys the Tridge house back from Bill before he jumps off of Sky and then reconnects with Ashley and proposes to her..

                        Taylor spends a year in prison for assault in regards to shooting Bill, but as she's leaving, Nick and Jack are standing there waiting for her.. They go to the Tridge house and have family dinners with Ridley, RJ and Abby...

                        Eric dies, dividing his shares between Thorne, Felicia, Kristen, Rick and Bridget, Bridget however decides to sell her shares to Steffy, who is now the largest shareholder since Bill willed his shares to Steffy should he die..

                        Quinn and Thorne spend time together and Quinn winds up having Thorne's child...

                        Brooke winds up in the guest house at Holiver's house..

                        Katie finds love with Deacon and Hope approves..

                        Wyatt and Sally get married and have their first child...

                        Last scene should be of a woman walking down the steps to a private jet revealing Phoebe Forrester alive...


                        • ILoveBizzie
                          ILoveBizzie commented
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                          I like most of these ideas! Except I’d put Throoke back together and have Hope be Thorne’s.

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                        I actually wrote a fanfic on this theme! Haven't actually finished it though. But my general idea was that in the end (almost) everyone gets killed by Sheila Carter.


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                          The core characters join a commune and let free love reign! Piece love and harmony! Then we don't need the Who should be be who and why debate anymore!!!!!!!!


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                            Ridge finally realizes how horrid Brooke is to Steffy and Kelly and breaks it off with her. He learns of Taylor's predicament and decides to be there for her.

                            Steffy finds out everything Liam says about loving Hope and kicks him out of her life for good for the sake of creating a stable home for Kelly with a strong male role model.

                            Hope takes Liam in, and they spend the rest of their lives telling each other how perfect they are.

                            Ridge and Steffy decide to drop the HFTF line and retire Hope and Brooke from Forrester. They intend to remake the company into a family company with no room for the people that have caused their family so much trouble and so many scandals.

                            Brooke makes a play for Bill now that Ridge is out of the picture, and is outraged when he commits to being a good male figure for Kelly even though Steffy will not marry him. He tells Brooke he has no interest in getting back together and wants a future with Steffy or no one.

                            Steffy accepts Bill back into her life after a long period of time where he redeems himself being there for her and Kelly. Liam is livid and has to deal with the jealousy for the rest of his life.

                            Brooke makes a play for Thorne, but Katie and Thorne are now solid and planning a wedding so he declines and Katie gives Brooke a stern warning that she is not going to steal this husband.

                            Quinn remains loyal to Eric until he passes, after which she dedicates herself to FC as a co-president and head of the jewelry line.

                            Wyatt and Bill make amends and Bill chooses Wyatt to inherit the company as he has been the more loyal son. Bill suggests Wyatt use his newfound money to help Sally rebuild Spectra and right his wrong.

                            Sally creates a strong company that will compete with Forrester on a competitive level for years to come.

                            Brooke, with no more men she can steal, ends up back in the valley and the last scene in the series is her sitting by the window right where she started reminiscing on her wild ride. Hope and Liam are in the background with their baby living with Brooke.


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