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    Among my favorite themes are..
    1. Guiding Light: 1983, then the 1989 arrangement followed by the 1986 one.

    2. Another World: 1982 When I was young the silhouettes spooked me, but I now love the visuals and I always liked the music.

    3. One Life to Love: 1984 I think my mom said that she watched this show, (and AMC when I was very young, before the one-hour Y&R replaced the half-hour SFT at 12:30. we watched GH when it aired in the mornings here circa early-80s-83 or 84ish.) but I would flip onto ch 4 and try to catch the intro from time to time. I loved how the visuals were timed to the music and the theme was very infectious.

    4. Another World: 1987 The soft, instrumental version of 'You Take Me Away' that was played over the end credits for roughly the first year and a half of the theme's use.

    5. All My Children: 1990, 2000s: Same as #3, not really familiar with the show but caught the intro a couple of times via channel flipping during the summer. I was always curious how other shows were, they seemed strange and foreign to me.

    6. General Hospital: 1993

    7. Guiding Light: 1982, the closing arrangement of 'Guiding Lightning' is beautiful and elegant unlike the :30 opening cut which is a mess.

    8. Love of Life: 1979, discovered this last year and the music and the opening visuals are a perfect and beautiful combination.

    9. Search For Tomorrow: 1981

    10. Search For Tomorrow: 1986, I love the synth rock sound and the melody. The visuals were updated nicely with the montage emerging from the zooming 'a' in 'Search.'

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    1. ATWT from 2008 I think. I have watched it 100 times. Didn't watch the soap all that much except for a couple years in the 80's.

    2. Y&R theme

    3. B/B ...they brought back the old theme ...much better than the one they had before.


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      Texas- my all time favorite opening! So dramatic and I loved the way the Texas logo looked as the state flag was blowing in the wind.


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        1- My #1 tv theme of all time is without a doubt Another World’s “You Take Me Away” theme. That is the BEST! I love that song and all the clips that go with it! God I miss Another World!

        2- Days Of Our Live- it’s really hard to beat this classic- which is why it’s lasted over 50 years

        3- Guiding Light- Hold on to a love- I LOVE that spinning lighthouse & theme

        4. General Hospital- Faces of the heart

        5. ATWT- 1956-1981

        6. One Life to Live- 1980s OLTL theme. I wasn’t even watching the show then but it’s a great song. Similar to AW’s theme

        Honorables mentions:
        YR’s theme
        B&B- current 30th anniversary theme which was also used years ago


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          I loved AMC's 90's theme, and OLTL's mid 90's-mid 00's theme. When you heard those drums kick in on OLTL, you knew it was about to go down in Llanview!


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            Originally posted by jpa777 View Post
            1. ATWT from 2008 I think. I have watched it 100 times. Didn't watch the soap all that much except for a couple years in the 80's.

            2. Y&R theme

            3. B/B ...they brought back the old theme ...much better than the one they had before.
            Yes the B&B theme from before and now are the best.


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              The Edge of Night theme ( I watched it when I was a kid) goung back from 1969 to 1976 was the best. The opening of the city skyline( which initially acttracted to Edge) and the announcer saying which sounded eerie " The Edddge of Night". I thought was the best ever.


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                OLTL's mid 80s Faces of Llanview #1 was great and while I have come to like the Jack Urbont Rising Sun theme for OLTL that preceded it, I can see why they made such a drastic change.
                The second Faces of Llanview theme with the blue background that followed the Satin Sheets opening was also a favorite.

                I liked ATWT's theme near the end of it's run as well.

                Theme music is an important part of defining the show to it's audience. While General Hospital's iconic screaming ambulance was a great opening, it also came across as dated as the years went by so I can appreciate why they switched to the "Faces of the Heart" theme. Some shows such as Days of Our Lives and Young and the Restless have themes that really shouldn't be messed with.

                What I didn't like with ABC was how they decided in the final years of OLTL and AMC to give all their shows almost identical openings. It saved on cost I suspect but took away from what each show was.


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                  My favorite was the original AMC theme (from the '70s). I also like the original & now B&B, altho the brass is a little shrieky & jarring to me.


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                    aww I love this thread.
                    My favorites were:

                    -80's AMC theme with the photographs
                    -the jazzy 90's update of the AMC theme
                    -GH's 80's theme I also loved, it was so exciting lol

                    Never watched the show for more than 5 minutes, but I also enjoy Y&R's theme
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                      For me the soaps that had the most memorable themes were "Dark Shadows" and "One Life To live" when they added the lyrics to the opening.
                      I was too young when "Dark Shadows" actually ran but I have watched the re runs on T.V. and on Huluplus. An eerie theme but memorable.


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