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the list of rich familys on soap


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  • the list of rich familys on soap

    dimera & kirksi days, chandler amc,cranes passions,newman,y&r

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    The Lords, The Buchanans and The Manning families from One Life To Live.

    The Quartermaines, The Cassadines and The Corinthos families from General Hospital.


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      AMC- Cortlandt, Chandler, Marick, Montgomery
      ATWT- Walsh, Grimaldi, Ryan
      B&B- Forrester, Spencer
      GL- Lewis, Spaulding
      Y&R- Abbott, Newman
      Santa Barbara- Capwell, Lockridge
      AW- Cory


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        I'm curious how wealthy each family is in comparison to others:

        Like in B&B I assume the Forrestors and Spencer's are on the same level. Then crossover to Y&R, teh Abbotts and Newmans are on the same level but I would think that the Abbotts and Newmans are wealthier than B&B families since they own industry type companies while the other two are in specific industries. Actually I wonder how wealthy Spencer Publications is considering in real life we see giants like Conde Nast have taken a hit in the era of technology.

        Actually now that I think about it the Newmans should be the wealthiest in the B&B/Y&R universe. Newman Enterprises does everything: fashion, cosmetics, construction, technology etc while Jabot is a cosmetics company, Spencer Publication is a publishing house and FC is a fashion house. Like they're all obscenely wealthy either way.

        On GH, I think the order of the Gazillionairs is: 1) Cassadines 2) Quartermaines and a distant 3) Corinthos. But again all super wealthy.

        And on Days, I think the DiMera's might be a smidgen more wealthy that the Kiriakis clan because DiMera Industries stays doing shady things while Titan is somewhat clean-ish.


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          OLTL: The Buchanans
          Passions: The Cranes


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            On AMC, it's the Chandlers, and the Cortlandt-Cooney family. (Palmer and Adam were two lethal enemies)
            OLTL or One Life: The Buchanans, Mannings and Lords (Victor Lord was detestable, so was his son Jr, posing as Todd!)
            GH, it goes with: The Quartermaines, the gothic Cassadines, and the detestable Corinthos mafia


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