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    Seconding Eleanor/Elena Norris, followed by Quinn Armitage & Flame.

    Favorite characters: 1. Mason I, 2. Mason II, 3. Mason III


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      My favorite storylines in no particular order:
      1. Eden and Cruz early romance (1985): it was fun and relatable with Eden’s reluctance to commit. So many laughs from the era.
      2. Julia and Mason’s baby contract. So much chemistry, so much great dialogue, so many stolen looks and so much anguish when Mason got with Victoria but loved Julia.
      3. Eden’s return from Utah. I can still remember how I was rooting for her to escape the mountains and get back to SB. The whole story thereafter with Eden dealing with being in a wheel chair and overcoming her own fears and insecurities, Elena, the trial and then Cruz escaping at Kelly’s wedding is what soaps
      are made of.
      4. Eden’s rape. Heartbreaking but so well executing from start to finish with respect to real life victims.
      5. Mason and Mary’s love story. There was
      something so endearing about Mason falling for the girl he felt he did not deserve but who would change him forever.
      6. Eden, Robert, Cruz, Kelly. Hated it pulled Eden
      and Cruz apart but the story was well written and the acting was great. It really helped dig deep into what made Eden and Cruz.

      Honorable mentions: Keith and Gina and Sophia and CC. Both helped make SB what it was.
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        I think my fave storyline had to be Sasha Schmidt’s murder and Gina and Laura’s rivalry. And I loved Laura in the sanitarium with Bunny and Annie?

        I hated the BJ story, hated that whole Walker family. I wanted to like them- just couldn’t. Also hated Cassandra Lockridge or whatever the heck that story was.


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          I have to be honest. I didn't care about story line or plots on this show. I was so in love with all of the characters.


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