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    Sheridan in a pit probably tops all of them for me. Reminds me of the Shawn in a cage story that made me quit watching Days for a while. I wasn't crazy about the Sheridan amnesia story, it had potential and had a nice payoff but it went on too long.


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      Originally posted by liquidice View Post
      Whitney becoming a nun and under the control of Alistair
      Theresa married to Alistairo
      Masked Blackmailer turning out to be Vincent...and Vincent/Valerie being the same person (lazy writing)
      Charity leaving town and Miguel, after it had been fully established that they were soulmates
      Grace never being able to reunite with her family and dying in a bus explosion in Europe
      Wait Grace died, and Ivy still is victorious? You have got to be kidding me, who was writing this show at this time because they were putting out some horrible stuff. From the unwatchable Luis and Fancy romance which was daytime's answer to watching paint dry, to Sheridan turning nasty, don't blame her, she and Luis were a million times more entertaining than him and her dull as dirt sister. To that horrid Chad and Vincent garbage and Ivy winning back Sam after being responsible for the death of his first wife and mother of his children. UGH talk about nonsense, no wonder this thing was cancelled. it deserved to die after such a mess as this.


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        I don't think the show recovered from the disaster of Luis and Fancy. We know damn well Luis true love was always Sheridan Crane. For the show to try to prove otherwise, turned many viewers off! Shuis were better looking, had insane amount of chemistry, history and had the largest couple fan base with Ethan/Theresa. Fancy was a wannabe, and flopped. The two years they were together, was the worst rated episodes. Galen and McKenzie both said people still talk to them about Shuis, NOT ending up together.


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          Charity and Grace leaving the story...

          Ethan taking anyone's child away from them for any reason..

          Luis being with anyone other than Sheridan..

          Theresa's horrible schemes made me want to scream...


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            Sheridan in a pit (I was never a Sheridan fan, but that was hard to take)
            Theresa marries Alistair (complete with Gwen hearing Alistair raping Theresa)
            Sheridan endlessly blaming Luis for Marty's disappearances/deaths and refusing to reconcile if he didn't bring Marty back
            Everything remotely related to the Vincent Story
            Grace's death (that was just crappy to do)
            Whitney and Chad sibling/cousin/I don't even remember how it turned out stuff.


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              The Chad/Vincent storyline. Seriously, Chad was chasing after Whitney even when he thought they were half-siblings. The cheating/Chad being gay storyline came out of nowhere.

              Theresa marrying Alister.

              Grace dying before she could return home.

              Kay and Miguel ending up together.

              Fancy and Luis ending up together. I'll admit I was pissed at Sheridan so the pairing didn't bother me at first. She treated Luis like crap before and after he returned from the dead. Then she insisted in staying with that rando (whose name I can't remember) because she was pregnant and desperate to play mommy to his son. You would think Sheridan and Luis would learn not move on when they think the other is dead.

              Sheridan turning evil. What is it about Luis that makes women crazy?

              Martin ditching his family to hide out with Katherine for years (and her obsession with him). I don't even remember what happened to Martin.


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                Yes Martin deserting his wife and five kids was awful. There is no way he could ever be redeemed.

                Alistair was over the top evil. His motivations and actions never made much sense. Such as his concern into who Sheridan was dating when it was established he did not care for her.

                The bait and switch that was done to the show was awful. They told fans to purchase "Hidden Passions" which was suppose to be a history of the characters. Their back stories and then the writers ignored everything that was in the book..

                Gwen not finally tiring if Ethan and losing her self respect.

                Eve's evil sister who could not just go away.

                TC getting away with assaulting Julian and never getting punished for it.


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