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Was Passions or Port Charles more out there?


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  • Was Passions or Port Charles more out there?

    Port Charles has humans involved with angels and vampires. I only watched a few episodes, but recall it had a huge fanbase!

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    Port Charles did have vampires and angels, but it was taken more seriously.
    Passions was more campy, with Tabitha having a portal to Hell in her basement. Everything on Passions was exaggerated, that was kind of the point of the show. Passions was more out there.


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      Passions had witches, demons and a talking doll. (I miss Timmy). I would say that's pretty out there. That was probably the point. I accepted the show for what it was: pure camp and entertainment. Not to be taking seriously. I lost interest, when it stop being that. I stopped watching several years before NBC cancelled the show.

      As for Port Charles: I stopped watching before their nonsense started. It was actually a good show.... for the first couple of years. Not sure when it got bad, but I got bored and tuned out and never went back before ABC cancelled it.


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        That was sad and ironic Timmy died the same day the actor who portrayed him did. He was only in his 20's too. He had health issues, but I forgot the cause of death.

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      I only watched the first season or two of Port Charles, but watched most of Passions. Passions were wayyy out there from episode 1. A talking doll that comes to life, portholes to hell, witches and magic, yup. Passions had all levels of crazy and disbelief.


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