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theresa if she didn't gone to bermuda she would have known she was carrying ethan kid


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  • theresa if she didn't gone to bermuda she would have known she was carrying ethan kid

    when she got pregnant she would know it ethan kid not Julian so you see if she hadn't gone to Bermuda wouldn't got drunk wouldn't have slept w/Julian if she had stay in harmony come back to ethan after the wedding when she learn she pregnant she knew it was ethan the only man she slept w/was ethan & realize the birth control didn't work

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    Translation, please?


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      gwen & Rebecca sent the letter that ethan is same son on Theresa computer & put the blame on Theresa computer ethan lost everything this was during the time ethan& Theresa got engaged the night before the wedding before Theresa went to her wedding shower she went to the docter to be on birth control after the wedding shower her & ethan met up went to the beach about to make love ethan back off because he had no protection Theresa tells him she on birth control they made love on the same day she got on pill the next day was the wedding it got ruin because gwen call the tabloid & say Theresa sent the letter she told them sent the article to ivy they did ivy saw it crash the wedding destroy the wedding saying Theresa sent letter to the tabloid Theresa to ivy she didn't sent the letter but did reveal she he was sam son & explain she did scam the letter on her laptop Theresa thought he was angry at want nothing to do w/her so she ranaway that night the next morning they search for her she call & say she fine whitney fine her in her bedroom whtiney tells Theresa ethan still wants her she was about to get him then she explain to her that ethan life got ruin because she scam the letter on laptop & say she gonna to talk to Julian about expecting ethan in his family she went to the mansion she over heard he going to berumda she went over there to talk to her he got her drunk married her & slept w/her after that ethan took her back to harmony letter on she found out she pregnant she thought it was Julian because she on the pill w/ethan so she didn't think it was his this was in 2001 & in 2003 it was reveal that Julian was never married to Theresa & in 2006 she was in rome met jt & tells her ethan is little ethan father & tells her that the pill doesn't work that fast & show her the proof that little ethan is ethan son so you see if she had stay in harmony instead of going to Bermuda Julian wouldn't got her drunk thinking she was carrying his kid the only man she would had slept with was ethan so when she found out she pregnant she would had on it's ethan & realized the pill didn't work


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