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Why was the character Kevin seemingly so difficult to write for?


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  • Why was the character Kevin seemingly so difficult to write for?

    Looking back on old episodes, I was wondering why Natalie and Jess were so easy to write for but Kevin and Joey, especially Kevin, were such a challenge.

    TPTB never seemed to have a clear idea of what they wanted them to be.

    Any comments are based on how the character was written and not directed at the actor.

    For example, Jack Armstrong's Kevin was assertive and pretty smart. He could stand beside the Buchanan men and stand up to Todd. He had brains and common sense.

    Then they recast with Ken Kenitzer and immediately dumbed down the role. Kevin said things that were stupid and he was no longer on the same level as Clint - now being the weak gosh golly gee whiz son who Clint gets frustrated with more than once.

    We then got Kevin Stapleton who brings strength back to the character with some levity but then has him break up Cassie and Andrew.

    Tim Gibbs takes Kevin down a dark path where he is willing to kill Todd and gets his cousin Drew killed by Barbara Graham who was trying to kill Kevin. He cheated on Cassie for no reason at all other than a quick fling.

    Dan Gauthier made a fine Kevin and had a decent balance of some of the others traits but was done in by Dena Higley who trashed him then had ABC claim "focus groups" didn't like the character.

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    I think it's fair to say that Kevin and Joey were challenging to write for, but as to the reason why...I have no idea. It should've been easy enough. Kevin had a lot of potential as a character, but IA that there really wasn't a clear vision for him. The character seemed to change with the actor who played him.


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      I agree and as as puzzled as you are. Then we had priest Joey and MAYBE it could be interesting if we saw the call or what ever but BOOM he is a priest and then he gets booted out not when HE CHEATS on his wife but when she cheated on hi


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        You know - Kevin Stapleton/Kevin and Nathon Fillion/Joey were pure gold as Buchanan brothers - and I loved them with Drew (can't remember the actor but before Drew became a cop) as a cousin. Great casting and great brother/cousin chemistry! I thought the writing for KS was great - loved his flirtatious relationship with Cassie that started out at friendly competition turned falling in love. I think even though they had him break up Cassie and Andrew's marriage - the story was well written and the actors did a great job with it and I could buy them as being soulmates. The pairing also brought the character of Cassie back to life - her storyline was getting monotonous with Andrew even though I liked them as a couple. They could have done so much more with Kevin/Cassie instead of bringing on Timothy Gibbs to destroy the character.

        You forgot Kirk (Gieger?) - wasn't he the Kevin during the Marty rape? He was pretty good - but the first and only Kevin I loved was Kevin Stapleton.

        Nathon Fillion was by far the best Joey as well. They started off with some great writing for him but then fizzled out later.

        Anyhow - I agree they could have done so much more with the Buchanan boys - I hated how the focus became all about Jessica and Nataly later.


        • JaySherman
          JaySherman commented
          Editing a comment

          There were multiple actors not included in my list such as Matthew Vipond who played the original young adult Kevin. One of the others that I will not mention allegedly was fired due to their own behavior.

          Kirk played Kevin well and allegedly the only reason he was replaced was that he was too short compared to his other onscreen siblings. He did a lot of heavy lifting story wise during his time due to the Spring Fling storyline.

          Victor Browne was the first adult Drew and JFP chose for some reason to replace him with Sam Ball. Not sure if it was due to how Drew had been reintroduced. Claire Labine wrote Becky Lee and Drew as being abandoned by Bo yet established on screen story right after the Faux Bo storyline shows that to be false.

          Nathan Fillion and Kevin Stapleton were great as Joey and Kevin.

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        Sounds like the writers had the same problem writing for Kevin, as the writers on B&B has writing for the Thomas Forrester character. Like there has been multiple actors who played Kevin, B&B are on their 4th Thomas. Frankly, I think it's just laziness on the writer's part. Kevin Buchanan was the son of a legacy character Victoria Lord. How hard could it have been to write for him? Kirk Geiger played Kevin, when I started watching. That was after the Marty rape storyline started. I believe Dan Gauthier played Kevin, when the show paid tribute to the actor who played Asa Buchanan when he passed away. I already quit watching the show but loved Asa, so I tuned in to see how they paid tribute to Asa. Thought it was nice seeing Kevin, Joey and Jessica together to share their memories of grandpa Asa.


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