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What are some missed opportunities on OLTL?


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    When Melinda returned briefly in 1996 or 1997, did she have any interactions with Max? Did Max even know she was around?

    Some backstory - when The Edge of Night was cancelled, OLTL took on some of the actors. Lois Kibbee was the matriarch of the new Sanders family and Sharon Gabet was brought in as Melinda in an attempt to fill the void left by Robin Strasser's departure.

    Lord Henry Leighton had drugged Asa, stealing WVLE by tricking him into selling it. After the Faux Bo storyline, Asa tried to blackmail Joanna Leighton into selling the station back to him at a reduced price but Max joined with Melinda to form a business partnership which bought the station.

    After Steve died, Max left briefly and Melinda ran the station by herself. TPTB decided Melinda wasn't working as a character so they just stopped writing for her and Gabet found out she was let go after the fact.

    For a time, Max and Melinda were friends and ran a business together. Yet, when Melinda returned briefly years later, her time in Llanview appears to have been retconned out of existence. It's also one of the only ways the storyline with Kelly even worked as if she was around in the late 80s, why never a mention of a daughter.

    That also ties into Kelly and Blair both never finding out or acknowledging who their fathers were other than in ambiguous terms.


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      No, Melinda didn't have any interactions with Max that I recall when she returned in 1997. I know she had interactions with all the current Cramers of the time, Mel and his mother, Kevin, and Viki.

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    When Melinda was institutionalized in 1981 she was married to Peter Janssen and she was off screen for about 2 years.So maybe she was pregnant with Kelly but maybe she was worried that Peter would take Kelly from her and so she hid Kelly.However when Melinda returned in 1986 after been institutionalized again she didn't want to uproot Kelly's life by revealing she was her mother.and so she didn't tell anyone she had a daughter.Then between the time Melinda left in 1989 and Kelly showed up in 1995 it became public knowledge they were mother and daughter because maybe when Melinda left in 1989 she went to Kelly.


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      My biggest gripe was the inability of successive writing teams to pick up threads from the preceding teams, disregard Canon and ret-con history to go with their current whims.

      The prime example of this was Jessica having DID because she was molested when Nikki was in control of Viki's mind. (I believe this was done to incorporate the recast of Jessica from the sweet innocence of Erin Torpey to the sultry sexiness of Bree Williamson. Never could have happened because Jessica was in the very capable care of her Korean nanny, Kim,back then.

      OLTL missed a golden chance to keep ET and simply cast BW as her fraternal twin, Tess, and make Natalie the daughter of Allison Perkins and Viki's nephew, Daniel Wolek.

      Viki's DID was caused by her mother's violent but accidental death at Victor's hands, NOT his molestation of her. Agnes Nixon based Viki on The Three Faces of Eve, NOT Sybil. Victor was mentoring Viki to take over his empire after his death. No way, no how would he abuse her to the point of madness.

      Reich's take on Victor as a former OSS intelligence officer who restored his family fortunes with stolen Nazi art and was a womanizer, later choosing to seduce poor young beauties like Irene Manning rang truer to me than Chester the Molester.

      Another missed opportunity was not making Carla Benari Gray one of Asa's ex-wives when she was passing as White. Asa divorced Carla when she gave birth to a black baby girl. He assumed she had an extra -marital affair.

      OLTL would have kept a much larger fan base and still be on the air without these new writing teams abruptly purging casts and rewriting history to support their ridiculous plot points.


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