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Podcast discusses OLTL and Todd/Marty at Length


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  • Podcast discusses OLTL and Todd/Marty at Length

    Don't know if any of you heard the most recent episode of Decoder Ring called the "Soap Opera Machine" but it's really interesting. It's almost entirely about OLTL and discusses at length the move to redeem Todd Manning as a character. Susan Haskell and Roger Howarth is interviewed at length and he talks about the real difficulties he had with playing the character to the point that he spent all his money that he earned from OLTL and quit the show.

    On a different note the podcast talks about how rape has changed as a soap opera storyline, bringing up the whole Luke and Laura rape storyline from GH. As a longtime soap fan like myself who remembers the whole ToddMarty storyline, it was fascinating to hear the whole story put in a larger soap opera context. It also made me wonder if the GH writers were hoping RH would be able to do the same with Franco that was done with Todd and because it's 30 years later it never could really fully work in the same way.

    It's a very interesting listen.

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    Thanks for sharing this! I will definitely be checking it out.


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