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Megan/Ruby Bright Storyline Help Needed


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  • Megan/Ruby Bright Storyline Help Needed

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if anyone could hep me?

    I know that in 1989 Megan suffered several traumatic events which lead her to believe she actually was Ruby Bright, her character on Fraternity Row, does anyone know what month/months of 1989 this storyline occurred?

    Any help is greatly appreciated, many thanks!

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    I can't tell you the exact time period, but I know the Eterna story was early 1989, then Max and Megan went back to Eterna to get an antidote for her father in April of 1989. I know Ursula and Jamie and Elizabeth Sanders all returned to the show in late summer or early fall of 1989, and I know there was a scene when "Ruby Bright" was talking to Ursula in Statesville Prison before they all broke out. So I'm guessing the Ruby Bright story was around summer or early fall.


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      Oh wow, thank you so much, that is really helpful, truly appreciate it!


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        Actually now that I have watched another clip, I know it was Austin Buchanan shooting Viki that made Megan turn into "Ruby". Which I'm pretty sure happened in the summer. Very likely June 1989. Look up "Ruby Brite & Marco Dane's Wedding Hoax"


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          Will do, thanks! I'm kind of catching up on earlier Megan as I've her last few months and her kind of 'affair of the mind' with Andrew which I loved. (Hence my username and avatar, hehe!)


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            I never cried so much over a fictional character dying. I kept watching the last couple of episodes and it got to me every time. I finally had to stop it was too sad. Megan was a wonderful character they never should’ve have killed her off . I could have accepted a recast.


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              I was the same with the death storyline and the whole leadup.


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                I think with time fans would have accepted a Megan recast if Jessica Tuck had chosen not to return. Megan's death along with firing Joe Lando right after Jake and Megan's wedding then bringing him back briefly just before she died was a disservice to the fans that invested in the couple.

                I did also find it odd that they took the time to establish another branch of the Buchanan clan then dropped it entirely. They got a name actor to play Asa's brother Pike when he was introduced then recast and dropped the character. And while Austin died, there could have been other members of the family who might have provided good story.

                In regards to Ruby, I am not sure the story made sense psychologically (as that's not how DID normally is thought to occur) but it would have been nice to flesh it out more. It is odd that both Jessica and Megan had episodes of it although Jessica's was more pronounced. This despite the fact that DID is psychological not biological and it cannot be inherited.


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                  I never really thought about it but Natalie may have been brought in to give Viki that second daughter back. This time marking her Jessica’s twin that Viki didn’t know about ( again!) .


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                    Viki with DID was fine. Pushing the story on to two of her daughters was overload. Way overload.


                    • llanviewlover
                      llanviewlover commented
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                      I agree especially regarding Jessica. We saw her grow up on the show as a happy child with no emotional issues. The retcon that had her being abused as a child without Viki or Clint noticing was insulting to viewers.

                    • JaySherman
                      JaySherman commented
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                      They were never clear with Megan in regards to whether Ruby was an alter or if it was what is referred to as fugue. In that instance, a person takes on a new personality and suffers from amnesia after a traumatic event. The difference between that and DID is it can develop at any age whereas DID is believed to be from childhood.

                      Ruby was also a part she was already playing whereas Tess, Niki, Jean etc developed because of trauma

                      Dena Higley wrote plots not stories based on history. She completely ignored that Kim the Nanny existed and that Niki hated Vikis family. Niki would have left Jess alone rather than take her anywhere and there was no explanation as to why Niki was there in the first place

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