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The PP episodes. Opinions?


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  • The PP episodes. Opinions?

    I did not hate those episodes.

    One life to live was back. Vicki was back. Dorian was back. I thought the stories were being set up nicely for the future of the show.

    What are other peoples thoughts on those specific episodes?

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    Alot of bad with a few glimpses of good to me. I really felt like too many characters were taken out of character. The young peoples scene was hijacking the show. The profanity threw me threw a loop.
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      I did like the episodes and appreciated how much work Prospect Park did in order to recreate Llanfair and Bo's garret. They looked almost exactly like they did during the shows run

      In regards to the shows focus on the young - the focus did have to change in order to make the show viable as the younger actors would draw new viewers and cost less.

      Some things were out of place for me such as Viki acting like Victor Jr had merely gone out for coffee instead of believed dead all this time. Even though RH was revealed to be Todd and TSJ was revealed to be Vic Jr, they had a close relationship for years.

      It would have been nice to see OLTL and AMC continue and also have more time where TSJ and RH shared screen time.


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        There were some things I enjoyed like seeing Bo and Nora happy. I was waiting for Vikki to find out what was going on with Clint. I hated what they did to Matthew and Destiny and he so needed a good kick in the behind. Loved seeing Todd and Blair. I really want oltl back along with amc.


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          Does too much focus on the young draw new viewers or lose old viewers though? They messed up trying to be too edgy. Its nice that they tried to bring it back, it just wasnt oltl to me, like a bizarro oltl


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            I did enjoy the episodes as well, it still felt like OLTL...but I do agree, I was disappointed in the direction change for Matthew and Destiny. Besides that, I enjoyed it and it was a bummer when it was cancelled
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              I enjoyed the PP episodes and thought they did an excellent job. I was extremely disappointed that GH stole and disrespected some of OLTL characters, just to punish PP's attempt to revive OLTL. But, that's simply my opinion.


              • JCmojoe81
                JCmojoe81 commented
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                JNLrafamily ahh Tea I DID love and must have blocked that part out!! I do not remember that at all!!! That being said, GH I always wandered in and out of. I know the broad strokes of the show, and have watched much more faithfully in the last couple of years, but overall there's a lot that I missed or do not remember. It was always AMC and OLTL for me, and sometimes GH would catch my interest for a few months. Lately though I have just really been enjoying GH. I'm on my longest ever streak watching lol.

              • JNLrafamily
                JNLrafamily commented
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                JCmojoe81 I use to watch all 3 soaps on the alphabet channel but, I quit watching GH when they saddled Jason with Sonny's pregnant mistress (Sam).
                OLTL was my absolute favorite from day one but, I also enjoyed AMC and was devastated when both were cancelled. Having GH "cherry pick" actors, just to destroy their roles simply added to my animosity towards GH.
                I haven't watch GH for over 17 years, except for certain episodes on YT after reading the board.

              • JCmojoe81
                JCmojoe81 commented
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                JNLrafamily i get it, makes sense. It's been so good lately. Did you know that "Tad and Jenny" are on it? Not as those characters of course, but they have been fun to watch, especially MEK. One thing that I notice about GH is how heavily it showcases its vets. I remember a time on both AMC and OLTL where we had like 3-4 "vets" on contract seen here and there while the rest were backburnered. Last week, one day they had so many vets on, it really struck me. I was glued to that particular episode. I wish AMC and OLTL focused more on the vets in their later years, I really think their downfall was concentrating on SO many new characters and backburnering the vets. I absolutely see your frustration in how GH handled the characters imported from other shows, nothing will change that...but it has been really good and it showcases their vets regularly along with actors from AMC and OLTL frequently, though playing new and different characters (RH as Franco, MEK as Martin Grey, etc)

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              It was nice to get some of the to be continued elements of the OLTL finale get addressed. Liked the modernizing of Llanview. Loved new Matthew and Destiny. Liked seeing Victor and Tea reunited. Nice having a Banner storyline and JVD as Clint did some great work!


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                I watched, they started with all the characters cussing, it made them seem trashy. A lot of people must have complained because they cleaned it up.


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                  I didn't mind the language and I thought the racier love scenes (Tea and Victor is seared into my memory) were entertaining. I was not crazy about nu Matthew and Destiny but liked where the story seemed to be headed w Todd and Victor and their familes. Overall I remember enjoying it.


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                    I watched all the PP episodes. As the fan that I was of OLTL, having watched the actual TV soap since around fall of 2009 up to its 2012 cancellation, I didn't like the PP run at all. Actually, I will even go as far as to say I felt the PP reboot was an insult to the original TV run. But again, I watched every PP episode.

                    Firstly, the Mathew & Destiny recasts absolutely destroyed those characters for me. I get that Shenell Edmonds (Destiny's original actress) was in college at the time of the production of the PP series, but I wished that they'd written out the character completely if the original actor wasn't available. Some recasts work on soaps, others don't. THIS ONE didn't... for me. The last ABC OLTL episode ended with Mathew & Destiny having their kid together and so it would've been great to see them co-parenting with the same actors there to continue that legacy. The Mathew recast I probably would've been a little more forgiving but recasting them both absolutely ruined the feel for the show for me.

                    Aside from that, the PP version of the series was bad altogether because it did (even without those recasts) have a different feel compared to the ABC version. The mild profanity didn't bother me because at least they didn't go overboard with it. Also, it was kind of boring because throughout the PP show almost everything seemed "everything and everyone is just happy-go-lucky" and it was really cheezy and boring.

                    The other big mistake with the PP reboot was changing the theme song. They should've just stuck with the TV theme. The theme with Snoop Dogg or Snoop Lyon (whatever the heck he's out there calling himself these days) also destroyed the vibe of the show for me.

                    I remember I got all excited about this show only to end up disappointed. What a waste.

                    The only things the PP show actually did right was bring back RoHo as Todd Manning. Todd was already on GH and the OLTL characters on GH were beginning to overstay their welcome on that show. Transferring the OLTL characters to GH for the post-show crossover was actually pretty fun to watch at first because I mean hey TV crossovers can be fun to watch if done properly but those OLTL characters started to feel more like GH regulars when they belong on their own show so I'm glad they were actually able to bring Todd back to Llanview on a show from which he did NOT belong to one that he does. Too bad we didn't get to see Starr or John. The other thing was I'm glad we got to saw Allison Perkins again, albiet we only saw her for the last few seconds of what ended up being the show's series finale. But it's also too bad it was actually a cliffhanger ender as presumably PP thought they'd be able to make more episodes and we never got to see where that one was going to go.

                    Nutshell mode: The PP version of OLTL was a major let-down and in my opinion showed an insult to the ABC version.


                    • JCmojoe81
                      JCmojoe81 commented
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                      Holy cow the theme song!!! I’d forgotten about that!! Omg you’re so right, I did not care for that either I gotta say lol

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                    I liked how they modernized it with faster moving scenes and a bit of raunchy language was fine. But, too much of the young people and unbelievable that John would leave Natalie and Liam!


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                      one of the best parts for me was hair, make-up and wardrobe. Everybody looked so good. MA finally finally got some good outfits.. I loved the first episode. The whole thing was so bitter-sweet. And yes I hated what they did to John and Natalie. It was nice that Victor came back for Tea.


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                        It was a mixed bag for me. I actually liked the Matthew and Destiny recast, even if I didn't care for the story so much. It just seemed like a really big leap that Matthew would go from wanting to be a father to not wanting to be one in the span of time. Especially considering his unique circumstances regarding his paternity.

                        I didn't like the swearing. It just seemed so out of place and a lazy attempt to make the show edgier. Some stuff is better left to the imagination.

                        I like the theme. I get Snoop did it because he was a fan of the show. Initially, it felt cheesy and a bit cringey (along with the opening). But it grew on me.

                        For me, the one let down was Victor’s return. It probably seems like a minor issue in the grand scheme of things. But that whole thing was really off putting, odd, and kind of a mood killer for the excitement of the show.

                        It was nice to have Todd back for that reveal. But to be honest, I didn’t think the show absolutely needed him, At that point, I was over he and Blair. Or more so, Todd and Blair needed a serious break. So I wished he could have remained on GH

                        i always hated John and Natalie together. I was a Natalie FF and hated how she became being paired with John. So again, I was fine with him gone out of her life. She needed a fresh start.



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                          I was so excited for PP’s OLTL and my expectations were high, maybe a little too high.

                          I was beyond disappointed by what I watched and ditched it after a handful of episodes. It felt like a pod version of the real thing and the intro was just cringe.

                          I still appreciate what they tried to do, I just didn’t enjoy it at all.


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