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New to OLTL, who is everyone's favorite characters?


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  • New to OLTL, who is everyone's favorite characters?

    Hi Everyone

    I am new here. I am watching OLTL on YouTube 2007. It’s really good. I hope they bring the show back. My favourite characters are Nash, Jessica, Mitch, Starr, Todd, Blair , Spencer and David Vickers. What’s everyone else’s favourites?

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    Mine are
    Bo, Nora, Matthew, Destiny, Shaun, Antonio, Cristian, Vicki, at times Clint David Dorian,
    Brody, Blair and the real Todd.


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      Vicki and Dorian were my two all time favorites.
      I also enjoyed Bo, Nora, Todd, Blair, Tea, Marty Saybrook (Susan Haskells version), David, Jessica and Natalie. Oh and Cassie and Andrew! And Luna. Lol

      The show was great, enjoy discovering all the fantastic stories over the years
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        I have so many favorites:

        Mary Lynn


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          Jessica & Natalie (obviously ), Nash, Jared, John, all the Buchanans, Viki, Todd, Blair, Starr, Roxy, Dorian, Kelly, David (although he's included in 'all the Buchanans' I thought I'd mention him separately)


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            I loved all the characters, even the ones I had a love/hate for.
            Would be simpler to list the ones I wish had never appeared because that would be the entire Ford family and the return of Marty Saybrooke.


            • JNLrafamily
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              Humira They may have been good looking but they were all complete duds, with no redeeming qualities IMO and that goes for their Mother too. She messed with Bo , her sons messed with Jessica & Star and their Dad was a complete loser. The entire family should never have been brought on IMO

            • Humira
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              All true statements, JNLrafamily. I was blinded by lust.

            • JNLrafamily
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              Humira LOL you were seeing them with rose colored glasses and that's not a crime

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            Skye Chandler for her brief time on OLTL was my favorite.


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              I liked Langston, Markko, Blair, Tea, Starr when she was FAR AWAY from Cole, Nash, Jessica, John, Natalie, and Shane. Hope was adorable, too.
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                Males - Asa, Max, Todd, RJ, Cord, Bo, Drew, Kevin, Joey, Patrick, Jake, Michael Grande, Mitch Lawrence, Carlo Hesser, Billy Douglas, Nash, David, Cain, Kish, Clint
                Females - Viki, Dorian, Blair, Cassie, Kelly, Marty, LeeAnn, Alex, Nora, Sarah, Lindsay, TINA, GABRIELLE, MEGAN, Jessica, Natalie, Tea, Adriana, young Starr


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                  OLTL was was good in 70s and 80s and 90s.

                  All these are go back to 70s and 80s

                  Vicki/ Lord/Joe Riley 70s
                  Vicki/Tom Dennison
                  Vicki/Clint 80s
                  Larry/Meredith 70s
                  Robin Strasser Dorian Lord
                  Frank Converse Harry ONeil
                  James Sullivan Peter ONeil
                  Herb Calison
                  Antonio Vega
                  Carla Grey
                  Renee Devine Buchanan
                  Carlotta Vega
                  Jenny Wolek Vernon
                  David Renaldi

                  Roscoe Born did die for Real
                  last March. Roscoe Born played Mitch

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                    Originally posted by Nashfan View Post
                    Hi Everyone

                    I am new here. I am watching OLTL on YouTube 2007. It’s really good. I hope they bring the show back. My favourite characters are Nash, Jessica, Mitch, Starr, Todd, Blair , Spencer and David Vickers. What’s everyone else’s favourites?
                    I agree with many here, Nash Fan that you're saying.

                    I also loved, most of all wow, so many, pero(but) a few more are:

                    -bree adored her as Jessica or affectionately what her parents called her "jessie."

                    -the realistically lawyer, Evangie, i really missed her when she was off the show and left Llanview.

                    -Kamar De'Los Reyes, always loving him on the show, even when he was a big jerk at times LOL
                    -His hot good looking, cute sexy-azz his baby brother Christian Vega.(not the sharpest tool in the shed, but i loved him anyway.)

                    Always adored:

                    Cord. His name alone had me at "HELLO." loved him, still do, with adorable sweet (at times) bad the other times lol but loved him with her the most... Tina!i miss them.

                    Bo wit' Nora.i loved literally EVERY THING about them, so realistic.

                    Clint and Vick forever...!Just truly believe even today Clint with his lovely sweet Vickie were absolutely soulmates on ABC and all soaps.

                    RJ GANNON. He was great! realistically bad, but yet was able to show empathy, ya know and then became "better" and always seem real to me.i liked RJ.

                    Todd + Tea had alot of passion. for sure, but his soulmate forever es Blair.

                    Mitch, evil to the core, in soaps but i loved the actor on OLTL as other shows. great actor, as a villain.

                    KERI... i missed her so much when she died, who i think is Kamar esposa.(wife) still IRL so i am happy they are together, in "reel" life a while and then in "real life."

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                      When I first started watching it was Jessica and Nash!. Then starr and Todd grew on me. Liked Brody when he came on. Not so much towards the end


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                        My favorites changed from time to time. I can not NOT LOVE Viki but there were times she was so stiff and righteous that I had to cheer for the other ones
                        My first soap crush was Dr. Larry Wolek I love him and Meredith. I loved Joe Riley too. It took me time to accept the Bukes

                        I ended up being a big BLair fan not that I was a fan of everything she did.

                        I liked Bad girl Marty but when they tried to make her the good doctor of the show (as they got rid of Larry NOT her fault but it did not endear her to me


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                          Loved the special relationship Larry and Marty had.


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                            My favs are Natalie, Jessica (Tess), Antonio, Christian, Evangeline, and Brody.


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