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David Vickers: who is his father?


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  • David Vickers: who is his father?

    I’m just watching 2006 episodes of OLTL and I am a bit confused who is David Vicker’s father? In the character profile it says Bo is his dad. But on the episode I watched today ASA hinted he was the father. Some websites have written he is Asa’s son.🤔

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    I am pretty sure it was Bo but with the way paternity is rewritten on soaps maybe they switched it. I just remember David calling Bo "Paw"


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      David is Bo’s son and it was a great twist loved it when he called him “paw”. Miss this show!!!!


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        it was initially believed David's father was Asa as it was hinted when Asa died that he might have another son

        It did turn out to be Bo and that I think was a great move on the shows part. David had kinda lost his way with his character being overwhelmed by the Cramer women

        David needed a purpose in life and once he found out he was Bo's son he was so proud and wanted to earn Bo's respect. He also grew up a little


        • heddalee
          heddalee commented
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          Yes! His convo, short as it was, where he lambasted Matthew for being a coward, was worth millions.

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        I've been watching early 2004 episodes and had forgotten how different David was compared to later years. He was humorous but not the caricature that he evolved into. Don't get me wrong--the guy made me laugh time and again right through the Prospect Park series but I appreciate seeing a more serious David Vickers with some actual brains in that pretty head.


        • JaySherman
          JaySherman commented
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          When David was originally introduced back in 94/95, he was portrayed as very serious and as a conman. He was paid by Dorian to forge and produce Irene Manning's diary where Irene claimed to have killed Victor Lord. That evidence combined with the only remaining witness passing away (of old age as I recall) meant Dorian got a walk from death row with her conviction and sentence thrown out.

          During this time he fell in love with Tina while claiming to be the missing Lord heir (later revealed to be Todd Manning). Since of course it would be incest if brother and sister got together, David plotted for them to escape Llanview but that was thrwarted. This iteration of Tina played by Krista Tesreau also eliminated any growth of the character under Karen Witter's portrayal.

          Viki's alter Jean Randolph forced Dorian to convince David to marry Dorian so they could not testify against each other. During this time, David plotted many times to get out of the marriage so he could be with Tina (who didn't want him anymore). He even gave up all the money, clothes, cars, etc that came as a benefit to being married to Dorian.

          Their past caught up with them but then it came out that Viki (as her alter Tori) had actually killed her father. Dorian was free and David faced some legal challenges that he later overcame.

          In later years if I remember correctly, Tuc Watkins almost fell down the stairs while shooting a scene and that along with his comedic timing convinced the writers and producers at the time to give David more of a comedic edge.

          He did become serious again under Dena Higley when Dena introduced his previously unknown brother Spencer Truman and the story of how David's father died. Once Spencer was thankfully six feet under (hopefully buried in concrete) and Dena was no longer head writer, David returned to a mixture of seriousness and his comedic side (leaning more towards the comedic side).

        • Forgiveness_Man
          Forgiveness_Man commented
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          I think David with a comedic edge was a good thing. But I definitely think in the last few years, they ran way too far with it and he became almost entirely a comic relief character.

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        Really wasn't a big fan of them making David Bo's son. He still could have tried to go for gaining Bo's respect and love just as easily if he had been his half-brother. Plus Clint would freak out even more since he was his half-brother and not his nephew. I just thought it was kind of a copout. Not something I wanted especially because at that time I was still hoping that they would find a way to bring Drew back from the dead.


        • Luke
          Luke commented
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          I sort of felt saddling Bo with David was a bit of overcompensation for what happened with Drew and what happened with Matthew. It's sad because of all the main Buchanan men, Bo seemed to be the one neglected in that respect. Asa and Clint had kids popping up out of the yin yang (looking back, Clint more so). Bo just had Drew for the longest time and he wasn't even in Bo's life that much.

          If I remember correctly, the first adult Drew returned to town as a con artist and not very likeable. When they get a Drew that was likeable and had great father/son chemistry with Bo, they go and kill him off. The Georgie Phillips story was entertaining and very soapy. But it was wrong how they did Bo and Drew in service of it (Same goes for Kevin and Duke later on. But that's a whole other thread, lol).

          Then to add insult to injury, they go and make Matthew Sam's kid. Granted, it's retconned over half a decade later. But Matthew should have been Bo's from the very beginning of they were determined to kill off Drew.

          But I digress. I loved David. I loved Tuc Watkins rapport with Bob Woods. So I can see why they thought they should move in that direction. But I'm of the opinion they should have never killed Drew off, Matthew should have been Bo's kid to begin with. If anything, Rex should have turned out to have been Bo's son. Sure, it would have been a bit on the nose considering the relationship between the two that already existed. But Clint really didn't need any more kids at that point.

        • Amazee_Dayzee
          Amazee_Dayzee commented
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          Luke Personally I would have never killed Drew off either and when he was shot by the insane Barbara Graham in the line of duty, instead of him dying I would have just had it end his police career somehow because I could never see Drew as a cop. I also wouldn't have paired him up with Kelly and had them get engaged either. People say that Joey was the love of her life and the man she should have stayed with. However with the way the writing went, you have Kelly being involved with Joey, his brother Kevin, his nephew Duke, and both of his cousins Drew and David who because they are half-brothers means Kelly was involved with two pairs of brothers who are first cousins to each other as well as ANOTHER man in the same family that was a generation below them. Add in the fact that Kelly and Cassie were first cousins and Kevin was involved with BOTH of them (and people considered Kevin/Cassie to be true love) and it made what they did with Kelly VERY incestuous.

          I would have brought the first Drew back and had him become a mechanic and paired him up with someone else. Then I would have made Bo and grandfather that way instead of giving him a grandson through Matthew which was something I wasn't really thrilled with myself since it ruined the nice friendship between him and Destiny to share a child where Matthew had no interest in being a father. So I would have made David be Bo's half-brother, never killed off Drew and gave him a child and never made Matthew and Destiny have a child together. Instead they retain their friendship at that point. Obviously Matthew would never be thought to be Sam's son and I probably wouldn't have killed off Sam because Lindsay killing him even if her mental state was deteriorating put a black mark on her. It would have been REALLY hard to bring Drew back since we saw Bo go around Llanview cradling his body but how we also saw Mitch's body several times during each of his deaths until the permanent one where Natalie shoots him.

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        I felt it was just dumb to have David be a Buchanan. I mean how many lost children can there be? Plus Bo seemed too young to be his father. I know Robert S. Woods is 18 years older than Tuc Watkins so technically it's possible. I just didn't like it.


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