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Do you think Starr should have stayed single after Cole left


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  • Do you think Starr should have stayed single after Cole left

    I loved one life to live when it was on and I love watching it on youtube sometimes now I have been watching videos of one of my favorite characters at the time when OLTL was on Starr Manning I started watching OLTL when I was in high school which was 2006- 2010 which was one of the main reasons why Starr was my favorite we were the same age (Kristen Alderson is actually a few months older than me in real life ) and me and Starr graduated High School the same year anyways I also liked her and Cole I know they went through alot for being teenagers and I know when she met James she got to know him and like him and started to be confused about her feelings for him but Do you think that after Cole went to prison and when he left he told her to not wait for him and move on that maybe Starr should have stayed single for a while I know there was a little time between when Cole went to prison and when Starr and James got together but I do not think she took the time to focus on herself and getting through everything she went through and after re watching her story after all these years I think she absolutely went through too much adult drama for her being so young I think after Cole went to prison she should have took a breather from relationships and focus on being a college student and being a mom to Hope and her family what do you think

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    I do think the show rushed pairing Starr with someone else and James Ford was a poorly defined himbo character that lacked the maturity Starr had gained.

    Knowing what I know now, I wish they would have just recast Cole if they wanted to keep Starr with a man

    I don't know if Brandon's personal life challenges played a role in his departure


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      I think this describes Cole not James

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