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todd manning scar question


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  • todd manning scar question

    when todd manning was in the alley way and got his scar did he want to kill luna and marty?

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    Its been a loooong time but the feeling I got was that he was gonna do something horrible to which ever one he'd have gotten a hold of first and it wasn't gonna be just trying to scare them.


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      I believe his intentions weren't good at the time and it was revisited in a scene later that year.

      Todd and Viki were at Llanfair once he knew who he was. Todd had found out Blair was pregnant with his child and wanted to ask Viki about Victor Lord. Viki was still struggling with her DID and morphed into the Victor Lord persona telling Todd to leave.

      Todd was able to snap her out of it and mentioned the scar he got from Luna as a reminder of the brokenness inside of him. Once Viki was able to tell him what Victor had done to her, he got even more upset.


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        He went there with intent on assaulting Marty again. Luna happened to exit the building adjacent to the alley after she had just wrapped her radio show and proceeded to come to Martys aid when she saw what was happening. I remember Todd pushing Luna to the ground hard. Then he turned back to Marty. Luna got up, grabbed a pipe and struck Todd across the head. Now I remember her striking the back of his head but when he went down the blood was pouring from his face. Eventually leaving his infamous scar. Todd did not intend to encounter Luna he went there for Marty. At least that's how I still remember it.


        • OLTL'69
          OLTL'69 commented
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          Yes the wack on the back of the head that causes an uncurable scar Now there wree right by a rusty fence so they could have had him fall into it

        • MrsDashDunning
          MrsDashDunning commented
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          I also remember that Todd lost his hearing in his right ear due to the whack from Luna. Later that was obviously forgotten.

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