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Did u love or hate Mrs.Blair Cramer-Manning? What did u love most about her?


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  • Did u love or hate Mrs.Blair Cramer-Manning? What did u love most about her?

    What did u love (hate)or like at times about the very lovely kassie depaiva? Blair Kramer-Manning.

    I miss her so much. i love her on days now. but, ok i go first! lol

    I loved her (in order below) so i barely would hate her, or dislike seeing her in llanview, i overall LOVE and miss blair, most of all because:

    1.)LOVED her in ALL scenes with Marty(always so realistic to me)them two lol the times these 2 would really go at it, i would rewind it at times and also her scenes with TEA DELGADO. OMG just way too realistic, the fights and all physical to disagreements great stuff, with these ladies, i love blair."

    2.)Loved that she always was glowing/beautiful and a heck of a woman!(on one life jmho) and such a realistic great loving mom to her and todd's daughter STARR

    3.)I loved how she would always turn to her pal viki, well to me they seem to have always gotten along, a mutual mature respect toward each other.
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    I didn’t watch at this time, only a little but my sister loves Blair/KDP. She also tuned in to Days for her Eve and loved her too.


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      I love Blair Cramer and Kassie rocked in the roll as she does on Days!


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        She is and will always be my favorite character and soap actress.

        I loved her with Todd and Eil (that would have been a great triangle if the writers didnt ruin Eli). I loved how we watcher her raise her kids and they werent sent off to boarding school. Loved her relationship with all three of her kids. Her and dorian was my favorite relationship, plue her and addie. I love me some KDP, you can feel her energy in every scene. I alro lover blairs rivalries with Marty, Tea and Skye.. my girl was just awesome. I watch KDP in days now.


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          I loved Blair vs Skye. I'm more of a Skye fan, but I also love Blair. I also loved Blair vs Gabrielle Medina in the early 2000s when I think Blair was wearing that pillow faking pregnancy and Gabrielle knew. It was around the time GT's Kelly was written off, but she had an awesome scene with Gabrielle right before she left. And Blair's interactions with Gabrielle/Max/Todd during that time was always fun and full of energy.


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            Oh gosh, where do I start?
            Blair is my fav character in OLTL history for many reasons. She’s unapologetically authentic. Brutally honest with herself and others – one of the few that called out the hypocrisy of some residents (Luna/Marty/Nora). Fiercely loyal and protective of her loved ones but has a willingness to forgive (Tea/Kelly). I loved her relationships with all the Cramer Women but especially Dorian, as I think she was most like a mother to her. She’s a devoted mother herself and the only consistent parent in any of her children’s lives. She’s self-confident and completely unashamed in her sexuality which is totally refreshing. She was particularly uninhibited with Eli and I loved seeing a woman in her 40’s have a healthy and active sex life like that. She loves hard and fights hard. I particularly loved her shoving Tea out a window after she stole her infant daughter from her. She is just so rootable because she was this tragic soul from a broken childhood and we got to see her grow and evolve through the love of her children. Despite being used and abused by pretty much every single man she’s been with, it didn’t break her spirit. She also had impeccable style. She’s a strong and independent business woman, building a successful company from nothing and even eclipsing Todd at his own newspaper. She refused to be anyone’s victim and stood her ground when Todd/Max/Victor made a fool of her. Not to say that Blair didn’t have her faults – she’s stubborn and has horrible taste in men. I hate that she never truly had a happily ever after or a man who fully appreciated her/put her first but at least she had Starr and Jack, which is all she ever needed anyway. All in all, she’s a survivor. After everything she’s been through, she remains as passionate and resilient as she was when she first arrived in Llanview and I wouldn’t have her any other way.


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              Depends on what year. When she was bad, she was very very bad and very very intolerable. Not even love to hate but just plain hate. But sometimes she worked her way into my upper tier of favs.


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                [QUOTE=Forgiveness_Man;n2016855]Depends on what year. When she was bad, she was very very bad



                yep. that's how my sister says it over the years, since off the air, forgiveness man. hi.
                good evening. and happy new year... when she was awful, she was really super awful very "very bad" my older sister say, but she love the actress though.
                and says, Greta, Blair become less annoying/bad over time though lol

                i still love her. i miss one life, so much.



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                  Originally posted by ILoveBizzie View Post
                  I didn’t watch at this time, only a little but my sister loves Blair/KDP. She also tuned in to Days for her Eve and loved her too.

                  ohhhh ok Bizzie.

                  Yep. my older sister used to say Blair was the true definitive of a B and i would say at times, but "why" lol i love her but the scenes of her going at it with MARTY for verious reasons i love best and tea too lol
                  that's tea(pronounced tay-ya)



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                    Lol my sister became a fan partly because when Starr was sick, her daughter was sick too and she could relate to Blair and also it helped her get through it, watching Blair go through it.

                    I think KDP is the main reason she was such a big Blair fan, she likes to watch her on Days too.


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                      I liked early complex pariah despicable Blair hated victim Blair or soccer mom Blair. Always loved Kassie!!!!

                      Favorite Blair dynamics --- Todd. Dorian. Max. Tea!!!! Kelly. Asa.


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                        I wasn't a huge fan od Blair when I first started watch OLTL but I came to appreciate her talent. She brought a lot to the show.


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                          My favorite Blair era was the mid 90s to early 00s. I loved her rivalries w/ Tea and Skye and I really did love she and Tea's arc. These two went from tossing each other out windows to being ride or die BFF/Co-Parent/Sister-Wives.


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                            I loved her from her debut onward. At first she was just such a fun villain. Then they added more depth to her character without losing what made Blair Blair.
                            I too enjoyed her most with Marty and with Tea, and with OG Todd as well.

                            Flipping through the channels the other day I came across DAYS (which is not one of the ones I ever really watch...I did occasionally in the 90s so I know some of the characters, but not a lot) and KDP was on and she was AWESOME!!! Like amazing, I was almost tempted to DVR it but the thought of jumping in felt exhausting lol. But she made me think about it, she was just amazing in the scenes I saw her in.
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                              I loved Blair. Like Blair and GHs Carly remind of eachother, but Blair is the character done right. Whilst i initially rooted for Carly I ended up hating her. Whereas I never hated Blair and always rooted for her.


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