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Current Coronation Street: Fizz, Tyrone and No. 9


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  • Current Coronation Street: Fizz, Tyrone and No. 9

    I will put in some spoiler space to protect the Corrie viewers who are watching earlier periods ...

    ... but I had to comment on Fizz demanding that Tyrone sell No. 9.

    This is driving me nuts. Tyrone bought the house from Jack in 2008. Fizz didn't move in until 2013.

    She has no right to make him sell up! I don't know British law on non-marital relationships and property, but at most he should be offering some cash to compensate her for any money she put into the house.

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    I’m still learning the names of the characters, but Tyrone’s grandmother persuaded me that Tyrone needed to step up for Fiz and sell the house so that Fizz could move on. And that the two people he referenced in his conversations (were they foster parents?) would have wanted him to do so. I agree that he could have compensated her for the money she put into the house, but he was even balking at that. In the end, I think he did right by her. But this is from a person who started watching on Britbox during the opening months of the pandemic.

    Spoiler space….

    I can’t stand that Abi may be pregnant by Imran. Just, why. I know it is soapy, but I like Imran and Toyah, and Abi and Kevin.

    I’m glad that Emma finally realizes that Curtis is never going to change, and says goodbye to that relationship.

    Did you love the Christmas day episode? I normally don’t like slapstick, but I really laughed during that episode, and loved Tyrone and Phill. Plus I loved the pop-up beer garden, and everyone coming together to sing around the piano.


    • Jupiter Jane
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      I think this (and a few other comments here) may be spoilers - to those of us who wait for the entire week's episodes on Sundays. The header for this thread has always said that no spoilers were to be posted. No disrespect but I'm not sure what leaving a blank spoiler space is supposed to accomplish.

    • regalbeagle
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      The blank space is to hide text from people who hover over a topic on the main page.

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    The Christmas Day episode was hilarious and light-hearted, which isn't always the case on the big holiday episodes of Corrie or EastEnders. Tyrone and Phil's friendship is unexpected, but nice. Normally you'd expect them to be bitter enemies making Hope and Ruby stressed by their behavior.

    You're in for a treat with these soaps. When I began watching them I became completely besotted.

    Imran and Toyah may be my favorite couple. I'll be bummed when the one-night stand blows them up.


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      So far the most heartbreaking storyline was Seb’s death and Nina’s falling apart. Those scenes in the hospital when Roy was talking to the unconscious Nina had me in tears. I was so glad that Corey finally got caught and is in jail. The acting in that whole storyline was excellent, and Corey’s ability to look so innocent infuriating.


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        Spoiler space

        Thank god Abi wasn’t pregnant (unless the writers are messing with us).

        Could Faye and Emma be any more ditsy and ridiculous? I can’t stand how the wrtiers are making them act so irresponsibly. Ted was a delightful character, so wish this wasn’t the storyline that was given to the 3 characters.

        Oh, dear, there is something wrong with Tim’s health.

        I just have to say that Adam is the most handsome man on the show, and one of the most handsome men ever! Whew! Even with that horrid haricut!


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          So, Aby's not pregnant. Just watched the Dec. 31st episode. PS: Adam's haircut is horrible. Doubt he got it at Maria's.


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            I wonder why the writers had Abi think she was pregnant - are they just going to drop it or will the ONS come back on Abi and Imran?

            Why doesn’t Sally realize that something is wrong with Tim? Why is it all about whether he is attracted to her or not? She seems like a very self-centered clueless insecure wife, whereas normally she isn’t.


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              Thanks for starting a new Corrie page! I still am getting over the fact that Roy actually left Corrie. I was so shocked, and certain he would change his mind in the last scene. He has always been one of my favourite characters, and really the moral backbone of the street. I tried to check on line why he left, and all I could find was that the actor was 72 and seemed to be ready to leave the show/work. I guess that makes sense. We can't expect people to work forever, even if we love their characters!

              Agree with the above that Adam is one of the most attractive men ever! This storyline that they seem to be setting up with Sarah's new friend seems kind of predictable (and I can NEVER figure out where plots are going ahead of time, but this one seems like an obvious set up) I guess I am okay with anything, as long as we get him even more often on the screen!


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                Spoiler about Roy….

                I thought Roy was gone for good, too, but he is back! He came back for Nina, and I think he is going to help Sam get his voice back.


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