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  • I was pleased for both of them. It took courage for Yasmeen to say something since she is still doubting herself thanks to Geoff. I was also glad Asher listened because she's so unsure of herself right now and could easily fall into the same situation.


    • General observation - I am really enjoying the drama right now. Well, if "enjoy" is the right word for some s/l.
      I am absolutely done with Todd and wouldn't mind if he left for an extended vacation.

      Really worried about Leanne, but also Simon. He took on a lot trying to care for her.

      Not sure how I feel about Peter. I understand his self loathing (?), anger at Carla etc... Put to put everyone through such misery?

      Can I assume that the street will eventually be saved?


      • Well I sincerely hope that the street will be saved. Right now it does look as if Sally & Tim are packing up as they couldn't get out of their house sale, but I hate to see it. I believe there is some kind of investigation going on at the town hall, so hopefully the Chair of the Committee that Ray bribed is found out.

        I too am done with Todd, his return was not necessary; the new actor is OK but I'm still sort of getting used to this recast, which they rarely do in UK shows. I also miss the original Summer, she was a doll.

        I like Peter and love Carla, and have liked them together (although I think I might be in a minority here), but I hate to see him going down this road again when he was doing so well. I was quite shocked when he went to the bar and got a bottle when he was talking to Carla because he had seemed to be OK before that.


        • So...I'm up to date...which never happens. Random thoughts:

          I do not want Tracy living in David's house. Do not want! Gah!

          Simon is amazing right now, but you know it's going to fall apart. He's going to wind up having to pay back that $ and more. I just know it.

          I feel so badly for Peter, even though he's being awful to Ken. I've never known anyone in the position this character is in. It's absolutely awful. I think what I'm really getting is how there is a point where the addiction is not a choice. At the same time, I don't blame Simon for keeping his distance. Peter is being horrid right now. I just wish he or Simon would tell Leanne.

          Todd can leave. He's gaslighting Billy and Summer - people he claims to love. I am not the biggest fan of the Summer recast...miss the sweetheart who used to play her.

          Why do I think Debbie set every one up to get Ray's businesses? Wow! She's a shark.

          Finally, Asha and Nina...weeks ago I was wondering where they were going. I thought perhaps they would pair dashing Daniel with odd and awkward Nina...then when Nina started complimenting Asha, I wondered if she liked Asha as more than friends. I guess I was right.


          • Jupiter Jane
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            Tracy doesn't miss a trick does she? I hope Debi does one decent thing and wait for David to be able to get it back.

        • I *really* dislike Tracy. She's horrid.


          • Oh can't Yasmeen catch a break?


            • All caught up! I cannot believe Carla didn't tell Peter the truth about Simon. I know Peter sick, but Simon is his son. It's not her place to keep this reality from him. It's wrong what she's doing. It's actually really selfish dressed up as putting Peter first. If Peter dies upon hearing the news, he dies. But what if upon hearing the news he has something to live for? I really can't stand this pairing.

              I'm not going to criticize Simon. It's too easy. I just hope he is able to find his way out before it's too late.

              I feel terribly for Yasmeen. It just never ends, does it?

              I really like Nina. I'm not feeling her dating Asha. Asha's too young. - it's obvious.

              Love Daniel giving Paul a place to stay. I also love that Ed has taken Paul under his wing.

              Todd and Billy deserve each other.

              The scenes with Kevin and Debbie were great! Very dramatic.

              Wtf is Tyrone doing with Alina? I hope Alina blows him off.

              The scenes between Eileen and Gail were hilarious. I'm not sure why they constantly seem to be fighting over the same men, but here we are again.

              I can't stand Daisy and I am completely bored by Johnny and Jenny's story, tbh. Does that make me heartless?


              • I'll say this, I have heard some terrific, funny dialogue in the past week on Corrie- Just wish I had remembered some of it to post.


                • I don't know if it's me or the show, but I am disliking a lot of folks on the street right now.

                  1. Tracy is absolutely the worst. Yes, Kathy did a rotten thing, but property damage is a crime (isn't it?) so Tracy just needs to take a seat.

                  2. Todd. Can't stand him.

                  3. Gema. You don't call immigration with unfounded accusations because your friend is having marital issues. Edited to add-who is Gema to talkbto Kathy about decency. YOU CALLED IMMIGRATION (talk about wasting govt resources.)

                  4. Fiz. What gives you the right to tell anyone to move away? I'm not excusing Tyrone, but expecting Alina to move away is ridiculous.

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                  • Good post Sace.
                    Tracy has always been a nasty piece of work, although she's not as bad as she used to be - which isn't saying much lol.

                    I can't stand Todd either; the other actor was more likeable. I don't remember him being this manipulative previously. I was very disappointed when Billy went back into a relationship with Todd, and he's never found out that Paul wasn't responsible for whatever he's been accused of. I was so hoping this would be revealed; surprised Billy doesn't have better insight.

                    AND do we really need to see a storyline with Todd taking a job at the funeral home - boring and far more interesting characters/stories IMO


                    • Sace
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                      I was crushed when Todd and Billy got back together. I hope Paul can find some happiness. I don't want to watch any story that involves Todd.

                  • Ugh. I'm still a little behind but Tracy is making it really hard to enjoy this show lately.


                    • Carla looked absolutely gorgeous in the dress Nina made for her IMO. But wonder if she'll be wearing to the hospital.


                    • Hey everyone...once again I'm sooooooooo behind. Just a few thoughts...

                      1) Are we supposed to feel sorry for Tyrone? And wow, I did not think Alina would actually sleep with him until he was truly free. And while I don't like Fiz, no one deserves to be treated this way. This story is as cliché as they come. He's literally turning her in for a younger model. And yes, she's gorgeous, but what future can he have with Alina? Honestly!

                      2) What is Nick doing?????? I get his loves Leanne, but abandoning your 10 year old kid that you just met? Gail seems to be getting along quite well with Natasha...I wonder if she would have liked Leanne had she had Nick's child. Gail is the best and worst sort of mum! Sigh...

                      3) I just can't with Carla and Peter. They maybe "soulmates" , but they are toxic!!!! In the immortal words of Brittney Spears: "I'm addicted to you. Don't you know that you're toxic." Yes, Carla and Peter, yes you are...TOXIC.

                      4) While I do not like how Paul and Billy broke up (that is, because Todd was being Todd), I think it's pretty telling that Billy was so easily manipulated and I think, deep down, wanted to be with Todd even though he knows Todd is Todd. So, Billy and Todd deserve each other. I'm hoping that Paul gets to know Ed's son James.

                      5) Why do I get the feeling that Bernie is behind what's happened to Kathy? Or is it just the actress being told to throw us off? Something weird is going on there.

                      6) The Bailey's paternity story was not believable and felt like a throw away...after all that...Ed IS the father.

                      7) I really like Seb and Nina. I love how much he likes her...writing her poems about Ribena. It's sweet.


                      • After all these years, the nasty Sharon is back - and just as nasty and manipulative as she always was. It was a shock to find that she is related to the drug guy.


                        • AberdeenLily
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                          I missed that storyline from years ago, but I was still shocked to see she is related to Harvey. And scared of him, too. I sure hope she finds a way to turn on him.

                      • Omg, what happened tonight is making me highly anxious. The kids are great actors though.


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