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    Time to start a new thread.
    We are discussing the Canadian episodes of Coronation Street. No spoilers in this thread please.
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  • #2
    Flora: "He looked peaceful, didn't he?"

    This has to be the biggest Corrie blooper ever.

    Tracy's excited to be moving in with Steve.
    Steve sure didn't look excited to me .. Lol

    Ryan is such a slime-ball.
    Can't stand him.


    • #3
      ^^^that moment was such an !

      Who tells someone they're moving in? C'mon!!! Steve is going to sleep with Abby. Count on it!

      I don't know the guy's name who's courting Liz, but I hope he's a nice guy. I'm sick of Johnny and his never experienced before in the whole of human history grief.

      So, Suzie's ok????? That was a weird cut to. She's probably missing Peter. I loved the way CG had her propped up in his figure four legs a few weeks ago. It looked comfy for a baby. Lol.

      Adam...let her go!!!!

      Kayla clearly likes Ryan - they would deserve each other.

      And...can it be that Craig actually heard the truth??? It's probably too good to be true.


      • Holly99
        Holly99 commented
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        The name of the guy courting Liz is .. Mike.
        Mike used to teach school & Steve was in his class.

        Craig did hear the truth .. but .. my bet is .. Kayla will spin things & Craig will believe her.

    • #4
      I have 2 probably unpopular opinions on recent Corrie viewing-

      I kinda like Ryan and his dim-witted, clueless ways, something is kind of endearing about him.

      I think Johnny is being overly harsh on Jenny, she's only trying to help him cope with the Aidan fallout.


      • Otter1
        Otter1 commented
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        I don't think you're comment about Johnny is inaccurate or unpopular.

      • Holly99
        Holly99 commented
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        IMO .. the reason Johnny is behaving the way he is with Jenny is .. Johnny does not love Jenny.
        Johnny just wants Jenny by his side (as a mother figure) when he goes to Court to get custody of Susie.

    • #5
      Bethany needs to stay clear of Ryan

      Ryan's right about one thing though - Kayla doesn't fancy Craig.


      • #6
        I didn't mind Ryan today, but he's still pretty skeevy. I think it's the porn moustache. Dude needs a proper job.

        Mike is smart. He picked up on Johnny and Liz right away. I wonder if he'll stick around.

        I can't believe I'm going to say this, but Toyah had a point with Peter. He lied to her about what happened with Billy (and a bunch of other things) and she forgave him. I think she might be right -- he's emotionally already moved on and that's why what she's done is "unforgivable." I never believed they were in love

        Craig is desperate and hard up and it's making him dumb. Sigh...


        • Holly99
          Holly99 commented
          Editing a comment
          Re: Mike & Liz
          I thought the kiss Liz gave Mike was a good-bye kiss.
          Liz would never "settle down" with a nice guy like Mike.
          Liz always goes for losers & weirdos like Jim, Owen, Harry & Vernon.

      • #7
        Great double eppy today.

        @ Steve & Tim's banana fight .. & .. Mary saying she's gonna take Steve off Tracy's hands ..

        Flora knows a con artist when she sees one, eh!!!
        Tracy: "Maybe you would like to invest, you know, in Harvey's memory."
        Flora: "No, I don't think so."

        Loved the tongue lashing Eva gave Johnny.
        Johnny's had it coming for a long time.

        Liz deserved to get fired from both the Medical Center & the Rovers.
        Methinks it's time for Liz to sling her hook & visit Andy in Spain.

        Sleaze-ball Ryan asks Bethany out for a date & "jokes" about buying condoms.
        Then .. he buys liquor & Bethany ends up drunk.
        Bethany needs to ditch this loser .. 'cause if she doesn't .. she's going to regret it BIG TIME!!


        • #8
          ^^^Totally agree, Holly. Tonight's 2 episodes were really well done.

          I too am so glad that Eva raked Johnny over the coals. He's mourning his son, while he was the one who was berating Aidan half the time while he was alive. I actually hope he never sees Suzie again beyond crossing the street. He doesn't deserve it.

          Liz is such a fool. Oi! She needs to take a long, long vacation.

          Ryan is growing on me. Kayla, however, is not.

          Wow...Peter got over the "love of his life" pretty damn fast. I thought Nick left Leanne some money, couldn't she buy Peter out?

          As for Simon...I want to blame him and to a certain extent I do, but that kid is a product of his ineffective parents ineffective parenting. They are inconsistent -- too lax, then too harsh, they ignore him, then shower him with attention. That boy has no clue whose coming or going, including himself. And frankly, as much as I like Peter and Leanne, they do not want to do the hard work of loving a child who is now pushing them away because of how they have treated him for the past 2 years or more. Of course, Simon has to take responsibility, but no one is who they are without being formed by circumstance.


          • #9
            I knew it!!
            Johnny's only sticking with Jenny 'cause he needs a "safe & stable family" to get custody of Susie.

            Flora's 50s Party was a hoot.
            Love it when Corrie does a one-off like the party.

            Simon & Tyler have really done it now.

            Hopefully .. Flora's not dead.


            • #10
              Johnny and Liz are really despicable. Jenny may not be my favourite character, but she does not deserve this.

              Loved the 50s party. I thought it was such interesting commentary that all the older characters mentioned wanting to go back and then all their phones went off and they were suddenly engrossed in their social media. Lol.

              As much as I dislike Kayla, Beth isn't wrong that Bethany is a terrible fit for Craig. He's actually too good for Bethany, imo and her jerking him around exacerbated his mental illness. He does seem a lot happier without her, even though Kayla is bad new. And just because she is, doesn't mean Bethany is good for Craig.

              The thought of Seb dropping a potential (albeit overly bubbly) love interest for that short-sighted, teenage shrew Faye makes my stomach turn. UGH!

              I hope Flora is not dead too, but if she does die, Simon will be an accessory to manslaughter. And, well, he'll deserve to go down for it.


              • Holly99
                Holly99 commented
                Editing a comment
                Simon could go down if Flora lives & remembers what happened.
                Flora would recognize Tyler & Simon .. 'cause she saw them on the street & invited them to her 50s Party.

            • #11
              @ the Garden of Weedin' plaque on the wall.

              Steve & Tracy ..
              Lordy lordy .. if Steve had a brain he'd be dangerous.

              Daniel & Sinead ..

              Glad to see Flora is okay.
              But .. Tyler is a piece of work & it wouldn't surprise me if he returned to "finish the job".

              Mike has no idea how lucky he to "escape" from Liz.


              • #12
                ^^^OK...Holly, explain the plaque to me. I didn't get it.

                Steve's schmoopiness really aggravates me! How didi Tracy even get engagement out of what Steve said?

                WHY are they wasting Daniel on Sinead? OMG!!!!! STAAAAAAP!!!

                I actually hope Tyler comes after Simon because this kid has to learn. People like Tyler are NOT your friends. Where is Summer, btw? I realized today that I missed her.

                Can Faye just be erased? PLEASE?????

                What Carla is doing will make her lose the factory for good and she'd deserve it. Same with Johnny regarding Susie.

                I'm sad Mike's gone...he's cultured, intelligent, attractive, tall (always a bonus)...and of course, there's no one on the street he could get to know. UGH! Where is Eileen????


                • Holly99
                  Holly99 commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Many moons ago .. Deirdre decided she'd like to have a garden in that little back area & that's where the Garden of Weedin' plaque comes from. When Simon was sitting on the bench .. I noticed the plaque behind him & remembered the "good old days" when Deirdre was still alive.

                • Holly99
                  Holly99 commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Eileen wouldn't appreciate Mike either.
                  Eileen & Liz are like peas in a pod when it comes to the men they hook-up with.

                  Here's hoping Eileen returns from Bristol soon & knocks some sense into Steve.

              • #13
                @ Steve, Dev & the 7 engagement rings.

                Lordy lordy .. what now??
                Methinks Jack is going to be seriously ill ..


                • #14
                  7 Engagement is Steve such a ladies man?

                  Oh yeah...Jack is very, very sick. The doctor should have taken his WBC. I bet it's through the roof. I hope he's ok.

                  Tracy is really pathetic. Has she always been this way?

                  I'm glad Simon did the right thing. Please let this be the change he needs. *fingerscrossed*


                  • Holly99
                    Holly99 commented
                    Editing a comment
                    When Tracy was a kid .. she was likeable .. but .. things changed when she became a teenager.
                    Tracy moved to London for several years & when she returned .. she was a b*tch on wheels.
                    Then .. Tracy left again & when she returned .. she's the way she is now.

                  • Holly99
                    Holly99 commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Sophie was supposed to be looking after Jack.
                    Kevin is going to be angry when he finds out Sophie left Jack with Faye.

                • #15
                  @ Dev to Steve: "Don't take it out on me cuz you've got more rings than Saturn."

                  Things don't look good for Jack ..

                  Dollars to donuts .. Tyler fed Eccles poisoned meat.


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