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    Time for a new thread! (It was getting too long).
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    Can someone remind me how Liz MacDonald knows about Billy's drug habit? I can't recall.


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      I keep coming in here to see if anyone has answered your question. Idk how Liz knows either. All I can think of is, Eileen is her close friend so maybe Eileen told her?

      Can Simon leave the street please? Send him to boarding school or something!

      Poor Eva! Can't believe she might be having this baby all by herself if Toya can't break into that bathroom .

      I appreciate the great acting but I am so not interested in how David's storyline is progressing. That girl he picked up at the salon is annoying. And I know David has always been "off" for lack of a better word but, no one in his family is concerned with how he's acting?? They're all just like, typical David ~rolling eyes~ Gary is the only one that realizes something is up but thinks its about Kylie's death.


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        OMG yes - let Simon disappear; he was doing ok for a while and now he's back to his obnoxious self ... almost worse since he's stooping to blackmail. But Toyah is stupid allowing it; and even though she's told Peter, she's STILL lying to him about the baby. I've never seen the point of this at all and I hate it. If the plan to have Eva's baby (which I'm sure will not go smoothly) goes forward, that would mean she would be living a lie for their entire marriage.

        I do wish David's sl would move forward more quickly. When we saw him suffering initially ... and Jack P. Shepherd always delivers ... not it's getting annoying with him bringing this girl into the house etc.

        Poor Zeedan, he is actually thinking he and Rana might get back together? As for Rana and Kate, they continue to get on my nerves ... and now, most especially Kate; she's totally annoying.

        Nice scene with Rana & Johnny at the lunch ... she's only just sat down with him and picks up on the fact that he's not that keen on the move to Spain. I've thought that all along and really hope it doesn't happen. I do really like Johnny.

        On a lighter note - we see Ken telling Kirk that Eccles is a family dog and therefore anyone in the family s/b walking him, and yet later on he agrees to pay Amy to walk the dog. Puh...leeze.


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          Are those adults working with Jude or 13 year olds? Please don't tell me there are actual grown up people that act like that.


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            No way will Eva give up her daughter .. so .. what now?

            Yasmeen, Geoff, Sally, Tim, Dev & Gina were a hoot to watch ..

            Brian, Mary, Angie, Jude, Phillipa & Seth ..
            Lordy lordy .. if they were supposed to be amusing ..


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    're probably right that it was Eileen who told Liz. I actually hadn't thought of that. I assumed Eileen would keep it quiet. I just don't recall Liz ever finding out otherwise.

              David's story has lost momentum and that's a shame. Bethany's story went on a long time too, but it sort of made sense. How long is he going to ignore what's happened? He's hurting his children.

              Simon is a bad seed. I can't believe I said that. He also has terribly distracted parents. Leanne should be much more on top of what's going on with him. As for Toyah...I never like her or her with Peter anyway, so I'll be glad when this blows up in her face. Why would she ever think she could lie to Peter for the rest of his life? She clearly never believed in their love if she was too insecure to tell him the truth. This is why I like Leanne and Peter more -- she gives it to him straight.

              Holly...I thought I was the only one who hated that scene with Angie, Jude, Mary and the actors. I through the whole thing. I wouldn't be surprised if Angie left him and I wouldn't blame her. She's sort of grown on me.

              Yasmeen needling Sally gives me LIFE! I do feel badly for Audrey though. When did Jeff (is that Tim's dad's name?) fall for Yasmeen? They had 1 conversation and now he's trying to kiss her? Ok...but it's a little fast.

              From what I can tell, on twitter, if twitter tells us anything, Kana (as they're called) are popular...and I cannot stand them. It has nothing to do with their relationship itself, but their sense of entitlement -- the cavalier way they intrude on others, take what they want, feel sorry for themselves, blame others, lie to each other, etc. I would have much preferred they developed Sophie in a relationship with someone worthy of her and reconnect Rana and Zeedan. Sigh...


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                Dollars to donuts .. when Peter finds out the truth about Susie's parentage .. he'll hit the bottle again.


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                  I really like Eva. She and Leanne are my favourite characters on the street. I would never want to dissuade anyone who felt it necessary to have someone else raise their child, BUT the way this is going down is so unhealthy. Poor Susie. She doesn't deserve to be lied to at such an early age. Frankly, neither does Peter or Leanne or Simon.

                  Will Peter hit the bottle? I'm betting yes, he will. OR he'll wind up in bed with Carla or Leanne.


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                    Hmm .. Johnny & Liz.
                    I wonder ..

                    Originally posted by Otter1 View Post
                    Will Peter hit the bottle? I'm betting yes, he will. OR he'll wind up in bed with Carla or Leanne.
                    My bet is .. Peter will hit the bottle & Carla will either come to his "rescue" or hit the bottle with him.


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                      Angie is actually growing on me. I realize that it was actually her hubby that made her so boring. She is great with Adam in those scenes, she has seemed to come to life recently. I hope she moves on as a single woman.

                      Toya is driving me crazy. I cannot stand the scenes with her, how does she honestly think it is right that she lies to Peter about this? I know she really wanted a baby, but this seems so wrong. I loved it when Aiden held the baby and Toya almost had a heard attack. I was so wishing he would sense something about the baby....


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                        IA with most of the comments above. I've hated the baby sl from the beginning; I've never ever understood WHY Toyah lied to Peter when the surrogate lost the baby, and then she and Eva concocted this ridiculous plan. What kind of marriage will be it with this huge lie between them. I too hope it all blows up in her face - and sooner rather than later! After seeing Eva in the hospital, I was SO hoping she would admit to wanting to keep the baby - I've always felt that that would happen. I can't imagine her returning to claim the baby. BUT there is the Aidan factor - and how did he find out where she is. Any other comment about Aidan w/b spoiler material.

                        It's a tad interesting to me that they talk about Eva not getting over Aidan (although I know that is only one of Toyah's stories), but she was into Adam, as he was her, before she left. I really liked them together. She only broke up with him when she found herself pregnant and knew it wasn't his. But that relationship seems to have been forgotten.

                        IA about the dinner with Jude and Angie etc. What a waste of time. I liked Jude when he first came on, but now he's starting to look pathetic; and like some of you, Angie is starting to grow on me and I didn't like her at all when she first appeared.

                        I am so hoping Johnny doesn't leave. Whatever happens with Aidan may well change his departure to Spain; I like him so much. Holly's comment about Johnny & Liz - well very early on I had hoped for this pairing; they were friends early on. But then it went in the other direction.


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                          Aidan's suicide didn't come as a surprise to me.
                          For the last week or two .. there were hints/signs of where things were going.
                          It's a shame though .. 'cause Shayne Ward is a good actor & there were a lot of ways they could have taken his character.


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                            ^^^Holly I tend to agree with you about where they could have gone with this.

                            The first moment I noticed something was wrong was after he donated his kidney. I thought he was going to have kidney failure or something like that. He seemed really out of sorts health-wise. Then I saw a spoiler, so I knew this was coming, and started seeing all the hints the writers were dropping. But it feels out of character to who we've known Aidan to be. Daniel...that I could have believed a lot more easily. It would be interesting to me if they linked the acceleration of the depression to the kidney donation because I never felt he was vetted very well. But that's jmho on the matter. I always found it weird how adamant he was that he would donate. He didn't seem to be in the right head space, but hindsight is always 20/20.

                            I, personally, would have been more interested to see Aidan and Eva run away with the baby leaving Toya having to explain herself. Did I mention, I can't stand the sight of her any longer?

                            What a sad day...I wonder if what happened will trigger David to tell Shona what happened to him. And poor Eva...she's given up her baby and the child's father kills himself without knowing the kid is his. The what ifs that must be going through her head.... She should never have lied to him. He may have never chosen to do what he did. It's not her fault, but I can see her thinking that. Very sad.


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                              Some of the signs I noticed were .. Aidan started giving gifts to his family .. gave Liam his watch .. gave Johnny a membership in a Spanish golf club .. bought Summer's party dress .. stared at the TV & never finished unpacking .. etc etc.

                              When Aidan returned Eva's engagement ring & they said they loved each & then his final dance with Eva .. it was all I could do to hold back my tears ..

                              It was heartbreaking to watch Eva blame herself for what Aidan chose to do .. & .. Maria is suffering too.


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