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Watching old episodes of the show and I am so sorry it was cancelled


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  • Watching old episodes of the show and I am so sorry it was cancelled


    I have recently started watching episodes of Guiding Light on the video streaming website that can't be named on this forum. And I am totally hooked/engrossed with the show! I have been researching the show, character biographies, anything I can easily access for free.

    To all the GL fans, I am so sorry this show was canceled in the first place. From what I am learning of the show, I am so distraught that this show was canceled and sabotaged. Just based on my research/viewing, I am thoroughly captivated. Words fail to coney how... engrossed and fascinated I am with the show. I am ashamed that I didn't tune in to the show while it was still on the air (although, based on what I have learned so far, I feel like the TPTB were more interested in providing shock value as opposed to creating compelling narratives and fully-developed characters. I feel as though after 2000 hit, the writers/TPTB were desperate and were throwing everything at the wall hoping something will stick. Especially after 2005).

    I have tried to find clips of episodes as far back as I can, (1980s), and I am at the part where Maureen Bauer dies (I am still... distressed about this), and was lived to find out she was essentially killed off because the then-EP (the infamous Jill Farren Phelps) was the reason she was killed off.

    Now that we start the 2020s, I feel like every soap opera has had a moment/character death/event that signals the decline in the show's writing/credibility. For Guiding Light, I feel like Maureen's death was the beginning of the end of GL (The start of GL's decline, I would argue is the destruction of the Bauer family; Hillary's death, Berta's passing (which, to be fair, was not CBS/TPTB's fault), and writing out Hope Bauer Spaulding, etc). I am amazed that GL was cancelled as some soap operas of lesser quality have managed to NOT be cancelled (I used to be a religious DOOL viewer, and when I compare the two in regards to quality storytelling/narrative, I am kind of dumbfounded that Days of our Lives out lasted ATWT and GL. Seriously, early to mid 2000's DOOL was offensive and a mockery of the genre).

    I take solace in the fact that GH (which, in all fairness should NOT have been spared in comparison to OLTL. Seriously, GH was a misogynistic show for the 2000's, but was most likely spared because the then-HW was buddy-buddy with the president of ABC daytime. the ***hole who cancelled OLTL and AMC for his pet reality shows (which, didn't last 10 years)), has hired so many GL alumni. GL was a solid stomping grounds for so many soap actors and actors who have moved onto different mediums

    I was watching "The Locher Room" on the video streaming website where he has had episodes with many GL alumni, and I am floored/amazed. In addition to that, the number of GL alumni who have gone on to different mediums (ex: Matt Bomer, Bethany Joy Lenz, JAMES EARL JONES?! Just to name a few).

    I currently watch GH religiously, and for those of you who don;t there is a storyline going on right now that comes full circle for Laura Wright (ex- Cassie Layne Winslow, GH's Carly), and Cynthia Watrous (ex - Annie Dutton, GH's NuNina). Seriously, almost down to a split heart-shaped necklace.

    So I guess, what I am TRYING to say is. I am so sorry this show was canceled in the first place. This show is the longest-running narrative to exist (at least the longest-running narrative to man-kind that still EXISTS thanks to archive storing). As a mean of coping/mourning the show, I have recreated GL on a video game (The Sims 4). I've changed everyone's names (I wouldn't put it past CBS/P&G to sue someone for creating Sim-versions on the Sims 4).

    On an other semi-related note: Why the @&%^ was India and Hope NEVER brought back to the show? Hope could've been the next Bauer Matriarch to center the show (even before Maureen was disgustingly killed off) and India is Iconic! (I hate that word, but honestly, it doesn't give her character justice as she is underrated).
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    I watched GL pretty regular from 96 on. Some years less than others. Laura Wright and Cynthia Watros are two of the big reasons I am watching GH again. I have watched on and off for awhile, but it is fun to see them front and center again. GL and ATWT being canceled for The Talk and Let's Make a Deal was a disgrace.


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      I watched from about 1979 on .

      Yes Maureen dying was probably the beginning of the end but unlike many soaps I felt the final episodes l felt fairly satisfied. Jill Faren Phelps has a thing for killing off beloved characters she did it on other soaps too . I don’t know if she thought she was following GL creator Irma Phillips who killed off a character each time she left a soap she created but I think Phelps choices have hurt the shows at a time soaps start a slow decline.

      Why wasn’t Hope or India brought back? I wish I knew.


      • GuidingLite
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        I would have loved India around full-time no matter what, but imagine Hope coming back to Springfield? I'd have wanted a different actress....someone with some venom in them...but a jaded and bitter Hope coming back to Springfield would have been fun to watch....her going after Alan for how he treated her in the past...I think the only 'hitch' to this would have been her age in relation to her son Alan-Michael, who was aged from six to sixteen overnight....but I still would have loved to see her return...once Ed left the show there were just not enough Bauers around.....and there never were again.

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      GL was a wonderful, but there were periods in the 90s early 00s that it was better than riveting. Every episode was just perfection. Ross was running for office, Reva/Josh/Annie, Spaulding Enterprises intrigue, Roger and WSPR, Roger/Mo's strange friendship. Ed cheating with Lillian, Gilly/Hampton, Kat/David and that whole of Vinny. When Ed accidentally took a sip of the wrong drink breaking his sobriety. The look on his face when he swallowed. GL was a really good show. Toward the end with the horrible production value, it took away from the good stories, but it went out fighting.


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        Honestly, I wish the show had been cancelled before it was. The last several years were terrible and wasn't ANYTHING like GL. The writing was abysmal and the direction attempted to leave long time viewers behind in favor of "new and undiscovered viewers." It was a poor way of showing appreciation for those who were committed to GL. Bringing back "fan favorite actors" for the sole agenda of getting "fan service" didn't help any. The death of Maureen started the ball of wax and it just got worse. During the last six months, the writing improved. Unfortunately, it didn't help to keep this once, great show.


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          Guiding Light was a shell of its former self at the end. The shrunken or just disappeared sets....the 'hospital' exterior that had a drive up teller window...Tiki Hut Cedars emergency conferences in the tall grass of a field.....some of the outdoor scenes were good, but so many were not....

          The show once had some interesting business stories....mostly centering on the never-ending power struggle at Spaulding Enterprises....but the final few years seemed to forget that Spaulding Enterprises even existed....we had Company still....we had Lewis Construction (after Lewis Oil dried up altogether)....but the other businesses we'd become accustomed to....Towers Restaurant, The Beacon Hotel, WSPR, all these places just disappeared over time....without a last gasp before they died didn't see people at home any longer because they didn't have homes (sets) other than the Spauldings...Reva lived at some weird shack they called Cross Creek that looked NOTHING like the original...not even an attempt there.....the Spauldings were all apparently camping out in the library which had suddenly grown a spiral staircase and a balcony.....Rick Bauer lived in some little modular home from all appearances....and everyone else just slept in the field waiting for another press conference I guess......

          At least for 'the end' the show convinced Philip to return....they ratcheted up the drama by giving Philip a disease that was going to kill him....Alan FINALLY came through huge for his son....although it cost him his life....they reconnected Holly and Ed, and Philip and Beth....Rick FINALLY married Mindy....Michelle came home...and pretty much everyone (except Alan) got a happy ending....but the final few years leading up to this happy ending were terrible. I'd have rather had the show cancelled long before it was and a two hour tie up episode done to accomplish the same thing without such destruction of the once great Guiding Light they did for the last few years (minus the final six months).


          • Smithey
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            After I posted my comment about it being canceled long before, I regretted saying that, because the last several years were VERY painful. I never cared for Gus and Harley together, but the way they broke them up (just one example) was terrible. How they treated their fans was despicable. The way they treated ALL GL viewers was despicable. After thinking some more, I don't regret saying that. I just wish PGP (or whatever it is called now) would have allowed someone who cared about the show to take it over before it stunk so bad.

          • GuidingLite
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            Oh, I'd almost prefer to touch a hot stove than type 'it should have been cancelled' but honestly....having Reva choose Jeffrey over Josh? Maybe briefly, but.....not long term. I'm glad they fixed that.....killing off Ross? HUGE, HUGE, HUGE slap to viewers since the 1970s (like me)....Phillip going a bit bonkers before he disappeared was absolutely asinine......Beth marrying Alan and having his child was was like I was watching a version of GL created by someone who had no idea of the history of the show.....and had no soul was tragic. I'd really have rather not seen most of the last two was atrocious. So yes...I wish the life support had been switched off before the show format change that took place to 'keep it going'....I was glad the actors still had jobs...glad for them, but honestly...the show was crap for the most part from 2007 - 2009.

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          I quit watching when Beth was presumed dead (again), presumed drowned (again), while trying to escape her abductor (again). And no one mentioned the sad irony of it happening to the same person, 15 years apart. It was like the writers had never read her character history. My bf was really into GH at the time so one afternoon I just skipped GL and never went back. But, TBH, GL had some of the best acting on daytime t.v. So many New York-trained stage actors. I still miss it from time to time.


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            The Guiding Light was my all time favorite soap opera. I loved most of the characters even the ones I loved to hate. It was well written, great acting, prior to the gutting of the show towards the end - wonderful sets. Those people knew what they were doing. I still miss it to this day. Wish that I could find that service I would start watching it all over again. As The World Turns was my second favorite. I had hoped that someone would have picked both shows up but unfortunately that didn't happen. Cie la vie.


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              I watched live for a short period in the 90s with Reva/Josh/Annie and then the stuff with Richard/Cassie. I, of course knew that CW was Annie on GL, but for some reason it didn't immediately click that yes she had worked with LW. Annie is the one that brought Cassie to town. CW has been so great with all this Smike stuff unraveling. I had been disappointed in what material she got, but she has really been bringing it the past month. I was like YES! There's the actress I remember.

              Awhile ago I found a (that site) channel that had a bunch of years with full episodes (or close to it) so I could really follow it. I was watching the 80s in the middle of the stuff with India and Philip and the channel got deleted! I was also watching on the other end in the 90s (the user was alternating what year they updated) with every Roger/Holly scene I could get my hands on. What a fascinating brilliant acting duo those two were. I only wish more of their stuff from the 70s was available. I was so sad when that channel went. Now I can only find sporadic stuff.

              I'd always heard about how JFP killed Maureen Bauer but didn't know anything about the character. It was just said in conjunction with all her colossal failures. That woman did so much damage to the soaps she was on. Every single one.

              One of my favorite Locher rooms is with Fletcher and ... can't think of her name. They did not hold back


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