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A 2018 invterview with Jerry Ver Dorn (former Ross Marler)


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  • A 2018 invterview with Jerry Ver Dorn (former Ross Marler)

    Sorry for the typo - the article is 2017, not 2018...

    The article does talk more about his role as Clint Buchanan on OLTL, but there are mentions of his time as Ross on Guiding Light.

    Personally, I'd love to see him return to daytime.....I'd accept him as a recast of Massimo Marrone on Bold and the Beautiful, as an unknown up to now brother of Phillip Chancellor II on Y&R to expand the Chancellor Lance Prentiss (from Y&R in the 1970's and early 80's) to play a rival to Victor Newman (Victor swallowed up Prentiss Industries as part of Newman in the early 80's)....or as a re-tooled Lowell Baldwin, father to Michael Baldwin on Y&R - and make him a love interest once again for Judith Chapman's Gloria Bardwell.....he could also go to Days as a DiMera....Stefano does, after all, have many brothers.....or as a brother to Victor Kiriakas... or as Bill Horton....or as Steven Olson, Hope's half-brother and bring his son Spencer Olson with him........there are a LOT of avenues they could go with this talented actor.
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    Still miss him as Ross. The executives at GL added insult to injury by letting Jerry go as they did. It just kept getting worse until GL was finally canned. GL should have ended years before while it was still fairly decent.


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      I think some of the stuff in the final six months of the show was really, really wonderful....but I agree...the final two years as a whole was just hard to watch what had become of a once great lady....the near invisibility of Rick/the Bauer family....the loss of Ross and how they wrote his character off - dying in an aircraft crash due to tampering by Phillip and Rick??? Wow....


      • Smithey
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        I loved "most" of the last six months. Wasn't fond of the thief who became what's her name's kid and I wasn't too happy about Jeffrey and Reva (egads), but most of the last six months was decent. Alot better than it had been.

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      Originally posted by Smithey View Post
      The executives at GL added insult to injury by letting Jerry go as they did.
      This is going back 30 years, but I still haven't gotten over how they unceremoniously dumped Jane Eliot as Carrie Marler. That storyline was amazing. But then the decision did come to bite them you know where when it prompted the great Doug Marland to resign as head writer.


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        Another AMAZINGLY good character....Carrie Todd McKenzie of my all-time favorites. Her story was SO engrossing.....and such an amazing character....

        I always wanted a 'long-lost' child to show up one day that was either Ross's, Josh's, or Justin's (and retroactively reveal that Carrie DID, indeed, sleep with Justin after all) and in the long run turn out to be Josh's would mean some finagling of the time-line of Carrie leaving town and being pregnant, but....I'd still have accepted it if it brought her back to the show....even for a limited run...

        It's too bad she's retired - she'd be an excellent choice to play Bill Spencer, Jr's mother on Bold and the Beautiful, or a female business executive to rival Victor Newman on Y&R....she'd be so good in another 'bad girl' role. ;0)


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          I would love to see Jerry Ver Dorn in a current soap. He was one of my very favorites! ❤️


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            I agree - I'd love to see him on another soap.....


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              Thanks for posting this!


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