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Felicia so sweet, saying, "He was still your brother, Kevin."


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  • Dari1987
    Board Regular
    • Dec 2022
    • 811

    Felicia so sweet, saying, "He was still your brother, Kevin."

    I love her. She is so kind, after all he has done to her, for years. She is the best,

    consoling in tears, Kevin, because she is such a deep caring woman. She always been
    like that. Same as Laura.

    I just love Felicia.
  • Kristabell
    Contract Poster
    • Jan 2021
    • 2649

    Me too.....I love her


    • ToS
      Board Regular
      • Jun 2013
      • 944

      That was a really sweet moment.


      • taramartin
        Soap Addict
        • Oct 2013
        • 6686

        Love this post, I was thinking the same - her gentle voice added to the scene.


        • FLPeaches
          FLPeaches commented
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          Agree, Felicia was kindness through and through.♥ Very touching scene.
      • DayRose
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • Oct 2020
        • 10999

        Felicia is one of the sweetest people on the show. I love her!


        • Crazyrn
          Board Regular
          • May 2016
          • 711

          That was great writing. Really spotlights her kind hearted nature. Yes, Ryan was an evil psycho who terrorized people, but she was able to recognize that part of Kevin would still grieve him.


          • cascade
            Recurring Poster
            • Mar 2014
            • 352

            She has always been a class act! ❤️ Lover Felicia, and Kristina Wagner- my heart breaks for her loosing her son to suicide


            • Gemini298979
              Recurring Poster
              • Jul 2015
              • 334

              This is why you use the vets and play on their history. Felicia,Mac, and Kevin have the longest history with Ryan. I’m glad Mac got to be the one to end him. And despite the years of terror that Ryan caused Felicia, she was able to put that aside and empathize with Kevin and his conflicted feelings over loosing his brother.
              Last edited by Gemini298979; February 22, 2023, 04:50 PM.


              • AMHardulak
                AMHardulak commented
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                It was a wonderful nod to the long time friendship that Kevin, Felicia and Mac share

              • Wanda Wolek
                Wanda Wolek commented
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                I agree.


              • eileenregina
                eileenregina commented
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                Fabulous scenes with them today. I had tears in my eyes as Felicia said that Ryan was still Kevin's brother.
            • believeinme246
              Aspiring soap scribe
              • Jan 2015
              • 16225

              Me too. These are the kinds of characters I love and root for, not the career criminals and murders. Characters like Felicia or Laura have incredibly so much heart. It makes me happy to see them in action.


              • Clementine15
                • May 2015
                • 5277

                l feel differently. That is not something l would want someone to say to me at such a time. "Yes l know, my brother is a monster homicidal maniac who has caused so much misery for so many. Thank you" Maybe a hug and" l'm sorry" would be sufficient.
                l like and enjoy the vets, too, with the exception of Felicia.
                Last edited by Clementine15; February 22, 2023, 05:19 PM.


                • Clementine15
                  Clementine15 commented
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                  Surely there is middle ground between "l'm sorry" and "he was your brother", implying since you share the same genes, you will probably be the next wacko. How about "l am sorry you are going through this, and we all love you and are here for you!"

                • ScrubsFan#1
                  ScrubsFan#1 commented
                  Editing a comment
                  That is NOT what Felicia meant.

                  "He's still your brother" means that despite what he's done to others - you still have every right to mourn and grieve for him in any way that you need to. Because he was your family - and you LOVED him.

                  And because she, Mac, and Kevin have been friends for the better part of THIRTY years - he KNOWS that.

                  He knows exactly what she meant - and appreciated it.

                • Shellyinphx
                  Shellyinphx commented
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                  Yeah I didn't take her implying that at all, I took it to mean that he could still mourn his brother even though he was a murdering psychopath
              • Ginuwine
                Executive Poster
                • Oct 2017
                • 4401

                I love Felicia! That was really classy of her.


                • Shellyinphx
                  Look! Up in the sky! It's a Super Moderator!
                  • Mar 2004
                  • 29202

                  I agree with someone before me that said this is how you use vets. As one of Ryan's biggest victims I love that she was able to show so much sympathy for Kevin.
                  Shelly, Moderator

                  Email Me

                  How sad it is that we give up on people who are just like us.- Mr. Rogers.


                  • c83gilles
                    c83gilles commented
                    Editing a comment
                    While I have disliked the overall story the one great thing
                    has been how this has brought a lot the vets onscreen. We had Mac, Felicia, Kevin, Laura, Alexis, you can even count Scott with him counseling Liz over the Esme part of it. That was the only enjoyable part of it.
                    Last edited by c83gilles; February 23, 2023, 07:16 AM.
                • littleliz
                  I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
                  • Nov 2016
                  • 9025

                  Gag me with a spoon. A brother that Kevin hid all the things and craziness of Ryan. Only to have people killed. If he
                  had spoken up maybe Ryan would have died a long time ago. I for one cheered when I saw him in the bag. Time
                  for Kevin to leave too and Felicia should be so glad that Ryan is gone. Zip that bag up tight.


                  • Harley
                    Aspiring soap scribe
                    • Mar 2007
                    • 29138

                    I agree, the horror of Ryan was over but it was very kind of Felicia to recognize Kevin's conflict and show Kevin the compassion he needed in that moment.


                    • FleurdiLisa
                      Senior Board Member
                      • Mar 2021
                      • 1515

                      This was a great vet-centric sl and I loved Felicia in it.


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