Why Is Nina So Concerned About Carly's Business?


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  • Shellyinphx
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    • Mar 2004
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    Because she is obsessed with Carly. For some reason she thinks she needs to have Sonny all too herself but that's just never going to happen. She couldn't get Jax to herself and Jax and Carly share so little compared with Sonny and carly. Also she knows that Sonny only choose her Because Carly wasn't an option.
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    • Q777S
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      • Jan 2015
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      from the day nina arrived on canvas she has been obsessed with destroying people’s lives - it seems to be her life mission . and she does it while complaining about being a victim as if that is any justification for her venom.

      the writers love themselves some one-note characters and nina qualifies for that with her constant obsessions


      • AnotherSonnyKid
        AnotherSonnyKid commented
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        The woman has always been rather unhinged to say the least. I thought it was funny even Sonny had to reprimand her like she was his child when he said what is going with is not our business.
    • AnotherSonnyKid
      Board Regular
      • May 2019
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      Nina is a very insecure person and she is trying to get a reaction out of Sonny because she believes he still loves Carly deep down. She was insecure about Jax and Carly aswell if I remember correctly. Fact is NIna has reason to feel this way because Carly will always be number one in Sonny's life.

      I do not feel bad for Nina though. That is what she gets going after a married man.


      • barneysms
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • May 2006
        • 12208

        Because Nina wants Sonny to see that Carly has moved on and is not waiting for him to come back to her. Did you see the look on her face when Carly called him and he answer right away. And did you catch the smile on Sonny's face knowing that Carly called him first.


        • december rose
          I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
          • Feb 2016
          • 7913

          Nina wanting Ava to move in with her can also grow into taunting Carly.

          With Ava there, Avery comes over. gives her contact with Avery,

          Anything Carly has, Nina wants


          • peak_a_bu
            Senior Board Member
            • May 2009
            • 2454

            I can't wait for her to see how much Carson mean to each other, she was already upset abut the call thy had, if something happens to Carly Sonny will go to her rescue.


            • Clementine15
              • May 2015
              • 5490

              She is insecure, thinks maybe Sonny is really pining for his ex, always checking to see what his real feelings are, hoping Drew and Carly are forming a real relationship so she (Nina) would then be safe.
              Sonny won't have sex with her, and l would imagine this would heighten her insecurities
              Yes, l find this all very funny. Can't help it, it's a ridiculous relationship


              • taramartin
                Soap Addict
                • Oct 2013
                • 6923

                Like Nelle, Nina wants everything of Carly's.


                • TVDfan
                  Board Regular
                  • Jun 2011
                  • 1300

                  Nina doesn’t want to keep being judge …not like she cares. I believe Nina more than caring what others think she doesn’t find it fair that Carly keeps accusing her of being a homewrecker when in Nina’s mind Carly married Jason and is currently with Drew.


                  • TVDfan
                    Board Regular
                    • Jun 2011
                    • 1300

                    Originally posted by barneysms View Post
                    Because Nina wants Sonny to see that Carly has moved on and is not waiting for him to come back to her. Did you see the look on her face when Carly called him and he answer right away. And did you catch the smile on Sonny's face knowing that Carly called him first.
                    It was insane!

                    Sonny tells Carly don’t come until I give you the clear and SHE AGREES!!! What in the world ? if there was a pulling hair emoji I would use it here.

                    What does Sonny prefer really? Nina’s that tell him I can take care of myself or Carly’s that allow this type of protection.

                    Really I was surprised he has not mentioned the island.


                    • TVDfan
                      TVDfan commented
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                      I was like dear god.
                      I can’t with this woman. The hold these 2 have on each other.
                      I for one don’t want Sonny with neither Carly or Nina.

                    • BlindLiberty
                      BlindLiberty commented
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                      december rose I thought the fact that she agreed had more to do with her feeling guilty over Virginia's gravesite being moved. Wanting to fight for Virginia now. I think that's why she agreed so easily. She seemed distracted and agitated.

                    • CarnyQueen
                      CarnyQueen commented
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                      I think it's just a device so Carly can stay in Jacksonville and have her adventure. We know that an in-character Carly would never stay away if she thought Joss had been a potential target. And she was very supportive when Sasha and Brando lost Liam, even though the show is now trying to show Sonny as everyone's hero. But the writers want Carly to confront her past in Jacksonville, so that is why she is agreeing to stay away.
                  • Retiredmom
                    Board Regular
                    • May 2021
                    • 874

                    Originally posted by Adriane View Post
                    Nina does not want to have a relationship with Sonny if he still loves Carly so she is looking for signs of jealousy when she points out that Carly & Drew are on their way to become a couple. i didn't see any.
                    Really? She was willing to take Sonny anytime, anywhere. I recall her telling Carly that Sonny loved Carly and if she kept turning him away that he would turn to her and SHE would not turn him away. Sounds like she took him anyway she could. Pathetic


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