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New Poster Saying Hello


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  • Peppercane
    Lurking in the Shadows
    • May 2022
    • 17

    New Poster Saying Hello

    Hi my name is Pepper. I am an old fan of general hospital way back when Sonny was with Brenda actually I can go even further than that when Anna was with Duke I decided to join the board because I catch myself screaming at this Sonny and Nina craziness I don't understand it. I started off a fan of Sonny and Brenda but I absolutely love Sonny with Carly I don't understand why they were broken up and it just again makes no sense to me and I hate that Sonny is at odds with Michael. I really hope that the real Sonny is kidnapped somewhere. I'm also a big fan of Spencer and Trina. And I was hoping the young men in the gym called Dex would turn out to be my beloved Morgan and I'm liking the rumor I read on another form that Esme could be Brett's daughter. And was hoping that Sasha and Willow were twins and not Willow and Nell. I was really hoping they would give Sasha a family. And also I like Brett and Drew great chemistry?

  • Anna74
    Contract Poster
    • Mar 2014
    • 2852

    Hello and welcome! We get a bit heated here sometimes but it’s all in good fun. I hope you enjoy it


    • rkm137
      Aspiring soap scribe
      • Dec 2009
      • 16701

      Hi! Welcome to the board.


      • Maxiegirl
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • Feb 2008
        • 33918

        No way, Esme as Britt’s daughter! That’s a new one!


        • dancingqueen12
          Senior Board Member
          • Aug 2012
          • 1614

          Welcome to the board! ?


          • lisav
            Board Regular
            • May 2008
            • 1045

            Hi Pepper. That was quite a loaded post, filled with all kinds of ideas!!! Dex is Morgan, now that would be interesting!

            I think they broke up Sonny and Carly because Maurice Bernard needed a change of pace from the grind of being a mob boss.But one day Sonny and Carly will be on the porch in rocking chairs together as an old couple. After we see him with Nina for a while

            Also like your idea of Sasha and Willow as twins with Nina as their mother. Would be sooooo great!

            Last edited by lisav; May 31, 2022, 01:36 AM.


            • rosamaira
              Contract Poster
              • Apr 2017
              • 3433

              Welcome to the board Pepper. I thought TPTB said Morgan would never return. But let's say Dex is Morgan. GH could keep the merry-go-around going, since it appears that if the DNA confirms Willow is Nina's daughter, that Carly will not inform Nina. It would be fair in the soap land to have Nina find out that Dex is Morgan and keep it from Carly's family. What goes around comes around. This could lead to and cause a breakup of Sonny and Nina which would make many happy. Not a fan of Carly and Sonny as a couple and feel that Sonny should move on to Selina Wu after Nina (and not go back to Carly, ever). I think they would be an interesting couple given that they are both mob bosses.
              Sasha and Willow, I find to be very boring characters. Making them twins, imho, will not help make them less boring. A good thing if they were twins, would be the dissolving of the Nina/Nell bond. Nell I would rather have seen her be another baby Bobbie gave up for adoption, thus making Nell and Carly bio half-sisters. This would have explained the kidney match for Joss.


              • Ribbonette
                Contract Poster
                • Sep 2015
                • 3012

                Welcome! As someone said, it can get a little heated but it's all in fun - it's a soap! You will see a fair amount of "agree to disagree" comments on here because for the most part, no one is changing minds here. We all have our favs and we all have our (politely put) non-favs.

                The only reason I like Sonny and Carly together is because I don't really like either of them; it's a quick way to FF! I read somewhere (probably here) that MB thinks Sonny and Brenda should ultimately be together. So who knows? When he decides to retire, we may see him ride off into the sunset with Brenda.


                • Emerald Greens
                  Aspiring soap scribe
                  • Feb 2006
                  • 40963


                  I don’t want Sonny and Carly together they have been together too long for a soap. Plus I don’t see the chemistry.

                  I don’t think Britt is Esme’s mom but it’s an interesting idea. I wouldn’t totally dismiss the possibility.


                  • MrsValentine
                    Aspiring soap scribe
                    • Sep 2009
                    • 10299

                    Hello Pepper

                    Welcome to the board. It’s a fun place to discuss GH. There are many opinions here and Personally, I love reading everyone’s thoughts. There are great posters here who always make things interesting even on slow GH days. I hope you enjoy your time here.


                    • Eve S Dropper
                      Board Regular
                      • Dec 2020
                      • 750

                      Welcome! I agree about disliking Sonny and Nina but don't really want Sonny and Carly to get back together. I'd like to see Carly move on with a non-Jason adjacent person (so not Drew). I love Britt and would hate to have her saddled with the horrendous Esme as a daughter. I love her chemistry with everyone, but in my opinion the best partner for her on the canvas right now is Austin, if someone can go fetch him out of the attic!


                      • DayRose
                        I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
                        • Oct 2020
                        • 9579

                        Welcome! I also Love Sonny and Carly together and would love for Morgan to return. I hate Sonny and Nina and either fast forward or scream at the tv while I'm watching. I loved Sonny and Brenda back in the day but her last few visits ruined her. I like your ideas! I hope you have fun!


                        • wfreshie2130
                          Executive Poster
                          • Aug 2016
                          • 3900

                          welcome to the board peppercane!


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