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Casting news: Chet Driscoll


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  • GH Fan 1991
    Senior Board Member
    • Jan 2021
    • 2185

    SPOILER! Casting news: Chet Driscoll

    SOURCE: generalhospitalblog

    Chris Van Etten(Chet) is leaving his role on general hospital. The actor and his family are also leaving California. Making it impossible to continue his role as Chet. No word yet on his final air date.
  • Quinoa
    Contract Poster
    • Feb 2012
    • 2943

    I hope they recast, but they’d have to chose someone else with leg prosthetics to keep it real. I was looking forward to Terry and Chet. I thought that he’d chose to stay in town in the storyline.


    • Kristabell
      Kristabell commented
      Editing a comment
      Fore sure, however this breakup will make it possible for Terry to have a much bigger and meatier storyline independently!
  • PinkDiamond
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Apr 2007
    • 18449

    Sorry to hear this...Chet finally gets a story and he has to leave...so I wish him all the best...he was a very likeable character so my guess they may recast the role


    • catster
      catster commented
      Editing a comment
      I hope they do recast. I like Chet a lot.
  • DayRose
    I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
    • Oct 2020
    • 9543

    I wish him the best but I will really miss Chet. I really enjoyed the character and I was very much looking forward to Chet and Terry having a relationship.


    • AMHardulak
      Aspiring soap scribe
      • Jan 2009
      • 10112

      Wishing the actor all the best! I so enjoyed watching the real life Vet grow into his role on GH.
      Hoping it is possible for Chet Driscoll to be recast.


      • Wanda Wolek
        Contract Poster
        • May 2013
        • 2980

        Well, there goes my hope for a Chet/Terry romance. I hope that this development does not mean Terry disappears for long periods of time, only to be trotted out for "Biz" scenes.


        • BlindLiberty
          BlindLiberty commented
          Editing a comment
          I'm hoping the wingman stuff with Britt will have her meet someone new. Or have a fun time slamming back shots with Britt ought to be fun to watch.
      • wfreshie2130
        Executive Poster
        • Aug 2016
        • 3887

        have any of you seen his pic on IMDB..WOW ,,found this info somewhere else his imdb had hardly any info he is married and has 2 children the 2nd was born April 2021
        Last edited by wfreshie2130; May 27, 2022, 03:01 PM.


        • hawkgirl
          Contract Poster
          • Oct 2007
          • 3174

          I wish him well. But it is GH's loss. I liked the character of Chet. I had high Hope's for Chet and Terri.


          • Wild Horses
            Day Player
            • Oct 2017
            • 3207

            Here I am glad we are finally getting to see him and now he is leaving. Of course I wish him well.


            • lala214
              Senior Board Member
              • Apr 2018
              • 1988

              Not shocked. He is barely on the show as is!


              • Kristabell
                Kristabell commented
                Editing a comment
                Because he was only supposed to be a very limited temporary character brought in to Amy's Manlanders storyline in 2017! Yes his option was extended but he was only ever supposed to be a limited reoccurring character not a major one.....
            • FLPeaches
              Contract Poster
              • Jul 2016
              • 3046

              Awww,,, Wish him always the best of luck ~ I will sure miss him. ♥


              • trekrjill
                Lurking in the Shadows
                • Mar 2004
                • 16

                I know links are not allowed but I hope in this instance, especially on Memorial Day weekend, at least this hint will be allowed.

                Do a search for - Chris Van Etten a&u

                make sure you put the a&u behind his name and visit the first site that should come up.
                Unbelievable young man. Yes, he will be missed on screen.


                • AMHardulak
                  AMHardulak commented
                  Editing a comment
                  ^^Thank you for this! What an inspiring young man!
              • Remarco
                Board Regular
                • Feb 2015
                • 1419

                best wishes to the actor.... really enjoyed his character and such a strapping handsome dude.


                • MrsValentine
                  Aspiring soap scribe
                  • Sep 2009
                  • 10296

                  Originally posted by AnnB627
                  Too bad for us fans, but I don't blame anyone for wanting to leave California!
                  As a native Californian I can tell you that California is a beautiful place to live with great people. Some born in Cali, others from different States and Countries from all over the world. Not to mention one of the strongest economies in the WORLD. Maybe you don’t like but you’re in the minority.

                  I too wish the actor well. Good luck ?


                  • tart777
                    tart777 commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Here! Here!

                  • DayRose
                    DayRose commented
                    Editing a comment
                    I agree with you about California! I don't live there anymore but living in another state has actually made me appreciate California more. It's the most beautiful state in our country in my opinion! My children and other family still live there so I visit all the time. I'm proud to be a second generation native Californian!
                • MrAxe
                  Contract Poster
                  • Dec 2016
                  • 2578

                  I understand and wish him the best. But I hope the show will work on romantic stories etc., for both Terri and Amy (along with Epiphany and Felix).

                  I understand everyone can't be a lead, but when they are on make their stories interesting regarding the person themself. Not just paper pushers or workers or gossipers ... or proppers for the lead characters. Allow the character to have a life. And I especially wish we could see Felix more often.


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