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Does Ryan know that Esme doesn’t know who her mother is?


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  • DocBroInLaw
    Day Player
    • Mar 2022
    • 223

    Does Ryan know that Esme doesn’t know who her mother is?

    Is this meant to be a secret?

    she came to Spring Ridge through an internship but he is her father?

    some things don’t add up here…
  • AnnB627
    Board Regular
    • Oct 2015
    • 1306

    A lot of things don't add up anymore.


    • MayaCanada
      Soap Addict
      • Jun 2007
      • 5747

      Who says she doesn’t know?!?


      • DocBroInLaw
        DocBroInLaw commented
        Editing a comment
        So far nobody.
        We don’t know and for all we know, she doesn't know.
        Maybe it’s Rose Kelly, Lol

      • heddalee
        heddalee commented
        Editing a comment
        I think Esme's parents are Marshall, and Jennifer Smith.

      • rosamaira
        rosamaira commented
        Editing a comment
        lol. Bobbie - which would make her a half-sister to Carly. Can't think of a better half-sibling pair!
        Carly has interactions with so many of the characters, she needs to bump heads with Esme and Ryan which she has not yet. It would give her something to focus on besides Sonny, Nina, Wiley. Bobbie (which I like) needs to have another problem child surface and learn that Esme is the one who taped her granddaughter and exposed it to the world. lol If Esme becomes Bobbie's daughter ....oh....golden.
    • regalbeagle
      Contract Poster
      • Dec 2018
      • 2875

      How would Ryan tell Esme he's her dad without having to immediately tell her who her mom is?


      • varnish7
        varnish7 commented
        Editing a comment
        I don't think that Ryan told Esme that he was her Dad. My impression was that Esme has always known that Ryan was her father, and he may have even raised her as a child. It would explain both her emotional problems and why she's so loyal to him.

        As for her mother, I think that Ryan deliberately chose to not tell Esme anything about her, probably so that Esme will remain completely devoted to him. If you watch the scenes where Ryan mentions Esme's mother, you can see that Esme is interested but trying to hide it. It could be that Esme's mother was a forbidden topic in the Chamberlain household.

      • DocBroInLaw
        DocBroInLaw commented
        Editing a comment
        Exactly, so, there’s something else at play here and we’re gonna find out one way or another and maybe we’ll see that Ryan is possibly not the father either.

        The whole “Daddy” thing was just to get her to do things.

        Maybe the real parents are Frisco and Felicia but not Mac and Felicia.
        Or, perhaps, (in a twist), Tracy and Lord Ashton?
        Isn’t Dillon returning? And didn’t we once hear Tracy confess she gave up a baby for adoption, or maybe even had an abortion? Maybe it wasn’t an abortion….

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