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Why does Sonny think Michael owes him an apology?


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  • tarheel715
    • Jan 2010
    • 4685

    Why does Sonny think Michael owes him an apology?

    Maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention during their scenes, but why does Sonny think Michael owes him an apology?

    The order of events as I recall is: Sonny and Jason went after Julian. Sonny disappeared, and was presumed dead. He showed up in Pennsylvania with amnesia and eventually went to stay with Phyllis. While everyone in Port Charles needlessly, yet painfully mourned Sonny, he was alive and well in Nixon Falls and Nina of all people learned this. Instead of reaching out to her grandson's father to let Michael know Sonny was alive, she spitefully kept the news to herself and then struck up a friendship with Sonny while hiding from him that she knew who he was and where he came from.

    Nina got so enthralled with her delusional friendship turned physical attraction to Sonny, she not only convinced herself she was in love with him, she showed virtually not interest in returning to her prior life, including her precious grandson who she was eventually allowed to continue visits with.

    When Sonny eventually remembered the truth on his own and came home to Port Charles, he deliberately and repeatedly lied to his wife and children about his life all those months and the nature of his relationship with Nina. He had ample opportunity and reason to be honest and chose not be and made one pathetic excuse after another to justify his secrets and lies all the while continuing to engage in what essentially was an emotional affair with Nina behind everyone's back.

    He even went so far as to defend her on the record in court, leaving his wife and family hurt and humiliated. And when forced to live with the consequences of that action, he cheated on Carly with Nina because Carly didn't absolve him on his timetable.

    Now he and Carly are divorced, he is estranged from his son Michael because Michael understandably abhors the way his mother was treated and sees his father's behavior, particularly regarding Nina, as a betrayal of all the values Sonny taught him growing up.

    So again I ask, why does Sonny think Michael owes him an apology for deciding he didn't want to continue a toxic relationship with a father he no longer recognizes and realizes he can't trust?
  • maggiebh
    Executive Poster
    • Aug 2015
    • 4350

    For the same reason that he thinks it's Carly's fault that they got divorced...


    • Codsg21
      Day Player
      • Oct 2021
      • 243

      Because Sonny (like Nina) is always the victim??


      • Manninglover87
        I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
        • Dec 2009
        • 7740

        Because Michael no longer worships him. That’s enough for Sonny. Anyone who doesn’t want to kiss his backside is wrong..


        • Brandy1981
          Executive Poster
          • Apr 2018
          • 3580

          Because Sonny has to be the victim,which makes him and Nina perfect for each other.Both whinny losers.


          • Maxum
            Aspiring soap scribe
            • Aug 2005
            • 25459

            The responses here are hysterical - and so true. Sonny feels he is owed an apology because Michael disrespected him in Sonny's eyes. To Sonny, what HE has done to Michael and Michael's family is not relevant. What Michael SAID to Sonny about Sonny and his conduct is disrespectful in Sonny's eyes. It always amuses me that Sonny can see other people's conduct so clearly (in terms of harm to him), but he refuses to see anything he has done to anyone else. I mean how many times has he said "I didn't want the divorce, your mother filed for divorce." Then Michael's head almost explodes because of the critical piece that Sonny ALWAYS leaves out ' BECAUSE SHE CAUGHT YOU IN BED WITH NINA!!!! I really think Carly is better off right now without Sonny, even though I really do like them together because they get each other and accept each other. However, I can't wait for when Carly and Drew hook up because Sonny is NOT going to be happy. Again, it's fine that he's moved on, but just wait until Carly moves on with someone. He won't like it one bit.


            • OLTLBoomer
              OLTLBoomer commented
              Editing a comment
              Well said and I totally agree, @maxum.
              Two things - while Sonny does not believe that he is a victim, his family was! and the PA court failed to see this. Secondly, the Sonny post -NF is not in his right mind and unable to articutlate his thoughts and feelings. He jumps to conclusions with Carly, and used the "respect" card with MIchael, even thought Dante essentiallt said the same thing.

              MIchael feels Sonny betrayed him again - this time with Nina, the woman who duped his family during his amnesia/ absence. He is mad, anger - google the stages of grief - there is Michael.

            • Maxum
              Maxum commented
              Editing a comment
              Excellent point about the stages of grief. I hadn't really considered that aspect from Michael.
          • Jj1701
            I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
            • Sep 2012
            • 9606

            Probably because in the past, Michael has forgotten who Sonny is and crawled back to him. So he expects this to happen again.


            • farmgirl
              Board Regular
              • Jun 2014
              • 1249

              Because Sonny thinks he is KING!!!!!


              • elj2014b
                Board Regular
                • Nov 2014
                • 993

                Well, I'm staying out of this one. LOL


                • AnnB627
                  Board Regular
                  • Oct 2015
                  • 1307

                  Because Sonny is on the narcissism spectrum. He is always right and will never see his own mistakes for what they are. How do you think he got to where he is?


                  • Adriane
                    Aspiring soap scribe
                    • Feb 2011
                    • 14318

                    I don't think Michael would be acting the way he is now towards Sonny if Sonny did not cheat on Carly and have feeling s for another woman. Michael is going to be just as bad as Sonny but in a more modern way. He's very arrogant. Didn't Sonny say he was a combination of Carson!


                    • Big Cheddar1
                      Recurring Poster
                      • Feb 2019
                      • 430

                      I don't know why Sonny thinks Michael owes him an apology. And when he told Michael he would need to beg for his forgiveness, I just shook my head..

                      On a side note, I think the fact that Nina is now suing Michael and Willow for visitation with Wiley seems to be the breaking point with Michael. I think he still would've been upset with Sonny, but now that his "girlfriend" is doing this and Sonny's not discouraging her from doing it, Michael's beyond mad.

                      I think Diane should argue that Nina should see Wiley just as much as she did when she was hiding Sonny in NF - about two times in nine months.


                      • rosebush
                        • Apr 2005
                        • 51

                        Short answer, because he is unhinged and in desperate need of counseling.
                        I ffward through all of his scenes.


                        • MiguelnCharity
                          Lurking in the Shadows
                          • Mar 2022
                          • 19

                          Originally posted by maggiebh View Post
                          For the same reason that he thinks it's Carly's fault that they got divorced...

                          This. I am in total agreement with you on that. Sonny is so unhinged and unreasonable at times.


                          • msan1025
                            Board Regular
                            • Sep 2013
                            • 846

                            Sonny should be the one begging for forgiveness when this is all over. I can't even stand watching his scenes anymore. I'm just so ready for any other story line to take its place. I'd be down for Lucy being a vampire hunter again haha. Just get this crap over with already.


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