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Do you actually want different stories or more of the same with disliked characters?


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  • sugamama0509
    Day Player
    • Feb 2008
    • 92

    Do you actually want different stories or more of the same with disliked characters?

    Instead of what people are predicting certain characters are going to do in this Nina/Willow/Michael/Nelle/Carly storyline, what would you actually want to see? It seems that some just want Carly and Michael to end up being the villains and bad guys but want the show to retcon Nelle and everyone else to make them the sympathetic good guys? No nuance or complications where sometimes characters make good decisions and sometimes they don't?

    It's not my place to invalidate anyone's opinion and I don't see Carly and Michael as good guys, I see them as humans just like every other character, though there are characters I dislike. Like I can't stand Spencer, but I recognize him as a pretty solid dynamic character the show has established really well since they SORAS'ed him. I'm fine with the hate towards certain characters, though I find the complaints all very repetitive; they're selfish, too much airtime, involved in too many stories, and on and on.

    It just seems interesting that people ask the show to do something different and tell new stories but there's this expectation of wanting to see more of the same with Carly and her crew. Just my opinion.
  • Maxiegirl
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Feb 2008
    • 33918

    Michael and Willow are supposed to be the ones we’re rooting for. Well nope I’m not rooting for them at all. I’d rather they give them their HEA and send them packing off our screens.

    I’m so tired of both of them.

    Hands down they’re the most annoying couple I’ve ever seen on a soap.

    I would rather see more of Brando, Sasha, Chase, Brook Lynn, Finn, Elizabeth, Nikolas, Ava, Martin, Lucy, Mac, Felicia, etc
    Last edited by Maxiegirl; May 17, 2022, 11:37 PM.


    • DayRose
      I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
      • Oct 2020
      • 9579

      Michael and Carly are favorites of mine but I don't need every story to be about them. For me, it's not about the characters as much as telling a good story. My wish is to wrap up the stories quicker. It takes so long for the writers to tell the story that I quit caring about how it ends.


      • Francophile
        Francophile commented
        Editing a comment
        Well, I agree with you on this! I grow weary of the storylines that just drag on and on and on…Like you said, they drag so long that viewers don’t care how the story ends just as long as it ENDS!

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