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Do you miss A.J. Quartermaine?


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  • DocBroInLaw
    Day Player
    • Mar 2022
    • 223

    Do you miss A.J. Quartermaine?

    Warts and all...liquor and all Do you miss him?
    when he was there, the show was great
  • taramartin
    Soap Addict
    • Oct 2013
    • 6354

    No, I never enjoyed him much - he was always a screw up - when he " came back to life " I had hoped for more from him but it didn't happen. He is similar to Morgan to me.


    • 1sbkmcfan
      Aspiring soap scribe
      • Aug 2006
      • 20114

      I would welcome the opportunity to see AJ on canvas now that Jason is gone. Maybe he could get some good writing when not being made less than so his brother can be considered better than. Maybe he and Drew could have a real brotherly relationship, something I think would be good for Monica to witness at this stage of her life.


      • believeinme246
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • Jan 2015
        • 14742

        I absolutely miss the the troubled (and probably bipolar) man who always sought to be loved and respected, but was always among vipers, and he self-medicated.

        I didn't care for how he was twisted during the Guza/Phelps era. I didn't believe that AJ any more that I believed that Laura was a fragile mop or sweet Rick being twisted and evil.

        I always found it loathsome that this evil woman always tried to sabotage his sobriety. I mean, who does that?

        I also found it fascinating a how times had changed and that Morgan grew into a similar character, but with more understanding of mental illness, people rooted for Morgan and he was positioned as 'good,' whereas the earlier intolerance of mental illness as 'crazy' positioned AJ as 'bad.' I find it hideous at how much character assassination, fat jokes and all, were poured into the AJ character.

        So yes, I miss AJ, but it's more because of what might have been. He could have been one of the all time complex and great characters.


        • Mr.Sami_Brady
          Mr.Sami_Brady commented
          Editing a comment
          ALL OF THIS! I can't love a post more than this.

        • taylors2cats
          taylors2cats commented
          Editing a comment
          Well said. Miss him

        • AngelOfSoap
          AngelOfSoap commented
          Editing a comment
          Absolutely! 100%. Yes.
      • Kristabell
        Senior Board Member
        • Jan 2021
        • 2360

        Only the fun loving goofball version as played by Sean Keenan.......I loved his sense of humor and ability to put Carly in her place ❤️


        • maggiebh
          Executive Poster
          • Aug 2015
          • 4350

          I never, and I do mean NEVER, liked AJ. I thought he was a spoiled, entitled brat. That said, he did add an interesting layer to the show. I mostly hate that they have killed off, or sent away, so many Quartermaines.


          • Luke
            Aspiring soap scribe
            • Mar 2004
            • 18993

            I do. I just feel his destruction was completely unnecessary. GH could have achieved the same results of Michael being a Corinthos without what happened with AJ.

            Further, I think what initially happened with AJ would have gone down better if it had been in an organic way. No, the excuse that AJ was already and alcoholic and self destructive doesn't fly. The way the writing and PTB went about it was in a way to manipulate the audience to take one side over the other. It ultimately turned into the agenda of establishing Carly, Sonny and Jason as the shows leads. Again, we could have an organic story of AJ earning his destruction (and ultimate redemption). But I think Guza (and other headwriters in the midst of his tenure) knew selling these three as leads would be a hard sell. So someone had to be the bad guy in the equation.

            By extension, it was also the destruction of the Quartermaines at the expense of the Corinthos' rise. So I can say for me at least, its why I am so partial to giving the AJ the benefit of the doubt. Though on an intellectual level, I know he is just as culpable for a lot that happened narratively.


            • TinkerTailor
              • Sep 2014
              • 4693

              Not particularly. He was always a winey, entitled jerk. I never understood the crowd screaming about 'that's just how they wrote him!!' - every character is just how they wrote them. They could all be different if written differently.


              • Bobaloo
                Bobaloo commented
                Editing a comment
                Agreed. Every character is only what the current writer says they are. And with AJ, he was never anything more than entitled, jealous of his little brother loser. A lot writers came and went, and he remained the same. That's who the character was. He was that way long before Carly, and remained that way.
            • OLTLBoomer
              Aspiring soap scribe
              • Mar 2010
              • 15885

              The AJ 2.0 as played by Sean Kanaan is the only way I would accept a return. The character deserved redemption and was done dirty by the show.


              • PeaceLove
                Board Regular
                • Jan 2008
                • 659

                No. Never cared for the character.


                • lovejomar
                  Contract Poster
                  • Apr 2013
                  • 2972

                  I loved AJ Quartermaine. I did not watch the show when he and Jason were teenagers and when AJ started his drinking binges and caused Jason to lose his memory. I didn’t see any of many things AJ has done as a reason Carly didn’t want him to have any access to his son Michael. I didn’t see Carly dousing him with alcohol and Sonny putting him on a meat hook threatening him until he signed over his rights to Michael but those two things and Sean K’s portrayal alone make me a AJ fan. Anytime you have one sibling praised and the other criticized my sympathy always goes to the one being criticized as they don’t feel loved or valued and start acting out.

                  When they brought AJ/Sean K back I was thrilled. I thought they would finally give him a chance to be his best self and he started off good. He had a budding relationship with his son, Michael, he was sober and for the first time and it looked like he was really going to be allowed to have it all. Then the writers started to have him unravel. Sean K. became upset, I don’t blame him, and let his displeasure known to the media. The writers decided to kill AJ off but not just kill him off but let Sonny kill him. This was really a slap in the face to any AJ fans. I still like the AJ character and as long as Sean K. would be portraying him. He is my favorite actor as AJ because he has the acting depth and acting skills to show the vulnerable and fragile but strong character AJ has never been allowed to be portrayed in all his many returns. Knowing how the writers feel about Sean I don’t see it ever happening.


                  • Quinoa
                    Contract Poster
                    • Feb 2012
                    • 2943

                    No, I’ve never really cared about any of the Quartemaines.


                    • JaySherman
                      I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
                      • Jun 2008
                      • 9943

                      Yes. AJ was a flawed character but was intentionally written in such a way to make Sonny look good.

                      More of a balance in the writing for the characters would've made for more interesting story


                      • cocophilly
                        Executive Poster
                        • Aug 2006
                        • 4178

                        No he was an awful sniveling weak man


                        • DayRose
                          I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
                          • Oct 2020
                          • 9553

                          I loved AJ! I loved SK's version of AJ best. I'd love for him to come back!


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