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Bravo GH for letting us see things through Leo's eyes


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  • auntystephie
    • Dec 2005
    • 4679

    Bravo GH for letting us see things through Leo's eyes

    Thank you gh!!!! For letting us see through Leo,'s eyes today
  • Kristabell
    Senior Board Member
    • Jan 2021
    • 2353

    I adore Leo he's so much like my little boy ??


    • auntystephie
      • Dec 2005
      • 4679

      I just love how they let us see through his eyes. That sweet boy did a good job


      • ToS
        Board Regular
        • Jun 2013
        • 872

        He did such a great job. It was really sweet.


        • Soapaholic26
          Senior Board Member
          • Jan 2017
          • 2384

          I LOVED the way they depicted that scene. A powerful moment. Almost made me cry.


          • AMHardulak
            AMHardulak commented
            Editing a comment
            Me too! I honestly teared up a bit

          • MrsValentine
            MrsValentine commented
            Editing a comment
            Me three! I really appreciated that scene; it was beautifully done. Great job by the young actor and Chase, I just adore him.
        • bubsmom
          Soap Addict
          • Jul 2004
          • 6238

          That was soooo sweet. I just loved it. ????


          • DayRose
            I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
            • Oct 2020
            • 9541

            I love Leo and his story! ?


            • OLTL'69
              Aspiring soap scribe
              • Apr 2011
              • 15904

              Thanks for posting. I am usually a day behind and this gives me something to look forward to. (I am sick of a lot right now_


              • Ribbonette
                Contract Poster
                • Sep 2015
                • 3001

                Leo is adorable! I loved his scenes today. Kudos to ERS - he did fabulous today!


                • channyfan
                  Aspiring soap scribe
                  • Aug 2011
                  • 15342

                  I am not familiar with the whole autism spectrum so i hope i dont come across as insensitive with my question but is there à sign of unhealthy attachment towards Chase with how the scènes were presented ?

                  I actually like the scènes i was just wondering if theres some drama coming from that. I kept thinking Ned and Olivia might die and Chase will end up adopting Leo or raise him as his own with Brook lyn.


                  • CarnyQueen
                    CarnyQueen commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Perhaps this is insensitive, but I feel that Leo is being used to prop the Chase/Brook Lynn romance. And it's completely unnecessary. We know that Chase and Brook Lynn having feelings for each other and there's no reason to continue to drag it out any longer. And I think any parent might be concerned if their child was so wrapped up in one person -- not because Chase is creepy in any way, but he simply cannot be Leo's special person in his life at all times. Even if Chase marries Brook Lynn and becomes Leo's brother-in-law.

                  • Maxiegirl
                    Maxiegirl commented
                    Editing a comment
                    I will echo the sane thing, in terms of hoping not be insensitive.

                    However I don’t like this storyline with Leo and Chase. To me, the writers are forcing this bond too much in order to pair up Brook Lynn and Chase.

                    I’m not feeling this Chase and Brook Lynn pairing because of it.

                  • OLTL'69
                    OLTL'69 commented
                    Editing a comment
                    True Leo may be helping prop Brook and Chase but kids have been used like that on soaps forever.
                    I just think that they have to make sure that Leo is not so fixated on Chase when Chase won't always be able to be there. He must be going back to work soon
                • Ritzlore
                  Day Player
                  • Mar 2022
                  • 101

                  I had a hard time hearing Leo's poem clearly and he spoke quickly. Been looking for it but have not found it. If anyone does, would you kindly post it? Thanks.


                  • Cici.lovely
                    Cici.lovely commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Spinning through space for eons, our earth --
                    Oceans, rivers, mountains, glaciers, tigers, parrots, redwoods --
                    evolving wonders.
                    And our vast array, generations of humans --
                    All shapes, colors, languages.
                    Can I be the only me?
                    Our earth: so much beauty, hate, goodness, greed.
                    'Study. Cool the climate,' advises my teacher.
                    'Grow peace.'
                    Can I be the only me, become all my unique complexity?

                  • Cici.lovely
                    Cici.lovely commented
                    Editing a comment
                    I took it directly from hulu's closed captions, but after Googling I see it is The Only Me by Pat Mora.

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