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Nik you can;t be this stupid I know you want some..but really you fall for Esme


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  • Jackaled
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Nov 2007
    • 56772

    Nik you can;t be this stupid I know you want some..but really you fall for Esme

    He can;t really be this dumb can he..the boo hoo
    story the tears the hand holding..Her being so sympathic ..Please Sonny was right he is an idiot and if the does go there with Esme I won;t feel the least bit bad for him...for being an idiot.
  • elj2014b
    Board Regular
    • Nov 2014
    • 993

    And she's sitting there looking like Orphan Annie dressed like Annie Wilkes in Misery! I really, really, hope Nik turns to her and shoots her down...but I won't hold my breath.


    • maggiebh
      Executive Poster
      • Aug 2015
      • 4347

      I want so much for him to be playing her. I also want Ava to be in on it. I do NOT want a rerun of Sonny and Nelle!!!


      • Big Cheddar1
        Big Cheddar1 commented
        Editing a comment
        Me too! I understand wanting to support Spencer, but my goodness - you are a Cassidine. There's no way she should be able to fool you with her feminine wiles, especially when EVERYBODY ELSE sees through her. I would love it if it turned out that Nicholas and Sonny were actually working together for Spencer's sake, but I don't think either of them could put their hatred of each other aside for a second to do it

      • Francophile
        Francophile commented
        Editing a comment
        I still think Nik is playing Esme. I will be so disappointed if I am wrong because it will make Nik look like he’s thinking with his…well, you know!
    • cashun
      Recurring Poster
      • Oct 2005
      • 431

      I'm ready for Nava to be done. I've wanted him out since he went after Spencer with a prop knife. It was so juvenile. Ava has always been the strong one in the relationship, and as much as Esme is playing games and going after Nik, she wouldn't be successful if Ava and Nik trusted each other. Ava is self-aware enough to know that her and Nikolas's problems are deeper than Esme's manipulations. Nik has never dealt with Spencer since he came back form the dead. He focused on getting rid of Ava, but when he fell in love with her he basically expected Spencer to go along. When he found out about the stalking he didn't deal with that well either. Nik seems to be in constant state of naivete where he believe that eventually everyone will just accept the situation. He did that with Spencer accepting Ava, and then he did it after Spencer was found out to be the Stalker, and know he's doing that with inviting Spencer and Esme into the house, expecting Ava just to accept it because he wants her too.

      Ava, Laura, Kevin, Sonny, Carly, Portia, have tried to tell him that Esme is horrible, but he's allowed her to manipulate him , because I just think he doesn't want to be proven wrong. His pride is invested in this now. I think this is a way to break up Nava, have Nik focus on his relationship with Spencer, and possibly throw Ava with Finn or Victor. If Esme's mother is on canvas they will will throw her in there with a n attempt to redeem her.


      • CrsT65
        Lurking in the Shadows
        • Jul 2018
        • 8

        I’m hoping he’s playing her. But of course it will somehow backfire if he is.


        • Soapaholic26
          Senior Board Member
          • Jan 2017
          • 2383

          On almost a daily basis the scenes seem to switch between hinting that Nik is playing her, and then as Sonny puts it...he's an idiot! You know who's really getting played here? Us! By the writers.


          • CarnyQueen
            I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
            • Mar 2006
            • 8133

            I haven't watched the whole 5/16 episode, only the first half, but I was scratching my head at Nikolas reassuring Esme when she was acting like a martyr because Spencer didn't seem interested in their relationship any more.

            What middle-aged parent, when his 19-year-old kid seems to be losing interest in his relationship with his high school sweetheart, would continue to push them together?

            I get that Nikolas thought inviting Esme to stay there would please Spencer, since he wants to reconcile with his son. But since Esme is now complaining in her plaintive way that Spencer just seems to not be into their relationship, why does Nikolas want to push this relationship as if Esme and Spencer had been married for 10 years and had a passel of kids to consider?


            • QueenOfHearts
              Lurking in the Shadows
              • Feb 2022
              • 18

              Part of me feels Nik is playing her. I also think She will drug him. And Ava will have to take him to hospital.


              • LBD12
                • Jun 2013
                • 5042

                I’m hoping it plays out like this:

                - Esme makes a big move (tries to kiss Nikolas, shows up in his bedroom, etc.)
                - Nik is disgusted, shoots her down, and gets her stuff to throw out of the mansion
                - He turns his back on her and she knocks him unconscious
                ​​​​​​- Nik is unconscious in the hospital for a while. Ava and Spencer come together over his condition and figure out that Esme is Ryan’s daughter
                - Nikolas wakes up around the same time Ryan busts out of Spring Ridge


                • OKSoapFan
                  OKSoapFan commented
                  Editing a comment
                  I hope not. I'm so over Ryan and Esme. I wish they would both go away and never return.
              • DayRose
                I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
                • Oct 2020
                • 9541

                I keep hoping Nik is playing her but I have my doubts. There is no reason not to tell Ava if he is playing Esme.


                • LBD12
                  LBD12 commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Unfortunately, I stopped thinking he was playing her when he got in Sonny’s face about her last week. That said, I don’t think he wants to sleep with her either. I think he’s depressed over Ava, confused over Spencer, drinking too heavily, and has this weird idea that Esme’s somehow a younger version of himself. What grosses me out is how he keeps letting her touch him. This plot needs to wrap up yesterday.
              • Ribbonette
                Contract Poster
                • Sep 2015
                • 3001

                I really hope he is playing her. If they end up....together... I don't know if I could like Nik ever again. That would not be soapy; it would be gross and icky.


                • Remarco
                  Board Regular
                  • Feb 2015
                  • 1419

                  A girl going to a private boojie school with "No Friends".... who believes that one when she could have slept with the whole senior class and is the type. No relatives, like her adopeted parents lived in a bubble. The Prince thinks Sonny kidnapped her..( where is the FBI with kidnapping charges ) Esme in real life would be a person I would never never in a million years belive. Crying is cheap parlor tricks for scammers like her .... She is so easy to see through. She is a mooch and hoochie. Where is her Trust fund at and who is her power of attorney overseeing her money now and you tell me she has no one to make medical decisions if she is incapacitated?


                  • CarnyQueen
                    CarnyQueen commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Well, to be fair, we don't know that Esme slept with the whole senior class at boarding school. It seems unlikely, since she has been very obsessive about Spencer. Nikolas is right: Sonny did kidnap Esme. He wanted to scare her into confessing that she was behind the sex video, and while he did scare her some, he failed.

                  • Ritzlore
                    Ritzlore commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Is she actually obsessive about Spencer though? Seems he is more like an assignment.
                • lala214
                  Senior Board Member
                  • Apr 2018
                  • 1988

                  It’s bad writing. I’m skipping all of it because it’s lame and makes no sense!


                  • thecourt99
                    Aspiring soap scribe
                    • Jun 2008
                    • 23931

                    Nik doesn't make sense.

                    First, it seems like he's trying to catch Esme in the act.
                    Then he says he wants to protect Esme because she's important to his son.
                    Now his son is cool and her and Nik wants to play protector?

                    What in the world is going on?

                    Is GH having issues with writing and continuity? I've seen this in way too many recent storylines and it is glaring.


                    • Adriane
                      Aspiring soap scribe
                      • Feb 2011
                      • 14318

                      Nick has no excuse for his idiotic behavior. He's a fool to think any woman is going to be happy with her husband falling for the BS of a girl 25 years her junior.


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