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Re: Drew/Cameron Mathesin-would you root for a recast?


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  • DocBroInLaw
    Day Player
    • Mar 2022
    • 223

    Re: Drew/Cameron Mathesin-would you root for a recast?

    Seems like most are not happy with the Drew character but like the actor.

    Would you root for him to remain on GH in a recast?

    I would like to see him recast as a return of Dr. Tom Hardy.
  • CarnyQueen
    I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
    • Mar 2006
    • 8150

    No to a recast. The writers just have to give Drew a direction. Cameron Mathison has taken some time off, and the show has been devoting a lot of its sweeps time to Sonny and Nina, so Drew has been on the back burner a lot. All they have to do is invest in the character.


    • lala214
      Senior Board Member
      • Apr 2018
      • 1992

      I would have preferred they hadn't retconned Drew's past time in PC and had written for him in the spirit of BM. Drew was not friendly w/CarSon after Jason returned. He just wasn't. He spent most of his time w/Curtis and Friz. You wouldn't think this Drew knew who Liz was. I'd rather see Liz/Drew hooking up. It would make more sense. They were together before, and they both loved Franco. But no . . . the show can't have Drew not trailing after Carly like a lapdog, acting like he's her bestie!

      It's too late at this point, but w/the writing he's getting, he would have been a good Jax or someone else. I'm not familiar w/Tom Hardy.


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